Electric Tiller Reviews – Lightweight and Affordable Tools!


How About We Look At Electric Tiller Reviews?

Electric tillers, also called cultivators and rototillers, are the go-to choice for most backyard garden enthusiasts.  After a close look at these electric tiller reviews, you’ll make a much better decision as to which tiller is right for you!

Electric tillers are lighter

They are smaller, lighter, cleaner, quieter, and easier to use than most of their gas-powered counterparts.  The tillers in these electric tiller reviews have a smaller footprint and, on some models, the handles can be folded making them even more compact and easier to store.

On the other hand, electric tillers don’t have the power of gas tillers.  So, if you are faced with rock-hard clay dirt, you will either find it necessary to work the garden area 2 or 3 times to loosen the soil with the electric tiller…or, you will choose to invest in a more powerful gas version.


Questions and Answers – For Buying Electric Tillers


How many tines?

Tines for electric tillers

Electric tillers typically have 4 tines (or tilling blades)…2 on each side of the motor shaft.  Some tillers have only 2 tines (lower cost versions) and some have 6 tines (higher cost versions).  We want at least 4 on our electric tiller. 

NOTE:  Some tillers do not have wheels and they are a bit tricky to control during operation.  Wheels are not really necessary…but, they can be a big help!


What’s the rotation speed?

The tines should rotate a minimum of 180 revolutions per minute…200+ rpm is better.

NOTE:  If possible, choose a variable speed tiller.  The higher speed will be used for breaking up the soil…and, the lower speed will allow better control for weeding and tilling close to other plants.


Do I want a corded or cordless electric tiller?

Well…corded tillers are already less powerful than gas tillers…and, cordless tillers typically operate for about 30 minutes before needing a recharge and are the least powerful of all.  Thus, even though I have to keep an eye on the extension cord to make sure I don’t grind it up with the tines, I definitely prefer the corded varieties.


How much power can I get in an electric tiller?

Electric tillers are AMP rated, starting at around 6 amps…up to around 15 amps.  The higher the amp rating…the more power it has.

Here’s the list of electric tiller/cultivators that I have currently reviewed:


Which One of These Electric Tillers Do You Choose?

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Jim, the Lifelong Gardener

2 thoughts on “Electric Tiller Reviews – Lightweight and Affordable Tools!

  1. James Harvey Reply

    Excellent review of electric tillers. I have a manual one at the moment and the older I get the harder I find to use it. So I’m looking for useful alternatives. This it the best one I came across. I like how you describe it thoroughly. I will share this information with my friends who use tillers. Thanks so much.

    • Jim Reply

      Yep. Operating a manual tiller is just about as much fun as the old shovel-full-flip-it-drop-it-back-in approach. But, with a good quality electric tiller, the job actually almost does get to be fun! Thanks, for stopping by!


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