Gardener Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Gardening Enthusiast


Do You Need Some Gardener Gift Ideas?

Santa and his favorite reindeer bringing gifts.

What can you give your gardener for Christmas?  It can be difficult at best to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your family – for Christmas – for birthdays – even for Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day!  Are you having trouble coming up with some great gardener gift ideas?

Well, I’m here to give you some great and practical solutions that will show that green thumb hobbyist how much you support and appreciate their plant growin’ efforts!

To start with, there are a ton of items to look at in the product review pages of The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  Some possibilities that make great gifts include: Compost BinsGarden SeedersGorilla CartsGreenhousesGrow LightsStorage Sheds, and Water Sensors.

If you’re looking for a gift that is more unique, take a look at these listings.  Prices are pretty much arranged from lowest to highest.


Garden Gifts Under $50


Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019, Trade EditionOld Farmer’s Almanac 2019, Trade Edition

This is the best selling gardening book – ever!  It has been in publication for more than 2 centuries – actually 225+ years!  Inside, there are planting charts and schedules, weather forecasts, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, and tide tables (for folks living on the coast).

This comprehensive and informative paperback has also morphed to include a bit of folklore wisdom, home remedies, and, in the words of the founder, Robert B. Thomas, “…a pleasant degree of humor.”

This yearly volume of the Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019 is more than an interesting read, it is a perfect gift for not only gardeners – but also anyone who loves the outdoors!


Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019 Wall CalendarOld Farmer’s Almanac 2019 Wall Calendar

The Old Farmer’s Almanac in wall calendar form with illustrations in full color, lots of gardening advice, a ton of gardening secrets, fun facts, folklore, and a few quotes scattered throughout.  This edition has an extra bonus table showing the “best days” to plant 3 dozen veggies and grains – based on your area climate and moon phases.

With extra large areas for monthly notes, this Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019 Wall Calendar is a great addition to any kitchen or gardener’s shed – for sure!


Men’s Garden Straw Hat

Men’s Garden Straw Hat

I call this one “style in straw” because it’s perfect for protection from the midsummer’s sun, it’s comfortable, and, because of the quality construction, it will last a long, long time.  These straw hats are a special favorite of mine.  I wear it mowing, tilling, weeding, and planting.  I even wear it when I am sitting comfortably in my lawn chair – sipping an ice cold lemonade – and admiring my summer garden!

The U.S.A. based company, MidWest Quality Gloves, offers a full line of outdoor and gardening wear from gloves to boots to hats – and even rainwear.  And, this Men’s Garden Straw Hat is one of their hottest selling items!


Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard

Women's Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard

This is Marty’s favorite hat.  She likes the way it fits her – and the wide brim always keeps the sun out of her eyes.  She says the well made hat band is the key to the comfort of this garden hat – and the lanyard strap keeps it from falling off while she is bending over picking veggies.

“It’s a little floppy when it is extra windy – but, it’s just the thing for most days.  The first-class quality is surprising considering the low price.”

Don’t wait – stocks are limited – pick up one of these Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hats today!


Garden Genie Waterproof Garden Gloves with Claw For Digging and Planting

Garden Genie Waterproof Garden Gloves with Claw For Digging and Planting

These gloves come in sizes for both Women and Men.

They have 4 ABS plastic claws on each hand so you can dig in loose dirt and plant without the need for using trowels.  They are also great for yanking out those nasty weeds.

We all have been in the position where we are digging in the soil and we forgot to bring garden tools.  We split our fingernails and get dirt up under them – and, it’s hard to get it out – even after a good scrubbing with a nail brush.  But, with these gloves you can plant your veggies and keep your hands clean.  And, they are waterproof as well as resistant to getting holes or tears punched through them.

There is a bit of a glue smell to them when they are new – but, when you first get them, leave them outside for a couple of days to air out – then all is good.

These Garden Genie Waterproof Garden Gloves are a perfect gardening gift for any occasion – be it Christmas, a birthday, or even Mother’s or Father’s Day.


Professional Rose Pruning Garden Gloves

Professional Rose Pruning Garden Gloves

These specialized gloves – designed with ladies in mind – are made with lavish goatskin leather – plus the internal padding is reinforced.  You won’t get stabbed by the thorns – when you’re pruning – if you wear a pair of these babies!

They have extra long cowhide suede cuffs – for efficient arm protection – and elastic wrist bands – and everything is double stitched.  These rose pruning gloves are the last word in class – they look so great that you may not want to get them dirty – but, remember what they are made for – and that is not fashion.

The link for these gloves take you to the “size – small” – but, there are also choices for medium – or large – if needed.

These gloves are shipped to you in a gift box – wrapped in green ribbon – and they include a storage bag so you have a place to keep them between uses.

