DELTA Canopies Greenhouse GH3313R Review


The DELTA Canopies Greenhouse GH3313R

The DELTA Canopies Greenhouse GH3313R

This DELTA Canopies greenhouse is a monster!  With a length of 33 feet and a width of 13 feet, the growing area is a whopping 409 square feet…more than 3 times the growing area of any other greenhouse in my reviews!  The ceiling height is 7.5 feet.

Heavy duty galvanized frame.

It is framed with rust resistant, heavy duty galvanized steel.

Polyethylene cover.



The polyethylene cover contains a reinforced mesh retaining and diffusing heat and moisture…and, it protects the plants from both UVA and UVB rays.


A SIDE NOTE:  Ultraviolet Radiation, in the form of UVA and UVB rays, penetrate the plant’s surface and may inhibit their growth by damaging their membranes…causing protein destruction, inability to procreate (hormone inactivation), and lowered rates of photosynthesis.  In humans, UVB rays cause sunburn and skin cancer.

Zippered front and back doors and 20 windows.

 There are double zippered front and back doors.  As with all greenhouses with zippered doors, it doesn’t take too many times…opening and closing the zippers…until the double-stitched seams start to separate or the zippers start sticking.

There are 20 screened roll up windows…10 on each side.  The snap locks on the windows have been known to break after long-term sun exposure.

There are detailed, easy-to-follow instructions…but, you are going to need at least 2 pairs of hands to put this behemoth up without incident.  Adding a third person would also be a wise move!

I know I’ve said it before…in other greenhouse reviews…but…READ MY LIPS…pick a calm day with little or no wind.  Otherwise you may be inventing new words that your kids shouldn’t hear coming from your lips…and, the cover could end up on your roof or in a neighbor’s yard!

Even after the build is complete, this colossus of a greenhouse can still take flight…so fasten it securely in place with either long tent stakes or metal T-posts or U-posts (recommended).  Some folks place cement blocks around the circumference of their greenhouse to keep it in place but, you may want to take the extra step and use U-posts for this one!

Because of its size, this greenhouse is also prone to collecting rain, snow, and ice in various spots.  Thus, it will be necessary to monitor the situation…and give the roof a good sweep when needed.  You don’t want the extra weight to stretch and eventually tear the cover.

Another suggestion is to get a great little infrared heater to warm up those cold days and nights.  Your plants will thank you as they luxuriously grow throughout the dead of winter!

Eventually, the plastic cover will wear out.  Reports from customers have been far from encouraging.  Most of them are saying that maximum cover life is only one or two seasons.

NOTE:  Before adding DELTA Canopies’ polyethylene plastic cover to the frame, it would be prudent to use some pipe wrap insulation on any metal that comes in contact with the plastic.  This will give a significant lease on life to the plastic…possibly an additional season or two!  The pipe wrap will also keep a heated frame from baking and destroying the plastic cover.  And, if you do get a plastic tear here and there…have a few rolls of greenhouse permanent repair tape on hand.  This is great stuff and will put a stop to the tears getting any bigger!  And, periodically, use a disinfectant that is specially designed as a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide for cleaning greenhouses such as Physan 20.  Physan 20 is also used to clean and disinfect outdoor fountains, bird baths, and pools.

After using Physan 20, and making sure that the cover is clean and dry, apply a coating of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant.  The 303 will rejuvenate the UV protection…making the cover look brighter and newer…giving it much needed extra protection.  IMPORTANT:  Follow the directions on the label.


But, Even Once The Cover Is Completely Unusable, All Is Not Lost!

Grower’s Solution has some great 4-year warranty, 6-mil thick polyethylene plastic sheeting available…in a number of different sizes.

TIP:  Instead of completely replacing the cover, just add the polyethylene plastic sheeting as another layer to the original cover, hold it in place with snap clamps, and cut out holes for the windows and doors.   If the screens have started to decay, add some mosquito netting for plant protections when the windows are rolled up.

After taking into account the minor issues with this super long, super wide, ginormous greenhouse, the majority of buyers are still happy about purchasing the DELTA Canopies Greenhouse GH3313R…based on its low cost and above average overall quality. 

 After checking this greenhouse out yourself, let me know what you think of it in the comments below or email:


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


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6 thoughts on “DELTA Canopies Greenhouse GH3313R Review

  1. starduzt Reply

    Thanks, for that thorough review – although it is not the size or brand of greenhouse I am looking for. But, I was blown away by the price of the Delta Canopies Greenhouse. Your suggestions for repair and touch up seems normal for greenhouse covers that will wear out and tear eventually.

    I haven’t owned one yet but, a friend of mine who has a farm in Texas has ginormous greenhouses that he has to do some repairs to. They might not be Delta Canopies brands.

    I am looking for a smaller greenhouse about half the size – maybe 15 t0 20 feet. Do you have any suggestions? I just want to have a hobby garden in my yard and I would appreciate your help…



    • Jim Reply

      Thanks for reading my review for the The DELTA Canopies Greenhouse GH3313R!

      I have a question…what size and what brand of greenhouse interests you?

      If you are looking for a greenhouse 15 to 20 feet long, I can suggest some great ones…click on any one of these below that are 15 to 20 feet long and see my review of them:

      Best Choice Products Greenhouse, SKY1917 (15 feet long x 7 feet wide)
      BenefitUSA Greenhouse, GH052 (20 feet long x 10 feet wide)
      Abba Greenhouse, APGH1020W (20 feet long x 10 feet wide)

      I will be adding more greenhouse reviews soon.  If there is a specific greenhouse you are interested in…let me know and I will review it for you.

      Take care and come back soon…



  2. Leonard Langum Reply

    I am looking for a replacement fitted plastic cover for my 33x13x7.5 Delta greenhouse

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Leonard,

      I’m not certain that Delta sells replacement covers. Check out my reviews of Greenhouse Accessories – were you’ll find ways to repair both small and large tears in the cover.


  3. Billmag Reply

    Hi Jim, I’m wondering if you had any issues with the corners? Specifically, with the crossbar on the ground and the L bracket attaching between the other bars (like shown in your picture). I have one of these and the width seems too large when assembled this way – the bottom of the plastic is VERY tight, so tight it makes zipping up the sides difficult. It seems incorrect – if the crossbar on the ground was mounted on the outside of the side bars, it seems it would take the bottom in an inch and then it might actually close properly without stressing the zippers.

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Bill,

      I found that if I tighten each bolt as I go, these problems can crop up. Until the entire frame is completed, I keep all the bolts just a little loose – to give the frame a chance to straighten itself out. Then, I tighten the bolts in a random manner (not consequentially). This minimizes any issues with the frame.

      If I install the cover when the temperature dips below 60 degrees F, I use a hair dryer to warm the plastic to make it more pliable. Plastic – just like rubber – gets stiffer and more contracted in cooler temperatures. It is much easier to work with when it is warmer. This may fix your zipper issue.

      I hope these tips help!

      Thanks, for dropping me a line!


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