Honda FG110 Mini Tiller Review

The Honda FG110 Mini Tiller

The superbly reliable Honda FG110 Mini Tiller has a 4-stroke…or 4-cycle… 25cc engine and, delivers an amazing amount of power with a lot less vibration for a small tiller.  It is super easy to start…which is a characteristic of Honda outdoor power equipment.

Tilling with the Honda FG110 Mini Tiller.

Breaking new ground is a piece of cake with the FG110.  But, pay heed to the TIP for a better experience.


Whether you are starting a new garden or plowing up last year’s plot, mow the weeds down first to minimize the weeds getting bunched up and tangled in the tines and shaft.  The good thing is that this Honda tiller uses snap pins making removal of the tines a breeze for clearing out the tangled weeds and vines.

There is no mixing of gas and oil like you would need to do with a 2-cycle engine.  Just put regular, unleaded gas into one compartment labeled “gas”…and 10W30 oil into the other compartment labeled “oil.”  A starter bottle of oil is included with the tiller.


Bonus Surprise!

Unlike many other small tillers, this one actually has an oil dipstick…which makes life a whole lot simpler for checking oil levels!

There is no smoke or smell when navigating this tiller through your garden.  Also, the fuel efficiency is much, much better than 2-cycle engines…so, you’ll save money on gas in the long run.


Honda Makes A Great Engine!

Honda’s powerful engine applies enough force to create a tine speed of 294 rpm…faster than any other mini tiller or cultivator.  What’s more, it is lighter…29 pounds…and quieter than many other tilling machines.

The hybrid tines can be adjusted for either a 6 inch or 9 inch width for easy handling in rows and around plants.  These tines will dig a respectable 8 inches deep.  In addition, they are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.  Break a tine and get it replaced for free…no questions asked.

Honda’s 2-year warranty covers everything else on the unit.

The FG110's wheels are easy to remove for tilling.

The wheels make transport easy but, at less than 30 pounds, this tiller is easy to carry wherever you want to take it.  Plus, they are easily removed for tilling duties.

The Honda FG110's engine guard is a great handle for carrying.

An engine guard protects the motor…front and back…as well as across the top…making it easy to lift or to tie down the tiller when carrying it in your vehicle.

The FG110 has easy to operate controls on the handlebars.

The ergonomic handlebars are positioned for maximum comfort during operation and the simple-to-operate controls are within fingertip range.  The handlebars fold for storage.

An adjustable depth bar easily controls the depth and speed and helps to break up the soil more completely.  You don’t really need it but, this removable bar will help to slow down the forward motion of the tiller and allow it to dig much deeper.

Assembly is so simple.  Just take the FG110 out of the box, straighten the handles, add gas and oil, and you’re ready to go to town!


Optional Attachments Include:

Aerator – Cuts small slices into the ground to aid oxygen and nutrients reaching the roots in your lawn…keeping it thick and healthy.

FG110 aerator attachment.Edger – Put a sharp, neat edge on flower beds, walkways, driveways, or anywhere you want to create a professional look with this border edger.

FG110 edger attachment.

Dethatcher – This is an effective tool for thinning out dead grass and other decomposing material.  Using this every year will make your lawn much healthier.

FG110 dethatcher attachment.Digging tines – Even though the hybrid tines on the FG110 will tackle just about any crusty, hard dirt, these tines are very effective on extremely hard soil.

FG110 digging tines attachment for extra hard dirt.


People have heaped a lot of praise onto this garden marvel!

The advantage of owning a Honda FG110 4-stroke Tiller is crystal clear.   So, what are you waiting for?  Check out one of the best gardening deals available!  Because, this tiller will really tear up some dirt!

If you have anything to add about the Honda FG110 or, if you have a question, use the comments section below or email me:  Would you like to look at more gas tiller reviews?


Jim, the Life Long Gardener



2 thoughts on “Honda FG110 Mini Tiller Review

  1. Pam Reply

    Wow, thank you for this great review, I have been looking for a small tiller for my raised beds, do you think this will work for raised beds with a depth of about 10 inches. I love my Honda lawnmower (they always starts on the first pull), this would make a great addition to my gardening tools.

    • Jim Reply

      Well…if you have been looking for a small, reliable tiller – cultivator, your prayers are answered.  This lightweight Honda will definitely do the job on your raised garden beds.  It will churn through 8 inches worth to give you a fine, loamy soil for growing your veggie crops.

      Before you buy this Honda, though, take a closer look at some of the other tillers and cultivators I discuss at gas tiller reviews or electric tiller reviews.  Even though I doubt it…you may possibly find another tiller among the other reviews that rivals the Honda in cost, efficiency, power, and size.


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