Any lady worth her salt as a gardener – new or experienced – would enjoy owning a pair of Professional Rose Pruning Garden Gloves!


Truly Garden – Folding Garden Knife

Truly Garden - Folding Garden Knife

A truly classy and elegant 7 inch garden knife – designed in a time-honored European style.  The handle is Rosewood with a satin finish – and this knife is not only comfortable to wield – but, it is also easy to control – so nothing gets whacked by mistake.

The wide and curved stainless steel razor sharp, locking blade is designed for grafting plants and trees – but it can be used for just about any garden tasks like harvesting, pruning, cutting off suckers and low hanging stems.  I even use one to cut the strings I use on my garden trellises – and a few cardboard boxes have also experienced the sharpness of this blade a few times.

Overall, this garden knife can be used for more things that I care to enumerate.  Anyone want to whittle with me?

Top if off with a 5 year warranty and you have to ask yourself, “If I’m going to buy this folding garden knife for [insert name], what’s stopping me from purchasing an additional one for myself?”


Old Bear Pruning Knife by Antonini Walnut Handle

Old Bear Pruning Knife by Antonini Walnut Handle

Another fine example of a curved blade knife.  This is the classic Old Bear Pruning Knife – by Antonini – with a comfortable, satin finished wood handle made of American Walnut.

I love the ingenious patented two-way “Lupo Lock” locking system.  This stainless steel blade is razor sharp and highly functional – accomplishing a multitude of cutting tasks.  It looks and feels like a collector’s item.

The manufacturer is a family owned company that still makes cutting tools at their factory in Maniago, Italy.  Maniago is famed for knife makers that go way back – to Medieval Times.

Worth a try – so, go buy the Old Bear Pruning Knife!


The Gardener’s Friend Pruners, Ratchet Pruning Shears, Garden Tool, For Weak Hands

The Gardener's Friend Pruners, Ratchet Pruning Shears, Garden Tool, For Weak Hands

If someone you know has CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome).  If you have a relative or friend with arthritis.  In other words, if you know that their hands don’t have the strength to use some of the pruning shears that require more pressure than they can exert, these ratchet pruning shears are just right for them.

These ambidextrous shears have soft rubber hand grips – which absorb a lot of the squeezing pressure – and, they use a 3-stage ratchet system to make it a breeze for pruning even the toughest of stems and sticks.

The lightweight aluminum structure will not rust.  The blade is hardened carbon steel – and will stay sharp.  A special “channel coating” helps prevent the blade from getting dull.  Cutting through a tiny flower stem?  Cutting through a 1 inch thick tree limb?  These shears will do it for you!

And, there is a replaceable blade included – just in case one of them breaks!

When these shears are new, their action is a little stiff.  But, after using them a few times, they loosened up pretty quick.

You won’t find a better set of ratchet pruning shears on the market today than The Gardener’s Friend Pruners.  Owning a pair of these will probably not make you young again – but, you will be less painfully old!


Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set

Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set

Good Golly, Miss Molly!  What a handy dandy set of garden tools!  What more can an aspiring gardener ask for?  Maybe a little fertilizer and a few soaker hoses – would be all.

You get 6 rust resistant aluminum and stainless steel hand tools – weeder, trowel, transplanter, pruner, rake, and cultivator – all of which have rubber handles for a better grip.  Throw in a water sprayer, a pair of gloves and a nifty little canvas storage caddy with elastic loops to hold the tools in place.  Now, you can tote everything around wherever your gardening adventures take you.

A whole boatload of gardening people love this little kit – both young and old – both novice and expert!  I would call the Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set a perfect gift for anyone who wants to get down and dirty!


Garden Kneeler and Seat

Garden Kneeler and Seat

I know that if I’m kneeling on the ground for a long period of time, my knees and my back will start hurting.  And, I’m probably going to have dirt stains on my clothes – where my knees were touching the ground.

But, now – problem solved.  This garden kneeler and seat has a cushy pillow to give my knees a happy place to rest.  And, the side rails make it easy to get down into a kneeling position – and get back up again.  When I want to just sit and rest, I just flip this thing over and voilà!  I have a place to sit and peruse the garden while I contemplate my next task!

There is even a tool bag that fastens to the handle to keep all your hand tools in easy reach.  Plus, it folds up easily and neatly – taking up very little storage space.

What’s to think about?  This is a perfect gift for anyone who is going to spend any amount of time kneeling – whether it is outside in the garden – or, inside the house.  So, get two Garden Kneeler and Seat sets – one to keep outdoors – and one to keep indoors!


Veggietales –  For Educating The Young ‘uns

These classic tales – told by veggie characters – are fun to watch for the entire family.  Not only are there 10 episodes but, there are also a number of silly songs on the discs in each of the 3 VeggieTales DVD volumes.

