Best Choice Products Greenhouse SKY1917 Review


Best Choice Products Greenhouse SKY1917
Best Choice Products Greenhouse SKY1917


This Best Choice Products greenhouse is a 15 feet long, 7 feet wide, 7 feet high tunnel…and, it is actually green! The SKY1917 has a heavy duty green PE (polyethylene) cover incorporating a plastic mesh for durability and longer life…and it will stand up against almost any weather condition…be it rain or snow.



There are 8 windows…4 on each side.  Windows are held in place with Velcro.  When rolled up, the attached ties will keep them up…just like a camping tent.  All windows are screened to keep out the critters.

Rolled up window.

The zippered door is about 4 feet wide and roughly 5 feet, 7 inches tall.  It can also be rolled up and tied…just like the windows.  If you want to enter the greenhouse and avoid heat loss, you can unzip one side only…which will usually offer enough room to go in and out.


Silver powder coated tube frame.Rope and stakes are included.










The tube frame is coated with a high grade silver powder for added rust resistance.  And, ropes and stakes are included to ground the greenhouse.


The Downside

There are no assembly instructions.  Only a one sheet picture of the frame is included…and it can be a bit confusing.  So, I will try to give some tips that will help minimize all the head scratching you will do to figure it out.

Tools needed:
  • 3/8 inch socket or open end wrench.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Hammer to tap in the rubber end caps. NOTE:  These end caps will push in without a hammer but a little tap will seat them fully…so that the end caps can protect the plastic cover from getting ripped by the ends of the pipes. Thus, make sure to install them correctly and permanently.

TIP:  You can put this together by yourself but, it is a great help to have another person to help hold the frame as it is bolted together.


Putting The SKY1917 Together

  1. Put bolt heads to the outside and the nuts on the inside.  Otherwise, they will rip through the polyethylene cover.  NOTE:  There have been complaints about the plastic cover ripping soon after installation.  So, I suspect that the builder reversed the bold heads to the inside…and that will sure tear up the cover!
  2. Place the side rails go on the inside of the frame.
  3. Assemble the first hoop without bolting it together.  Then, once it is in place, the other hoops can be installed much easier.
  4. When the frame is complete, unzip the door of the cover and start laying the PE cover over the frame starting at the back…and drape it over the top.
  5. While standing on a small 3-step ladder, start working the cover along the length of the frame over the hoops until you reach the front.  This is definitely where a second person would come in extra handy!  TIP:  Do this on a calm day.  Otherwise, you may have to retrieve the cover from your neighbor’s yard!
  6. Next, get prepared to push and pull the cover around a bit to work all the seams into place.
  7. There are ties and Velcro straps attached to the inside of the cover and they fasten at strategic spots along the frame.
  8. Typical assembly time is about 2 hours…once you figure out the best way to build it.

TIP:  The greenhouse comes with some small tie-down stakes but, they are inadequate for stability during periods of strong wind!  Instead, use some long tent stakes or metal T-posts or U-posts in the corners and the middle of each side to steady the greenhouse.

This is a very well constructed greenhouse.  It just takes a little time and patience to put it together correctly.

The SKY1917 will get very warm inside…15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than outside.  You will most assuredly notice how balmy it gets as you are putting the cover over the frame.  This means that you will be rolling up the windows frequently during the day to keep from frying your plants…and rolling them back down at night.

The plastic cover is at least 4 mil thick and it has a plastic mesh incorporated into it which will help hold the plastic together for a much longer period of time…at least a couple of years…or more.

TIP:  Give your greenhouse cover a year or two more by wrapping the frame with pipe wrap insulation to protect it and lengthen its life.  The pipe wrap will also keep a heated frame from baking and destroying the plastic cover.  And, periodically, use a disinfectant that is specially designed as a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide for cleaning greenhouses such as Physan 20.  Physan 20 is also used to clean and disinfect outdoor fountains, bird baths, and pools.

After using Physan 20, and making sure that the cover is clean and dry, apply a coating of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant.  The 303 will rejuvenate the UV protection…making the cover look brighter and newer…giving it much needed extra protection.  IMPORTANT:  Follow the directions on the label.

But, as with all plastic covers, eventually, it will start to degrade from UV rays and weather changes…and, will need to be replaced.  When that happens, get some good quality 6-mil polyethylene plastic sheeting.

TIP:  Instead of completely replacing the cover, just add the sheeting as another layer to the cover, hold it in place with snap clamps, and cut out holes for the windows and door.  It also wouldn’t hurt to have a roll or two of polyethylene repair tape to take care of small rips and tears in the plastic.  And, what would make your greenhouse really cozy on a cold winter’s night is a top-of-the-line infrared heater.

Lastly, the greenish tint in the plastic helps it to blend in with the environment.

This is a very economical well-made greenhouse!  You can’t go wrong if you buy the Best Choice Products Greenhouse SKY1917!


Let me know what you like or don’t like about the SKY1917 greenhouse in the comments below or email me:


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


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2 thoughts on “Best Choice Products Greenhouse SKY1917 Review

  1. Nigel Robinson Reply

    This looks brilliant but I’m just wondering if it would fit in my garden. You see I’m from Australia and we work in metric! So 15 feet, I think that’s about 4.5 meters. If I was you I’d include a metric/imperial figures table. Anyway, looks like an awesome greenhouse. If it gets that warm, I wouldn’t mind taking it camping!

    • Jim Reply

      Thanks, for visiting, Nigel.

      The SKY1927 is 4.57 meters long to be precise…and 2.13 meters wide and high.

      I guess I never thought to add a conversion scale since it is a quick “feet to meters” Google search for an automatic conversion calculator…but, I may add one in the future.

      This is a very warm greenhouse.  But, it may be a bit of a stretch for camping since a tent is so much easier and quick to erect…and, a tent has a bit more privacy!

      Oh, silly me…you were making a joke!  🙂

      Stop by again…soon!


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