BenefitUSA Greenhouse GH052 Review


The BenefitUSA Greenhouse GH052
BenefitUSA Greenhouse GH052


The GH052 greenhouse, 20 feet long x 10 feet wide x 7 feet high, has 200 square feet of growing space!

The steel frame is green powder coated with middle rails added for increased stability.


BenefitUSA Greenhouse GH052 wide door

The UV protected cover has 8 roll up windows, with mosquito net screens and an over sized, zippered, roll up door.  String ties are used to secure the roll ups.

BenefitUSA touts ease of setup and portability in this greenhouse…and they purport that it will preserve high moisture levels (very good for plants).

With the vertical height on the sides (prior to the start of the curve is about 40 inches, customers find that they can not only cultivate plants in-ground, they also have room to add a few shelves for potted plants.

A detailed diagram is included for ease of assembly.

TIP:  Don’t build this greenhouse during kite flying weather!  Or, it will become one!

There are flap ends on this oversized greenhouse cover.  That means you could place a board on the flaps, protecting the plastic, and add cement blocks to the boards for stability in moderate breezes.  Eight blocks…positioned strategically around the greenhouse will probably be enough.

TIP:  Small tie-down stakes are included.  However, they are totally insufficient for steadying the greenhouse during episodes of intense, blustery weather! As an alternative, use some long tent stakes or metal T-posts or U-posts in the corners and the middle of each side to keep the greenhouse in the same spot it was built.

This is a very well constructed greenhouse.  It just takes a little time and patience to put it together correctly.

The plastic polyethylene net cover will last at least a couple of years…or more.  And, the greenish color will help the greenhouse blend in to your surroundings helping it stay “under the radar” of your neighbors.

TIP:  Install water pipe insulation on any section of the frame that contacts the plastic cover and you will see a significant increase in cover’s life expectancy!  This pipe wrap insulation will also keep a heated frame from baking and destroying the plastic cover.  Also, periodically, use a disinfectant that is specially designed as a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide for cleaning greenhouses such as Physan 20.  Physan 20 is also used to clean and disinfect outdoor fountains, bird baths, and pools.

After using Physan 20, and making sure that the cover is clean and dry, apply a coating of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant.  The 303 will rejuvenate the UV protection…making the cover look brighter and newer…giving it much needed extra protection.  IMPORTANT:  Follow the directions on the label.

But, just like every plastic greenhouse cover, sooner or later it will start to degrade due to and weather and temperature changes…and, will need to be restored.  When that time comes, use good quality 6-mil polyethylene plastic sheeting.

TIP:  During cover replacement, don’t remove the old cover.  Just place the new sheeting as another layer to the original cover, secure it with snap clamps, and trim out openings for the windows and door.  Keep a roll or two of polyethylene repair tape on hand to patch up small rips in the plastic.  And, make your greenhouse really comfy for your young plants by adding a superior infrared heater during those cold winter months!

There are accounts that some buyers of this greenhouse were so impressed with the overall size, durability, and stability…that they plan on buying several more of them!

I wager a bet that the BenefitUSA Greenhouse GH052 will impress you, too! 

This really is a ridiculously inexpensive large and durable greenhouse!  Share your thoughts about it below in the comments or by email:


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


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8 thoughts on “BenefitUSA Greenhouse GH052 Review

  1. marta Reply

    Thanks for the tips!! You are completely right with all the products to protect the material. I had one greenhouse, and I wasn’t using much products to protect it and I had to buy a new one. The greenhouse looks really stable, I will consider buying it once my old one will be due to replacement.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Marta!

      You are very welcome!  While you are waiting to completely replace your old greenhouse with a new and better one, try to take advantage of the products listed to preserve, protect, and repair your old greenhouse.  It will give your structure an extra lease on life!

      Thanks, for stopping by…!


    • Glen Reply

      Can I use the GH052 as a free standing unit without the cover?

      • Jim Post authorReply

        Sure you can, Glen. Just make sure that the frame is anchored.


  2. Clint Catlin Reply

    Bought this greenhouse and when I opened it all the arch pieces where missing. This may not be a part of your expertise but maybe you can tell me where I can get them. Was a disapointment

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Clint,

      You can rectify the situation very quickly by contacting the supplier. I’m 100% certain that they will gladly make it right! Just get in touch with them as soon as possible. The longer you wait – the less believable your claim will be!


  3. Jon w Reply

    I really wish to purchase this greenhouse. I live in pahrump Nevada which is in a valley between two mountains. The winds here can sustain at 40 and gust up to 80 mph. Winds like that happen here a lot and repeatedly tear products similar to this one apart. Do you have any other reinforcement instructions or are those the best recommend ways.

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Jon,

      From what I’ve researched, the maximum sustained wind speed in recent years has been clocked at about 47 mph. For that amount of average wind, I think the long T-posts and U-posts should be sufficient if you not only add them at the corners – but, also in the middle on each side. Use a high tensile rope and a criss-cross pattern and weave the rope from stake to stake.

      If you’re getting gusts up to 80 mph, you’ve got a real problem. If you can build a wind break wall next to the greenhouse, that would help. I also suggest opening the windows, as well as the front and back of the greenhouse during extreme wind conditions.

      Hope this helps!


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