It’s reassuring and comforting that the messages presented by the cartoons are wholesome, appropriate, and just good old fashioned fun that helps ingrain strong moral values in our youths – and, maybe, in adults, too!


VeggieTales DVD, Volume 1

VeggieTales DVD, Volume 1

The episodes with summaries:

Where’s God When I’m S-Scared? – This episode begins helping kids deal with those imagined monsters in the closet and ends with the bible story, Daniel and the Lions’ Den.

God Wants Me to Forgive Them? – Parodies of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Gilligan’s Island, a 1960’s situation comedy, teach forgiveness in unique ways.

Are You My Neighbor? – Using Dr. Seuss and Star Trek, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber explain what it means to love your neighbor.

Rack, Shack & Benny – An excellent episode that teaches how to resist peer pressure and stand up for what you believe in.

Dave and the Giant Pickle – Offers a lesson in self-esteem through a couple of stories including David and Goliath.

The Toy That Saved Christmas – The first VeggieTales Christmas special that teaches all of us – adults and children alike – that Christmas is not about “getting” – it’s about “giving.”  And, who was the greatest gift of all?  The baby Jesus!

LarryBoy and the Fib from Outer Space – A lie can trap you – but, the truth shall set you free!

Josh and the Big Wall – Here’s a lesson about obedience – centered on Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.

Madame Blueberry – Greedy people are grumpy people – but, a thankful heart is a happy heart.  A lesson in thankfulness.

LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed – This will teach everyone the destructive powers of gossip.


VeggieTales DVD, Volume 2

VeggieTales DVD, Volume 2

The episodes with summaries:

King George and the Ducky – Do you know someone who is very selfish?  This episode will set them straight.

Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen – You don’t need to be afraid to do what is right!  This is a lesson in courage.

Lyle the Kindly Viking – Sharing gets us what we really want.  And, what is that?  Friends, of course!

The Star of Christmas – After watching this, everyone will understand the true spirit of Christmas.

The Ballad of Little Joe – Though it’s not easy, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber help us learn how to face hardships.

An Easter Carol – Ebenezer learns the real meaning of Easter – life everlasting.

A Snoodle’s Tale – We are all beautiful – despite what others may say about us.  Snoodle helps us realize our self-worth.

Sumo of the Opera – Perseverance – finish what you start and you’ll be a winner!

Duke and the Great Pie War – About loving your family – teaches the value of a family – and, putting other people’s needs above your own.

Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush – How to deal with bullies.


VeggieTales DVD, Volume 3

VeggieTales DVD, Volume 3

The episodes with summaries:

Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler – A lesson about friendship.

LarryBoy and the Bad Apple – How to fight temptation.

Gideon: Tuba Warrior – Learning how to trust in God.

Moe and the Big Exit – A lesson in following directions.

Saint Nicholas – An in-depth look at what “giving” means – by using a little history and some happy music.

Abe and the Amazing Promise – The story of Abraham and Sarah – waiting – and waiting – and waiting – for the promised child.  Patience is the key here.

Pistachio – The importance of family – and listening to your parents.

Sweetpea Beauty – True beauty – false beauty is only skin deep – it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue – A lesson about helping others in a parody of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Minnesota Cuke & the Search for Noah’s Umbrella – Confidence is the central theme in this story revolving around Noah’s Ark.


Gardening Gifts Over $50


Back to the Roots – The Urban Homesteader Gift Set

Back to the Roots – The Urban Homesteader Gift Set

Using a miniature aquaponics setup in which fish and plants are raised together – without soil – this educational gift is extremely helpful to anyone – young and old – who may want knowledge about growing edibles.  Even though it comes supplied with seeds, the interactive instructions suggest experimenting with some of your own fun plants to grow.

Consists of:

  • An organic self watering planter
  • Four organic gardenia in a cans
  • A mushroom farm
  • A water garden
  • A homegrown recipe book
  • Kitchen art – decorative prints 4-pack

There you have it.  The Back to the Roots – The Urban Homesteader Gift Set is waiting – just for you – to put it on your “gifts bought” list and stick it under the tree!


Self Watering Planter for Vertical GardensSelf Watering Planter for Vertical Gardens

This planter comes with a hanging bracket and is a great way to do vertical gardening and grow herbs and salad greens in your home when you don’t have much room to spare.

It comes with a water level indicator to make sure that you water exactly the right amount that your plants need.

These planters can be joined easily to each other either vertically or horizontally – if you decide to buy 2 or 3 of them – and, they will work in unison as one unit.  Who wouldn’t want this Self Watering Planter for Vertical Gardens?  I do, don’t you?


Cedar Raised Garden Kit with Irrigation

Cedar Raised Garden Kit with Irrigation

An all in one kit with about 32 square feet of growing area – 8 inches tall – giving lots of space to grow any number of veggies.

