Freeze Dried Shrimp

Freeze Dried Shrimp?  What Will They Think Of Next???

I’ve eaten a lot of shrimp in my time – added to other dishes (“Think – stir fry or shrimp spaghetti.”) – or, by themselves – dipping them into my own fire-engine hot homemade cocktail sauce.  I just always consumed them “fresh.”  I never, ever, even considered the possibility of eating freeze dried shrimp.

1 - Shrimp Stir Fry 2 - Shrimp Spaghetti

Then, I got my very own Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer.  And, everything changed.

I found out that there are an infinite number of foods that can be successfully freeze dried!

The question is…

Could my beloved shrimp be a valid candidate for the freeze drying process?

The answer is…

A hearty, resounding YES!


Freeze Drying Shrimp Is A No Brainer!

Shrimp can be freeze dried either raw or cooked.

When I freeze dry raw shrimp, the only prep work I do is to run them under cold water first – to rinse off any fishy slime.

If I boil the shrimp first, I usually remove all the hard skin – except for the tails.

Then, it simply comes down to – just loading the trays – and popping the trays into my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.

Press “Start“, “Non-Liquid“, “Not Frozen“, make sure the drain is closed, and press “Continue” – then you’re off to the races!

Since the shrimp won’t stick to the tray, it’s not necessary to use Harvest Right Silicone Mats.  Save the mats for the freeze drying of fruits and sweets.

Time to “shrimp freeze dry” completion is about 36 hours – from start to finish.

Here’s a load of large shrimp ready to be freeze dried:

shrimp ready to be freeze dried

And, here’s what they look like when they are fully freeze dried:

shrimp - when they are fully freeze dried

See how “paper-y” the skin becomes when the shrimp is fully dried.


Long Term Shrimp Storage

Time to get out the Mason jars and oxygen absorbers.

Both quart-sized and half gallon-sized Mason jars work great for long term shrimp storage.

  • Fill the Mason jars – leaving an inch or so of space at the top.
  • Add a 100cc oxygen absorber to each jar.
  • Place a flat lid on top and, using a Foodsaver Vacuum System along with a Foodsaver Jar Attachment, vacuum seal each jar.
  • Lightly screw on the band – just enough to know it’s seated on the flat lid. Screwing the band on too tightly can warp the lid and break the vacuum seal.
  • Label the jars with the name of the contents and the vacuum packing date.

Now, you can enjoy that shrimp up to 25 years from the date it was packed!  What a great deal!


Bringing The Freeze Dried Shrimp Back To Life!

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Occasionally, I don’t restore my cooked shrimp to the original texture and feel.  I just remove the tail and use my Ninja Food Processor to make shrimp flakes – which is a great way to spice up any dish!

For both raw and cooked shrimp, the first step in the reconstitution process is letting them soak – for 5 minutes or so – in cold water.  Break one open to make sure the water has soaked into them – all the way to their center.

After reconstituting…

The raw shrimp can be boiled – just like they would be if cooked fresh from the market.  A good bit of the freeze dried shrimps’ skin will separate during the boiling process – and, if not – it is a breeze to remove the skin prior to chowing down on them.

Cooked shrimp can either be boiled, zapped in the microwave, used in other dishes (Seafood gumbo is a personal favorite.), or refrigerated.

Ever had shrimp spaghetti?  Or shrimp pizza?  How ‘bout shrimp tempura?

1 - Shrimp spaghetti  2 - Shrimp pizza  3 - Shrimp tempura

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!


I Gotta Lotta Love For Freeze Drying!Caveman could not eat freeze dried shrimp!

That says it all!

I really don’t know how I existed in the Caveman days before the advent of the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer!  It’s like discovering fire for the first time!

Drop me a line – by email or comment below!  Tell me ‘bout your freeze drying experiences or ask a question and I’ll give you my best answer!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener

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