CUB CADET 3X 26 Snow Blower


An Amazing Monster Machine This Cub Cadet 3X 26!

This 3-stage CUB CADET 3X 26, with its 357cc electric start, gas powered OHV engine will power through the tightest packed snow and ice you can throw at it.

CUB CADET 3X26 3-stage technology

The 3-stage technology involves steel augers that catch the heavy wet and icy snow – driving it into a high speed 12 inch induction accelerator that breaks it up into smaller pieces – finally sending it through a high performance impeller that throws everything out of a discharge chute – up to 40 feet away.  But, don’t hold your breath waiting to see it travel 40 feet in the air unless you are throwing some very fluffy, powdery snow.  Chances are, 15 to 20 feet will be the maximum distance for average snow removals.

This beauty will even plow a 26 inch wide path through built up, packed down snow, slush, and ice left behind by the street plows – can you believe it?

Many 2-stage snow throwers cost more than this baby.  And, this one can clear snow so much faster than the 2-stage models – and more efficiently, too.

It’s easy to change the direction of the snow discharge chute because the controls are right in front of you on an on-board panel display – and this machine can be maneuvered with just one hand!


A Few CUB CADET 3X26 Features

CUB CADET 3X26 push button electric start

  • 357cc 4 cycle OHV engine – with a push button electric start. This is accomplished by connecting it from a wall outlet to the machine with an extension cord.
  • 3-stage system – in which the “collection augers” gather the snow, slush, and ice – moving it towards the center where the high speed induction accelerator cuts and chops it up. Then, it is sent through the revved up discharge impeller to be thrown out through the snow chute.
  • LED headlights – to easily see what you’re doing if you’re out removing snow before dawn or after sundown – or on a heavily overcast day.
  • Trigger controlled power steering – and only one finger is needed to engage it. That allows for unparalleled ability to keep the machine in check – and equates to easy operation as you one-hand it through the snow piles and drifts.
  • On-board chute rotation – and angle control
  • 26 inch clearing width – with a 21 inch intake height. That’s a pretty big mouth that will gulp down more snow than you could imagine!
  • Heated handlebars – to keep your hands warm and limber. There is nothing worse than cold, stiff hands when you’re trying to work out in the cold, snowy weather.
  • 16 inch superior traction tires – that will keep you on track even in the most slippery conditions.
  • Limited Warranty – 3 years overall and 4 years on the aluminum auger gearbox.


Some Quotes From Owners In Winter Wonderland

“My Cub Cadet 3X just eats up the snow piles and spits them out.  My only complaint is that I can only get the chute to throw snow about 20 feet.  But, it is after I’ve been at it for awhile so I think I am getting a little buildup inside.”

 CUB CADET 3X26 Snow Thrower“Awesome machine!  I did a ton of research but, I kept coming back to this Cub Cadet 3X.  The heated handlebars were a plus because my hands get cold easily and now I am actually sweating by the time I’m done.”

“The machine does an impressive job of removing snow.  The power steering assist triggers are very helpful in turning around to start the next pass.”

“What used to be a hard 2 hours of shoveling and an aching back for me has turned into 30 minutes of casual walking up and down my driveway.  Thanks, Cub Cadet!”

“This snow thrower cuts through snow like a hot knife through butter.  The power is extraordinary!”

“I can’t believe how easy this snow blower is to use.  And, it made quick work cleaning my long driveway.  I wish I would have purchased this machine years ago!”

“The main reason I got the Cub Cadet 3X was because of all the heavy packed snow at the end of my driveway piled up by the city’s snowplow.  Well, this snow thrower goes through it with no problem.”

“This snow blower surpassed my expectations.  It was easy to assemble and it didn’t take long.  Started on the first pull.  I purchased it just before a heavy wet snow and it went through the snow like it was nothing.”

“It handles drifts like a champ!”

“The controls don’t freeze up and the chute doesn’t seem to plug up as much as some of the other brands.”

“Overall, I’m happy with my Cub Cadet 3X but, it sure does clog a lot if the snow is extra wet and slushy.”

“I ordered this snow thrower online and they delivered it right into my garage.  Setup was easy…just attach the handle and the chute.  It came with extra sheer pins which were very easy to replace when I need to.  Assembly instructions were not very clear since it covered many models all together.”


What Do You Think?

Does the Cub Cadet 3X26 Snow Thrower measure up?  I think it does.  This is a monster of a machine for areas that get heavy snowfalls and high drifts.  And, it sure beats shoveling – that’s for sure!


