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Get The Best Garden Hose Possible!  After many bouts with broken, leaky garden hoses and smashed fittings, I have resolved to never even consider buying another garden hose unless it has a lifetime warranty.  With that said, looking through these garden hose reviews will give you a some of the best recommendations available. 

NOTE:  All of these hoses are Made in the U.S.A.

Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose, 100-Foot x 5/8 Inch

Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose, 100-Foot x 5/8 Inch

This Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose is all the garden hose you’ll ever need.  Since the hose is 100 feet long, I can just about reach anywhere I need to.  Since the hose is a durable, all-rubber material, there is virtually no kinking because of a concave hexagonal design and, it stays flexible in sub-zero temperatures.

Other positive advantages include:

  • Reinforced radial tire cord with the strength of 500 psi force.
  • Resistance to hot temperatures up to 160°F.
  • A crush-resistant brass coupler.
  • Full lifetime warranty.

Downside:  The only downside to this garden hose is that sometimes, in hot weather, the black rubber comes off in my hands.

I can’t think of a reason not to buy this hose because, it is very reasonably priced.

Here are some more details and pricing for the Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose, 100-Foot x 5/8 Inch.

I don’t need a 100-foot long hose.  But, I want the full lifetime warranty 50-foot version…Craftsman Rubber Garden Hose, 50′ x 5/8″.


Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose, 100-Foot x 5/8 Inch


Another garden hose that impresses me greatly is the Gilmour 100-foot PRO Commercial Hose.  It also has a 500 psi burst strength, with double-cord knit reinforcement…withstanding hot water up to 180°F.  This hose is made with 100% virgin rubber.

Additionally, it has a heavy-duty metal coupling with O-rings for a tight seal.

Downside:  I have seen reports where some folks have buried this hose and experienced deterioration and, eventual leaking.  Never…ever…ever bury a hose of any quality without using a piece of PVC conduit to run it through.  For burying my hoses, I use electrical PVC conduit because, it is more flexible and can be walked on without smashing and damaging the garden hose inside.

I am very interested in the Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose, 100′ x 5/8″.


Here is another Gilmour selection.


Gilmour PRO Flexogen Hose 50-Foot x 5/8 Inch



Another Gilmour option is the Gilmour PRO Flexogen Hose.  This is probably the strongest hose available.  It is typically used on construction sites and landscaping jobs because its 650 psi strength makes it almost impossible to burst or split.

 8-layer hose with maximum kink resistance

This is an 8-layer hose with maximum kink resistance, along with crush-resistant steel couplings that are twice as strong as brass.

  1. Polished Outer Cover – Withstands abrasions; protects against UV, weather and temperature damage.
  2. Patented Foam – Adds flexibility and durability while keeping hose weight down; prevents kinking.
  3. Inner Core – Ensures hose integrity and form over time.
  4. Polyester Knit Wrap – Reinforces strength; adds to burst resistance; prevents kinking.
  5. Nylon Spiral Wrap – Provides basic strength; adds to burst resistance; prevents kinking.
  6. Outer Tube 
  7. Patented Foam 
  8. Inner Tube – Patented tri-extrusion process adheres innermost layers to each other for the ultimate in strength, durability and flexibility through extreme temperature fluctuations and everyday use.

Downside:  When received out-of-the-box, this hose is very rigid and hard to straighten out.  But, all you need to do is put it in the sun for a few hours to warm it up and it will uncurl very easily.

The lifetime warranty and, a very modest price tag, makes this a great hose for any outdoor use.

This hose is amazing!  What is the current price for the Gilmour PRO Flexogen Hose 50-Foot x 5/8 Inch?

Leaky and Damaged Garden Hose?

After you purchase your garden hose, please try to keep them away from lawn mowers, tillers, and other implements of destruction.  Some of the lifetime guarantees may not cover damage due to neglect.

However, if your prized hose gets chopped up by accident, don’t worry.  My article on How to Repair a Garden Hose will get your hoses back in fine shape…and leak-free!

After looking over these reviews for garden hoses, do any of them catch your eye?  What experiences have you had mangling your hoses?  Be my guest to comment below or email me:


Jim, the LIfelong Gardener

2 thoughts on “Garden Hose Reviews

  1. Brendon Reply

    Man I just came across your article Get The Best Garden Hose Possible!

    the funny part is that my piece of crap garden hose that I had sprung a leak at a point that it always seemed to knk in.

    So the timing could not be better, one of these caught my attention.

    I really like how the Gilmour PRO Flexogen Hose looks to be constructed.

    Have you tried this hose out your self, I live in a some what rocky terrain, and I need a good strong hose?


    • Jim Reply

      I recently purchased a Flexogen hose and I have to tell you that before the week was out, I was dumb enough to leave it semi-coiled up in my driveway and, in harmony with Murphy’s Law, I unceremoniously ran over it with my truck!

      I could not have been madder at myself if I had sliced my own tires!  But, the hose itself was still intact…no leaks…just a few tire marks.  And, the steel couplings showed no damage whatsoever!  Go figure!  Sure glad I bought this hose!


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