A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator Review

What Is A Pure Sine Wave Generator?

Bargain basement priced portable generators produce power that can run a refrigerator, freezer, electric stove, lights, etc.  In other words, they provide adequate electricity for any electrical equipment – except for equipment classified as “sensitive electronics.”

Why, you might ask?

AC Sine Wave

It is because these inexpensive generators also produce power that has from 10% to 15% THD (total harmonic distortion) – or more.  This means that the top of the AC (alternating current) sine wave is chopped off – which actually changes the voltage applied to the electrical appliance.  To put it another way, if one of these generators is putting out 120 volts AC, and has a high THD, the actual voltage applied could well be less than 100 volts AC.

Your refrigerator won’t see this as a problem – but, your computer will – so will your television or digital clock – or any electronic device that contains electronic circuit boards and semiconductors.

Sensitive electronics can only safely function on AC with less than 5% THD.  That’s the limit agreed upon by the majority of the electronics world.

Therefore, there are 2 ways to supply safe electricity – to sensitive electronics.

  1. Purchase a line conditioner and a surge protector to work in conjunction with a low-priced portable generator. I don’t trust this approach because, if the line conditioner and / or the surge protector malfunctions, then the generator will be zapping your beloved computer or TV with very raw power – way above the acceptable THD range – most likely damaging them beyond repair.
  2. Purchase a slightly pricier generator – either an inverter generator – or, better yet, a pure sine wave generator. Problem solved.


Introducing the A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator

With less than 5% THD, the SUA15000EC generator can satisfy the electrical needs of your entire house – including your computers, laptops, tablets, cell phone chargers, TVs, and all the other digital and sensitive electronic gadgets you have.A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator

Rated for 15kW starting (surge) power and 12kW running (rated) power, this baby has a 680cc, 24 horsepower, twin cylinder, overhead valve, air cooled, 4-stroke engine that is a complete package to take care of your home or your business.

A fuel tank holding 8 gallons of regular, unleaded gasoline will provide electricity for 7 hours at 50% load – and 5 hours at 100% load – with an acceptable noise level of about 85 decibels.

Remember:  These portable generators, with engines that run on gas, need to be outside in a well ventilated area – a safe distance from your house – with the exhaust vent facing AWAY from the house.  Carbon monoxide fumes are deadly – don’t take any chances!  It is a must to read all user instructions for any generator purchased.  ‘Nuff said.

Additional features include:

  • Electric start.
  • Sine Wave Technology.
  • Smart AVR – An automatic voltage regulator that minimizes voltage fluctuations – giving you stable, consistent power under load.
  • Automatic low oil shut down – prevents possible damage if the oil level not at recommended levels.
  • Well laid out control panel – containing covered, weather resistant outlets.
  • Six outlets – There are two GFCI protected 120 volts AC, 20 amp outlets, one L5-30R twist lock 120 volts AC, 30 amp outlet, one L14-30R twist lock 120 volts AC 30 amp outlet, one 14-50R industrial grade 120/240 volts AC, 50 amp outlet, and one 12 volts DC, 8.3 amp adapter plug.

A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator outlets

  • Digital hour meter on the control panel – that monitors run time and tracking.
  • Maintenance free 12 volt, 36 amp hours battery.
  • Wheels – 4 of them for easier mobility – with wheel locks to keep the generator from moving when parked. Weighing in at almost 400 pounds, this generator has to have 4 good wheels to be able to move it around any place.
  • Warranty – 2 years for residential and 1 year for commercial.


Customers Are Saying…

A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator customers

“Unit was well packed.  It also had a nice tool bag, the oil, and a decent user manual.  I turned the key and it cranked right up!”

“This generator came today completely enclosed in a wooden box and strapped to a pallet.  The meticulous and painstaking measures they took to ship it to me gave me a very good first impression.”

A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator in action

“This is a really heavy generator.  Not something I could throw up in the back of my truck.  But, it does roll around very easily on the first caster wheels.  One complaint I have is the dipstick handle should be longer to extend past the exhaust manifold.  Right now, it is difficult to check the oil while the engine is hot without wearing oven gloves.”

“Impressive generator.  It runs the entire house including the central air conditioners.”

“Everywhere I look on this generator I see everything is heavy duty.”

“Very good machine!  Works perfectly for my needs.”


When It Comes To This Generator…

Nothing Could Be Finer – Not Even In Caroliner – In The Morning!

The A-iPower SUA15000EC Pure Sine Wave Generator is the answer for anyone who has to power most of the electrical gizmos in their house.  If you have young’uns, you will definitely want to take a closer look at this amazing backup generator.  So click it – and stick it – in your cart!

Be sure to check out the Generator Reviews page for a lot of great tips and tricks on generators.  I bet there are a few points of interest I bring up on the reviews page that you haven’t even thought of.  And, there are also a few other great generators featured there, too.

After you check out this top-notch machine, I’d like to hear what you have to say – so, leave a comment or email me.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


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