Gorilla Carts – A Review Well Worth Reading

Why Am I Reviewing Gorilla Carts?

Because, these are the best lawn and garden carts available!  Gorilla Carts produce the most durable and long lasting lawn and garden carts that I have ever found!  In these Gorilla Cart reviews, you will see that this statement is a fact!  Gorilla offers a wide range of quality, sturdy, powder-coated, rust resistant steel frame carts.  Choose either poly tub carts with capacities as low as 400 pounds up to a monster workhorse rated at 1500 pound capacity or, heavy-duty steel utility carts that can hold up to 1400 pounds, like the GOR1400-COM!

NOTE:  If the rated capacity of the cart you choose is 800 pounds or more…whether it is a poly tub cart or a heavy-duty steel utility cart…you can get one with a dual-use handle.  In other words, you can pull it by hand or hook it up to your garden tractor.  That’s a great innovation, huh?

Gorilla Carts seem to last forever.  And, I’m the proof of the pudding.  One of my carts, the GOR4PS, with a 600 pound capacity, has been hauling rocks, mulch, firewood, yard tools, fencing and posts, yard waste, and a myriad of other things without a problem for over 10 years now!

Gorilla Carts come in a variety of colors and include a 1 year warranty!  Don’t forget to check out my Lawn and Garden Tractors for hauling these great carts around!


Gorilla GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

You can just about beat this cart to death and it just keeps on going…like the energizer bunny!

The poly tub sits on a powder-coated, rust resistant steel frame.  A tapered top and ridges along the sides of the bed help to keep your load leaning toward the center of the tub so it doesn’t spill out onto the ground.  The tub is 38.7 inches long and 20 inches wide at the tapered top…and 26 inches long and 16 inches wide at the bed level.

Specs say that it has a 600 pound capacity but, I guarantee you that I have hauled much more than that without damaging it in the least!  The trick is to make sure that the four 10 inch pneumatic tires are properly inflated to the correct air pressure.  If the cart sits for a long period of time between uses, the tires will lose some air…just like a bicycle tire.  And, even semi-flat tires are not advantageous to pulling a cart heavily laden with yard and garden trash.

The reinforced poly plastic tub will flex a bit when carrying a lot of weight but, in all the 10 years that I have had it…and abused it…the tub has never broken or cracked.  Now, that impresses me!

Gorilla GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

The quick-release dumping feature makes it easy to unload rocks, mulch, and yard waste without having to shovel it out like you would have to with a wheelbarrow.

And, since the GOR4PS sits on 4 wheels, instead of just one…as in the case of a wheelbarrow…it is always perfectly balanced.  I used to get so tired of trying to balance a heavy load in a wheelbarrow while moving it any distance across the yard or garden!

The turning radius is very sharp!  It is not “zero-turn radius”, but it is very close to it!  The handle is foam-padded to make it easy on your hands when pulling the cart around.


Assembly Is Simple

  • screw driver
  • pliers
  • 11/16 inch wrench (for the handle)
  • 1/2 inch wrench for everything else

That’s all the tools you’ll need.  It took me about 30 minutes to put it together.  All the parts come labeled with clear, detailed instructions.  Just follow the directions and you won’t have any problem putting it together.


A good rule of thumb when assembling anything with nuts and bolts…keep nuts and bolts a little loose…don’t completely tighten them until all parts are put together.  Sometimes you need a little wiggle room to line up the holes.

Add a bit of Loctite to the bolts before tightening to ensure that they won’t vibrate loose at some point in the future.  I don’t know about you…but, I can come up with a few choice words that can’t be used in mixed company if I lose a bolt or locking pin in my equipment and have to stop what I’m doing in the middle of a task!

Even if you are only a weekend gardener, the Gorilla GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart will come in very handy.  You won’t be sorry you bought one…or two!
Gorilla GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart



Gorilla GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart

Gorilla GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility CartThis garden cart is a behemoth that can hold and carry at least 1400 pounds.  It has a massive, 52 inch long, 34 inch wide, sturdy, steel mesh bed that can handle the biggest hauling jobs imaginable.  You could probably haul a car with it!

The pneumatic tires are an impressive 15 inches in diameter.

Gorilla GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart

The sides are removable…turning it into a flat bed for transporting oversized materials like plywood sheets, fencing, and large logs.

The dual-use handle easily converts from being pulled by hand to being attached to a garden tractor hitch.  Just pull the locking pin and turn the handle.  Simple…yes?

The turning radius is very tight…making the cart extremely maneuverable.


A Couple Of Regrets

One drawback is that the GOR1400-COM does not have a dumping feature like the GOR4PS does. But, I guess, you can’t have everything…

Another downside is that, if you want to haul long pieces of material, you cannot remove BOTH the front and back walls at the same time…just leaving the side walls in place.  The side walls have to be braced by either a front wall or a back wall.

Assembly is a piece of cake…a couple of wrenches, a pair of pliers…and voilà.  You can put it together in 30 minutes maximum…and, you’re good to go!

This is the ultimate cart for the avid gardener…especially if you have a garden tractor to hook up to it.  It will handle whatever you can throw in it.

The cart comes with a 1-year warranty…but, it will last for years…and years!


Worth The Money!

Owners are very impressed with this cart saying, “The cost was worth every penny.”

You will be so pleased with the Gorilla GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart that you will want to have two of them!
Gorilla GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart



No gardening or tool shed is complete without either the GOR4PS or the GOR1400-COM to complement it.

Leave your thoughts or suggestions about my Gorilla Cart reviews below in the comments section or send me an email: jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener

2 thoughts on “Gorilla Carts – A Review Well Worth Reading

  1. Alex Reply

    The Gorilla GOR4PS cart looks like an excellent present for my Dad. He is an avid gardener and will love carting around his dirt to dump it. Usually he uses a wheelbarrow, but this one will make it easier for him to dump.

    I do have a question though. On the dump cart, if a part of it breaks, what replacement options are out there? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Alex,

      The Gorilla GOR4PS makes an ideal gift for any gardener.  I’m sure your Dad will love it…and, it will be much more painless for him to transport materials while doing yard and garden work!

      Replacement parts for both the GOR4PS and the GOR1400-COM can be ordered through the Gorilla Carts website.  So, no worries!


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