Cantaloupe – A Great Freeze Dried Fruit


Cantaloupe?  As A Freeze Dried Fruit?  Naw!

Time to make some freeze dried fruit - cantaloupe

When we think about freeze dried fruit, cantaloupe almost never comes to mind.  We think of grapes – turned into raisins – or, maybe bananas – turned into banana chips.  But, when we want to freeze dry fruit, we almost never think to freeze dry cantaloupe!

You would never believe that cantaloupe actually tastes better when it is freeze dried!  As the moisture is removed, the sweetness is exponentially concentrated in the fruit.  So much so – that popping a piece of freeze dried cantaloupe into your mouth creates that familiar tingling sensation we all get when we taste something that is incredibly, astonishingly exploding in flavor!


Use The Right Equipment – The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer!

Freeze dry cantaloupe that can not be eaten while still fresh.

Creating freeze dried fruit – especially, cantaloupe – is just so gosh darn easy when using the proper equipment.  And, that equipment would be the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer!

This freeze dryer is so affordable to almost everyone on the planet – when realizing that so much money can be saved, it will actually pay for itself in way, way less than 2 years!  Because, foods can then be bought in bulk when the prices are low – and, there is no more spoilage waste!  What can’t be eaten fresh – before it goes bad – can be preserved for a later date – a very, very extended “later date.”


Lets Freeze Dry Some Cantaloupe!

First off…

Cantaloupe ready to become freeze dried fruit.

  • Slice the cantaloupe into bite-sized pieces.
  • Place Harvest Right Silicone Mats in the trays to prevent the cantaloupe from sticking during the freeze drying process. I use these mats every time I freeze dry any food that may stick to the metal trays.  Cleanup is so much easier and quicker – it’s almost a pleasure to do!
  • Scatter the cantaloupe pieces in the trays – trying to leave a little air space – here and there. This helps the cantaloupe to freeze dry more effectively – usually in 36 hours or less.
  • Refer to Freeze Dryer Operation for getting the freeze dryer started – and running effectively.
  • Then – typically – in 1 to 2 days, the load will be finished – and ready for packaging!

Cantaloupe that has now become freeze dried fruit.


Preserving Freeze Dried CantaloupeFreeze dried cantaloupe in a Mason jar.

Completing this scenario is easily accomplished by:

  • Either putting the cantaloupe sections into Foodsaver bags – or loading them into Mason jars. I prefer using the jars since bags can crush the bits of cantaloupe when a vacuum is applied.  And, the Mason jars are re-usable – many times – while the bags just can’t “cut the mustard” after a few uses.
  • Don’t forget to add an oxygen absorber before vacuum packing the bags or jars.
  • Using a Foodsaver Vacuum System, the bags can be directly sealed. With a Foodsaver Mason Jar Attachment, the jars can be efficiently sealed as well.
  • Label bags or jars with the name of the contents – and the date that the contents were vacuum packed.

Label freeze dried cantaloupe with contents and date.

And, you’re done!  Storage will last up to an amazing 25 years on the shelf!


An Extraordinary Way To Preserve Food!Jim's Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Up until a few short years ago, home freeze drying was unheard of due to not only a lack of availability for residential applications, but also the insurmountable cost.

But, now – Harvest Right has made their home freeze dryers affordable and accessible to everyday consumers.

Folks, a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer is the best and most efficient way to preserve food for the longest term imaginable!  Don’t wait!  Get Started NOW!

Comments and emails will be quickly answered.  So, come on – let’s hear whatcha gotta say!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


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