Don’t forget to get some rock salt or ice melt and pre-treat your driveways, sidewalks, decks, etc., before the snow hits.  It will make your removal task a whole bunch easier.  But, if the snow comes in before you have a chance to put down the ice melt, make sure to throw some around after clearing the snow – to keep the walkways from icing over and causing a slippery and dangerous situation.  We don’t need folks slipping and falling now, do we?

Even though the Cub Cadet 3X snow thrower has heated handgrips, I like to add a couple Hot Hands Hand Warmers to my gloves and socks for some bonus defense against the bitter, snowy cold.  I just can’t stand it when my fingers and toes start to freeze!

For more particulars on snow blowers / throwers, head on over to Snow Thrower Reviews.

Do you have any comments, suggestions, or stories about your snow blower experiences?  Leave me a note below or an email and I’ll get back to you in short order!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


12 thoughts on “CUB CADET 3X 26 Snow Blower

  1. Juliet Reply

    Hi Jim, I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago. We were comparing the weather in our locations. I spoke about having snow where we have to shovel our way through to go anywhere. Then he told me about the snow blower. Up till now it was only in my imagination. This could be a real lifesaver in our winter months!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Juliet,

      Snow blowers / throwers are terrific gadgets that can really take the strain and backache out of getting rid of that awful white stuff.  That’s for sure.

      And, this CUB CADET is one of the kings among them!

      No more shovels – bring on the snow blowers!


  2. Quinn Reply

    The Cab Cadet 3×26 snow blower review is wonderful. This is really a powerful snow blower and using it to clear out your driveway to be able to get in and out without having to shovel snow will be a blessing. I know using the Cab Cadet snow blower will give someone a lot of rest from shoveling. I really love all the information you shared and I will be telling people how much they can enjoy this powerful snow blower.

    Thank you for this wonderful review.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Quinn,

      It only takes one session using a snow blower / thrower to convince anyone that shoveling that heavy wet stuff can be gone and forgotten.

      And, these 3 stage machines like the CUB CADET 3×26 can do the job like no other.


  3. AV 2001 Reply

    Hey Jim, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tons of valuable information. From my perspective, I tend to think that CUB CADET 3X26 Snow Blower is very powerful and easy to use. I love the robust LED Lights and the warranty options. It might be a bit expensive for some people but it’s definitely worth every single penny. 

    Thank you for taking your precious time in writing this post.

    Keep up the good work Jim! 

    • Jim Reply

      I tried to cover all the pertinent facts and opinions about this snow blower / thrower.  It was amazing to see how overwhelmingly positive all the comments were about it!

      This is one amazing machine – that’s for sure!


  4. Nuttanee Reply

    Now I want this machine, especially with the heated handlebars!

    I am still doing the old school shoveling lol. It is a good work out but it takes forever. I do not want to be out in the cold that long anymore. My hands and feet were usually frozen and toes warmers don’t help.

    The functions and size of this snow blower look perfect for my place.

    Let me convince my husband to get one. I love the review. I have a feeling this year the snow is gonna be bad in NY.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Nuttanee,

      If you’re in New York, having the CUB CADET to clear your snow would be a match made in heaven.  Hope your can convince your husband that a snow shovel is not a good solution anymore.

      Take care,


  5. Jack Reply

    Your article looks very professionally laid out, I like that you use plenty of images and a video to make your point.

    Where I am we get a lot of snow and, the Cub Cadet Snow Blower definitely seems like the product for the job of clearing my driveway and sidewalks!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Jack,

      The CUB CADET 3×26 is definitely one mean monster for clearing snow. I don’t think there is any type of snow or ice that it can’t chomp up and spit out effectively!


  6. Dale Reply

    What a great review.  In the area where we live, in Northern Alberta, a snow blower is almost a must.

    Of course a guy can shovel but let me tell you that mid way through the season that is getting old real fast not to mention how hard it is on the body.  I know people have said it’s good exercise.  But, I’m okay getting my exercise in a warm gym.

    I am going to take a closer look at this Cub Cadet as I am in the market for a snow blower and it sure looks like it’s a great candidate.  Do you have any idea how heavy this snow blower is?

    Either way I will watch for your answer.  Thank you for a great review


    • Jim Reply

      Hi Dale,

      The CUB CADET 3×26 weighs in at about 260 pounds.

      And, if you’re living way up there in the cold, cold north – in Alberta – you most assuredly want one of these 3 stage machines.

      If you check out Snow Thrower Reviews, you may find one or two more that could also fit the bill for you.


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