Freeze Dried Marshmallows


Let’s Make Some Freeze Dried Marshmallows!  What say you?

Freeze Dried Marshmallows

Bet you never thought of making freeze dried marshmallows, did you?

Way back – in the days of yore – before the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer became available to the average consumer – I used to buy a few bags of marshmallows at a time.  And, even then, after a coupla uses, most of the marshmallows  would sit in the cupboard until they became limp and soggy looking.  The fresh marshmallow flavor kind of went away, too!

Not enough campfires to roast them on – I guess.  And, I don’t eat as many S’mores as I used to.  But, I still like those white fluffy things in my hot chocolate – or sprinkled on some baked dishes – so, I buy the mini versions – not the honkin’ big ones.

Now that I have my very own “official” freeze dryer from Harvest Right, I buy a bunch of bags of marshmallows when they’re on sale – usually during the holidays.

And, I freeze dry most of them – ‘cause, there’s nothin’ better than tossing a few mini freeze dried marshmallows into my hot cocoa – or, spreading them all over the top of a baking sweet potato pie!


To Freeze Dry Marshmallows Is “Easier Done Than Said!”

Did I say that right?


Nothin’ to it!

Harvest Right Silicone Mats for freeze drying.

  • Lay some Harvest Right Silicone Mats on the trays first – to keep the sugary content in the marshmallows from sticking to the metal trays – then spread a couple of bags of the mini marshmallows on each tray.
  • Stick the trays in the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer.
  • Press “Start.”
  • Select “Non-Liquid.”
  • Select “Non-Frozen.”
  • Close the drain valve.
  • Push “Continue.”
  • And, you’re off to the races!

Take a look at Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Operation for more details on using this phenomenal freeze dryer!

In about 36 hours – give or take a few – you’ll have perfectly freeze dried marshmallows!

Here are my mini marshmallows ready for freeze drying:

Mini marshmallows ready for freeze drying.

And, here they are – after they’ve been freeze dried:

Mini marshmallows after being freeze dried.

You really can’t tell the difference between soft, fresh marshmallows and the freeze dried marshmallows by just appearance.  However, biting into a freeze dried one produces an ultra-sweet crunchiness – as opposed to the gooey softness of a marshmallow right out of the bag.


Storing Freeze Dried Marshmallows

It is so simple to store freeze dried marshmallows – and ensure that they have up to a 25 year shelf life!

Once the freeze drying process is completed:

Freeze dried marshmallows vacuum packed in Mason jars.

  • Load Mason jars with freeze dried marshmallows – leaving an inch or so of space at the top of the jars.
  • Toss an oxygen absorber into each jar. A 100cc oxygen absorber is best.
  • Place lids on top of the jars – and, vacuum seal the jars using a Foodsaver Vacuum System – along with a Foodsaver Mason jar attachment.
  • Label the jars with contents and packing date.
  • Then, give them a home on your long-term storage shelves.

The marshmallows will be good to eat – probably, until you retire – or longer – unless you’re just a young whippersnapper!


Reconstituting A Freeze Dried MarshmallowFreeze Dried Marshmallows In Steaming Hot Chocolate.

Suffice it to say, once a marshmallow is freeze dried, you won’t be roasting it over a campfire or making S’mores.

But, they do work great in any baked dish that calls for marshmallows or as a heaping addition to a cup of hot chocolate.

The crispy, freeze dried marshmallows will suck up any warm juices around it – like a sponge.


Now Wasn’t This Whole Process Just As Easy As…

Easy as shootin' fish in a barrel.

  • Spreadin’ warm butter on a hot biscuit?
  • Drinkin’ water through a straw?
  • Shootin’ fish inna barrel?
  • 1-2-3?
  • A-B-C?
  • Falling off a log?
  • A mosquito pushing a train? It’s a whole lot easier than this – fur shur!

Well, enough corny sayings, huh?  The point is that freeze drying marshmallows is just so simple and trouble-free with a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer!  It’s worth a try, don’t-cha think?

Emails and comments are appreciated, welcomed, and greatly received.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener

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