Included with the 1 3/4 inch thick, 48 inches wide x 94 inches long x 8 inches high, cedar framed raised bed are:

  • Two 4 foot x 4 foot grids for the irrigation systems.
  • A manual hose timer that turns the water on and off automatically. Set the timer and go on a carefree vacation – knowing that your plants will get watered on any schedule you choose.
  • A water flow valve to adjust your faucet from a trickle to a strong stream.

The cedar frame is thick enough to keep from warping under the weight of the soil added.

You can assemble the whole darn setup in less than 15 minutes, for sure!  See this Cedar Raised Garden Kit with Irrigation for yourself.  It’s quite a buy!


Arboria Berkeley Arbor Cedar Wood

Arboria Berkeley Arbor Cedar Wood

Standing 7 feet at the peak, this garden arbor has an adjustable walkway opening with some truly beautiful lattice panels.  Great for an entryway to your front sidewalk or your garden.  The arbor will easily support heavy plants and maintain stability if you use the included galvanized steel anchors and secure them in cement before connecting them to the structure.

You can even purchase a gate, separately, that is just made to give a look of perfection to the entire arrangement.

Made of Western Red Cedar wood gives this assembly natural resistance to wood rot and pesky bugs.  Leave it natural – or stain it using your choice of colors.

It takes about an hour to put it together.  Wouldn’t one of the folks on your gift list just love the Arboria Berkeley Arbor Cedar Wood?


Genesis LED Powered Grow Light System

Genesis LED Powered Grow Light System

This portable lighting system covers the light spectrum requirements for the green growth stage, as well as the flowering and fruiting stages of your veggie plants.  It lights up a 16 square foot area – which will take care of about a dozen plants.

The Genesis LED Powered Grow Light System puts out a lot of light for anyone that wants a successful indoor gardening experience.

Made in the U.S.A.


Square Raised Garden with Deer Fence Kit

Square Raised Garden with Deer Fence Kit

This raised garden kit is the pièce de résistance of raised garden kits!  It comes with pre-assembled wire mesh panels to keep out the deer and other critters that could invade your garden space and chomp down on your veggies.

The entire assembled kit measures 92 inches wide x 95 inches long x 67 inches high.  Each pre-assembled panel is roughly 33.5 inches wide x 63 inches high.

With Western Red Cedar wood, this garden bed resists wood rot and pests – and, you won’t see any termites chewing on this one!

This Square Raised Garden with Deer Fence Kit is definitely a classy way to garden!

Well that should give you some good ideas for holiday gifts, don’t you think?  Comment below or email me with any gift suggestions that I may have left out – that interest you!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


4 thoughts on “Gardener Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Gardening Enthusiast

  1. Taetske Guillaume Reply

    Good afternoon Jim,

    I am impressed by your long and helpful list of great presents for gardeners.
    Michael is still finding out that the climate in the south of Spain is different from Idaho where he used to live.
    Here everything happens a couple of months earlier as the winters are so mild.

    I really like the famous calendar which he should have hanging in the garage with all his garden tools. On it, he can write all the important things which need to be done in his vegetable garden. The Mens
    Garden Straw Hat would come ever so handy as the summer sun can be really hot here. I must say it is a shame I do not have grandchildren as I would have loved to get one of those VeggieTales, they are very cute.

    This is a great post which gives some good ideas what gift to get for your favorite gardener.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Taetske,

      I’m happy that you found my list of presents helpful.

      Those calendars are a nice touch for anyone’s garage or shed. I ritually post a new Old Farmer’s Almanac calendar shortly after New Year’s day – every year in “Jim’s Room” which is my outdoor tool storage room annexed to my garage!

      The Veggie Tales DVD volumes are really a great tool to impart to all children valuable principles and ethics that will stay with them throughout their life. The lessons are even helpful to some confused adults.

      Hope you have a blessed Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

      Take care,


  2. Joe Joson Reply

    Awesome collection of gifts to gardeners! I love gardens and gardening but…starting the whole thing is the difficult part. As it has been said, ‘getting started is half-done’ I need to start somewhere. I have have two locations to play with. Up in the High Desert of California I have a 1.2 acre that is totally empty except for my house in it.

    Here in the Rock In The Tropics, I have around a 0.4 hectare to play with. Both places have very unsimilar climates. One is dry and has no rains, the other is very wet and rain soaked. I plan to go back and forth between the two splitting the year in 6-month increments.

    Thanks for sharing your gardening expertise!

    From The Rock In The Tropics

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Joe,

      Sounds like you could become a very diverse gardener!

      Looks like edible cactus may be your only hope for the California desert. And down there in the tropics you can grow just about anything that can stand the heat. Even some of the cool loving veggies have some heat tolerant varieties.

      Glad you liked the gift collection!


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