A ClimaPod Greenhouse Review – The Virtue Complete CP-VC


ClimaPod Greenhouse – Virtue Complete CP-VC

ClimaPod Virtue Complete Greenhouse CP-VCThis European-style ClimaPod greenhouse is 14 feet long (14’2”) and 9 feet wide (8’9”)…with 124 square feet of plant growing room!  At the peak, there is 8 feet (7’11”) of headroom.

Incorporating an aluminum base, an exceedingly heavy duty, thick aluminum frame, and 6 millimeter polycarbonate panels, this is absolutely the strongest and most durable greenhouse in the ClimaPod greenhouse series!

This stalwart little house for plants can deal with 50 to 60 mph winds or a foot-and-a-half of snow without blinking an eye! 


The ClimaPod Virtue Complete P-VC Includes…

ClimaPod CP-VC interior.

  • Sliding doors with a magnetic locker
  • 2-tier full length shelves
  • 4 roof windows
  • 4 automatic window openers
  • 2 solar-powered thermostatic fans
  • 1 Louver
  • 10-year warranty – This is the longest warranty I have so far encountered in the greenhouse industry.

The assembly instructions are fully detailed and easy to understand.  The drawback is you will need an absolute minimum of 2 to 3 people to put this little gem together.  Get more help, if possible.

ClimaPod stresses the importance of having a base for this greenhouse that is 100% level and square.


My Suggestion?

When buying this greenhouse, add Expert Assembly.  Constructing can be a real pain in the derriere…especially when trying to slide in the panels.  The additional cost is less than a couple hundred dollars.  And, having professionals assemble it will save you a ton of headaches!


Some Tips

Whether you build this greenhouse yourself or have ClimaPod send in their greenhouse specialists to take care of it for you, I highly recommend keeping the screws and nuts a bit loose until everything is completely together.  Additionally, when doing a final tightening of the screws, add some Loctite to keep them tight.

Weather stripping will give the roof windows a more complete watertight seal.

U-posts are excellent for adding stability in case of an extremely windy day.

A bead of clear silicone caulk on frame and panel interfaces will add waterproofing and keep panels from experiencing occasional windy day vibration.

There is a good fungicide disinfectant, Physan 20, which also acts as a virucide and algaecide.  It is great for cleaning polycarbonate panels!

And, after cleaning the panels, a coat of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant will renew the UV protection of the panels and make them look brand new.  Remember that it is always important to follow label directions!

As a backup, keeping a few polycarbonate sheets on hand for replacements is fortuitous in case the greenhouse panels get too scratched or algae-covered to be functional.

Plus, here’s a review of an excellent infrared heater to keep your plants toasty warm during the cold winter season!


In Closing…

The reviews have all been glowing for this ClimaPod greenhouse.  Some have said that it has even survived winds up to 70 mph!  Other folks have praised the quality of the assembly instructions, as well as the strength of the frame and polycarbonate panels…further saying how all parts lined up and fit together perfectly!  And, they all love the auto-opening roof windows!

Lastly, customer service is phenomenally courteous and helpful!  And, I don’t say that about very many manufacturers.

The ClimaPod Virtue Complete Greenhouse CP-VC is by far the best greenhouse on the market today, according to all the satisfied customers…and the only one with a 10-year warranty!  If a company is willing to give you that type of product guarantee, it tells you that they are very confident about their product.

So, what do you think about this fabulous building to house your off-season plants?  Comment below or email me at jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com to give me feedback!


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


2 thoughts on “A ClimaPod Greenhouse Review – The Virtue Complete CP-VC

  1. andy Reply

    Hi Jim.
    Great site. I’m 46 years old and for the 1st time in my life I have a house with a garden so have thrown myself fully into it….and am loving every minute of it. The hard work involved is great, the problem is, for me, the total lack of knowledge so I found some of the tips you offered invaluable. I have spent this year cleaning up and getting ready to do some planting next year and am definitely gonna start small. I’m thinking some veg (probably potatoes, onions) some salad and some herbs and I’m particularly interested in planting flowers that will help repel/deter any potential pests as I’d like to steer clear of pesticides if possible. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated (I’ve already noted quite a few tips from your site.)

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Andy,

      Well, I think you’ve got it covered.  1) Start small and build the garden gradually as you start to gain confidence and knowledge of what you are planting, 2) Begin with basic vegetables and fruits…most of which are discussed on my website, 3) Utilize companion planting to deter the bad bugs…and, most importantly…do not forget to have your soil tested to insure your plants will get the nutrients they need for a healthy life!

      Last…but not least…get a good quality greenhouse like this ClimaPod CP-VC to extend your growing season throughout the cooler months!


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