Duramax Woodbridge Model 00584 Storage Shed Review

The Duramax Woodbridge Model 00584 Storage Shed

Best Performance – Best Value!  This Duramax Woodbridge storage building is not only a supreme answer to your storage needs, it is the best bounce for the ounce available in the list of storage sheds offered today.  Looking at the performance versus cost ratio will convince you that this shed wins hands down as the best return on investment.


Strong As An Ox

Duramax Woodbridge Model 00584 Storage Shed Wall ColumnDuramax Woodbridge Model 00584 Storage Shed Door Column








With a layout of 10.5 feet x 13 feet, this stalwart structure has hardy, durable, vinyl resin skin over beefy bones – consisting of a sturdy steel structure with metal inserted columns – and it will withstand winds up to 115 mph!  It has also been “snow load tested” to bear the weight of 20 pounds of snow per square foot!

Duramax Woodbridge Model 00584 Storage Shed Interior

Wall columns and roof supports are steel reinforced – and storage shelves or hooks for hanging garden tools can be mounted in a breeze.

A galvanized metal framed foundation kit is included so that plywood flooring can be installed.  This kit provides a solid base for the shed and will guarantee a square base on which to build the structure.



It is recommended to include a poured concrete slab for the shed to sit on that is a foot larger than the shed’s dimensions prior to installation. This will ensure a hard, level surface and add years of life to the structure.

Crushed gravel or a pressure treated wooden base could be other options, in lieu of a cement slab – but, for maximum accuracy the surface for the shed should be “dead on level.”  For this reason, I would personally prefer putting a slab under the shed.

Roof peak height is over 7 feet and the double doors are over 5 feet wide and almost 6 feet tall.


Will Last Forever – Won’t Rust or Corrode

Unlike sheds made of wood or metal, you won’t see rust, rot, corrosion, fading, or mildew collecting on this low maintenance, fire resistant building.  And, the building, itself, boasts a nice, low key ivory color.


Quick, Easy Assembly

Shed assembly can be accomplished in a day, about 8 to 10 hours, with at least 2 people.  But, more is always better!  So, plan some great food and irresistible refreshments – and invite the neighbors over for an old fashioned barn (or shed) raising party!

This short assembly video shows just how easy it is to put these Duramax sheds together.

The Duramax Woodbridge Model 00584 Storage Shed comes with 2 vents and 3 skylights – and, there are a number of additional accessories available including a ground anchor kit, a window kit, and a kit containing a pack of 3 vents.

For the life of me, I truly could not find anyone that would say a bad word about this storage shed.  All customer reports were extremely positive and inspirational!

Top this off with a very generous 15 year warranty and you have to ask yourself, “What more can I ask for in a storage shed that not only meets my storage expectations but is also budget friendly?”

If the ~ 130+ square feet (~960+ cubic feet) storage area of the Duramax Model 00584 is a bit less than you need, then you should take a look at its big brother.


Drum Roll Please

Presenting the newest addition to the Duramax Woodbridge storage sheds:

The Duramax 10 feet x 21 feet Vinyl Storage Shed Kit (with Foundation).  Its 210 square feet (1,294 cubic feet) of storage space offers the same robust structure, a set of double doors at the end under the gable and, an added single door on the side to access storage in the middle of the shed.  This one has a 15 year warranty, too!

It also may be worth your while to check out other storage shed options listed on How To Pick The Right Storage Shed.  When you check out other options on this page, take a look at some of the other information to be had.

If you would like to add your 2 cents worth in the comments below or, in an email to jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com, be my guest


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

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  1. Michael Miller Reply

    Thank you for that short and to the point review of this storage shed. I love the idea of plastic sheds. I love their durability, easy cleaning, and ease of assembly. What I like best is the price. For the amount of space you get it is a real good deal.

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