Ariens 938033 Path-Pro Snow Thrower


The Arien 938033 – Ruthless, Powerful, And Well-Built

This is a pretty accurate description of the Ariens 938033 Path-Pro Gas-Powered Snow Thrower.  With a 208cc engine and a push button electric start, this little bugger will eat some snow in a hurry – and throw it several dozen feet away – as needed.

The Ariens 938033 Path-Pro Snow Thrower will clear a 21 inch wide path through a foot of snow.  At least, that’s what the manufacturer touts.  However, most single-stage snow throwers can only competently remove about 8 inches of snow.

Ariens 938033 auger paddles and scraper bar


The auger paddles are made using almost indestructible reinforced rubber.  There is also an adjustable scraper bar to help loosen the last stubborn layer of snow and ice sticking to your driveway or sidewalk.

The discharge chute can be adjusted easily during the snow removal process – without having to stop and change its direction.  It is also made of plastic – which means that snow won’t stick to it as easily as it does with metal chutes.  That equates to less chance of snow stopping up the chute.

Ariens 938033 folding handlebars


Folding handlebars greatly reduce the machine’s footprint for storage – so, it takes up just a minimal amount of room.

Equipped with large 8 inch semi-pneumatic wheels, the Ariens 938033 will plow through the snow with the best of them.  Because the wheels are semi-pneumatic, getting a flat tire is virtually impossible.


Quotes From Satisfied Customers

“My Ariens snow blower starts on the first pull every time even in bitter cold weather.  I love it!”

“Does a great job.  I’ve even cleared out 2 foot snow drifts!”

 Ariens 938033 access to gas filler opening“Buying this Path-Pro was money well spent.  If I were to complain about anything it would be the placement and size of the gas filler opening.  It is sometimes hard to keep from spilling gas all over the engine.”

“Light and easy to maneuver.”

“We just had a monster snow and I was concerned that my single-stage Ariens snow thrower would not be able to handle it.  But, it plowed right through – and I cleared my double wide 60 foot long driveway and 100 foot sidewalk in no time at all!”

“This machine is so light and compact.”

“After a couple hours of use, my remote chute director froze and I couldn’t move the discharge chute.  But, I used my wife’s hair dryer to melt the ice and, after that, everything was fine and back to normal.  I absolutely recommend this machine without any reservations!”

“This Ariens Path-Pro never quits!  Even when the snow is higher than the manufacturer’s recommendations.  It still did the job with snow AND ice.  Amazing!”

“I have to say that I am convinced that Ariens is the king of snow after using their Path-Pro snow blower.”

“All the pros recommended the Ariens Path-Pro because it is very portable, durable, and easy to maintain.  After using it myself, I wholeheartedly agree and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

“The Path-Pro handles snow as well as any 2-stage thrower.  I ran it through 18 inches of snow with no problem whatsoever.  It will even handle the wet, slushy stuff!”

“It is so easy and quick to clear the snow on my driveway, sidewalks, and deck, that I am also clearing my neighbor’s snow, too.  It’s actually fun to use this machine!”



This little single-stage snow thrower does the work of a two-stage contraption.  Unless you are clearing a parking lot sized area, the Ariens 938033 Path-Pro Snow Thrower will handle your snow clearing needs quite nicely.  There isn’t a better single-stage machine on the market today – so, what are you waiting for?  Get one of these while you can – and forget about that old Teflon coated snow shovel – let it gather dust in your shed.

You can find a lot of information and other great snow throwers at Snow Thrower Reviews.  While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some ice melt to keep your driveways and walkways from icing over.  You have to keep them from getting slippery and avoid any accidental falls.  And, keep your hands and feet extra warm and cozy with some Hot Hands Hand Warmers – ’cause, I’m here to tell ya that they work wonders keeping you from turning into an ice cube!

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Jim, the Lifelong Gardener





2 thoughts on “Ariens 938033 Path-Pro Snow Thrower

  1. Jose Cruz Reply

    Hello there, I get the impression that this snow thrower is pretty effective at handling snow that’s even over 8 inches high. I like that it can scrape the last of snow and ice that sticks to the sidewalk. I often walk in front of people’s property and it’s always difficult to walk on those surfaces. 

    I also like that you don’t have to stop in order to change the direction of the chute. This will save some time.

    Thanks for your article – good read!


    • Jim Reply

      Hi José,

      This Ariens snow thrower if very effective as a single-stage machine handling its share of snow and ice – as long as it is not very compacted.  And, it is truly a convenience and time-saver to be able to change the direction of the discharge chute without stopping and shutting off the machine.

      But, if the snow is really heavy, wet, and compacted in your area, it might behoove you to check out the two-stage or three-stage machines listed on the Snow Thrower Reviews page.


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