Freeze Dried Egg Nog


Ever Tried Freeze Dried Egg Nog???Egg Nog does not have to be only a "seasonal favorite."

Even though I may have a yen for Egg Nog during the spring or summer months – it’s only during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays that I have been able to purchase it.  What a bummer!  But, with my Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer, I can enjoy freeze dried Egg Nog any time of the year.  And, if you follow my “re-hydration” instructions, you can make that Egg Nog taste just as good as the fresh stuff!


Freeze Drying Egg Nog

Silicone baking cup molds used for freeze dried Egg Nog.

It’s best to use some silicone baking cup molds and fill each one about 75% full.  I can freeze dry about 48 molds at a time – 12 per tray – 4 trays.

  • Place a dozen molds in each tray – with some space between them.
  • Pop the trays into the freeze dryer. Do it gently – or, you’ll have liquid splashing everywhere!
  • Press “START.
  • Select “LIQUID.
  • Select “NOT FROZEN.
  • At the screen, “PLEASE CLOSE THE DRAIN VALVE”, ensure that the drain valve is at right angles to the drain tube (closed) and select “CONTINUE.

And, away we go!

Check out the article on Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Operation for a more detailed explanation.

Thirty-six hours later – give or take a few hours – the freeze drying process will be complete!

Here’s some Egg Nog filled molds ready to be freeze dried:

Egg Nog filled molds ready to be freeze dried.

And, here’s the Freeze Dried Egg Nog – removed at the end of the freeze dry process:

Freeze Dried Egg Nog – removed at the end of the freeze dry process.

It’s hard to tell the difference between these “before” and “after” images.

In the “before” image, bubbles can definitely be seen in the Egg Nog.

In the “after” image, those bubbles have burst – leaving craters.  The color is the same – and, if properly reconstituted, the Egg Nog will taste precisely the same as when it was fresh!


Storing Freeze Dried Egg Nog

Storing freeze dried Egg Nog is “easy as pie.”

Mason jar attachment for the Foodsaver Vacuum System.

  • Remove the pellets of freeze dried Egg Nog from the silicone baking cup molds.
  • Place the Egg Nog pellets into Mason jars – leaving about an inch of space at the top of the jars.
  • Add an oxygen absorber to each jar.
  • Add the lids and vacuum pack the jars – using a Foodsaver Vacuum System, along with a Mason jar attachment. You can also vacuum pack the Egg Nog pellets in Foodsaver Bags – but, you’ll run the risk of squashing them into powder.  Then, you’ll have to figure out your own reconstitution recipe.
  • Even though it really isn’t needed, I also screw on the metal bands after vacuuming the jars – for added protection. But, screw them on “lightly” – just to the point of barely seating them on the lids.  If you crank the bands down too tightly, you may warp the lids – and, break the vacuum seal inside the jars.
  • Label the jars with the content and date of vacuum pack.
  • Stick the Mason jars on the shelf – and enjoy up to 25 years shelf life!


Reconstituting Freeze Dried Egg Nog

Ninja Food Processing Kitchen System - 16 ounce Nutra Ninja glasses.

For individual servings, I get out my Ninja Kitchen System and use one of my 16 ounce “Nutra Ninja” glasses.

  • Add 8 ounces of milk – use whole milk preferably – but, 2% milk should work fine, too.
  • Drop in 6 of the freeze dried Egg Nog pellets – formed with the silicone baking cup molds.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Refrigerate for an hour or so.
  • Add a dash of nutmeg.

And, enjoy!!!


Kudos To The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer!

I love my Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer.  What an indispensable piece of equipment!  I’ve had mine for almost 4 years and, in that time, it has paid for itself many times over.  This is a “must have” addition to the arsenal of any food preservation enthusiast!

Comment below or email me with questions or observations!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


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