Jim’s December 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

December 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

Christmas has passed – and, we’re looking forward to a brand New Year!  So, guess what time it is?  That’s right – time for this 2018 December garden quiz questions.  If you’re a follower of The Perfect Vegetable Garden, these questions will probably be easy for you.  But, if not – then look for the answers in the December 2018 Garden Answers – you may find a few extra surprises on the answer sheet, too.



Question 1Peyote Cactus

Mesclun is an illegal hallucenogic drug made from cacti like the Peyote Cactus that hippies consumed back in the 1970’s.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #1



Question 2Bug eating plant.

Beware of Assassin bugs!  They get their name because they will attack and eat each and every plant in your garden!

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #2



Question 3Baby in diaper.

What is “green manure?”

A) It is slang for what you find in a baby’s diaper when it needs to be changed.

B) Animal dung – used to fertilize soil.

C) Combinations of grains, grasses, and legumes.

D) A healthy smoothie made with spinach and avocados.


Answer For Question #3



Question 4

Is Fescue grass a good cover crop?

What does Jim, the Lifelong Gardener, recommend to use as a cover crop for your backyard garden?

A) Fescue

B) Bermuda

C) Ryegrass

D) None of the above.


Answer For Question #4



Question 5

broccoli stalk

What is another name for broccolini?

A) Broccoli

B) Tenderstem Broccoli

C) Brokali

D) Both A and B.

E) Both B and C.


Answer For Question #5



Question 6Pringles Potato Chips

It is impossible to make homemade potato chips that taste as well or better than the store bought versions.  This statement is:

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #6



Question 7Hamilton Beach deep fryer

If you did attempt to make your own potato chips, the best way to cook them is:

A) Deep Fry

B) Oven Bake

C) Microwave

D) Stovetop

E) All of the above.

F) None of the above.


Answer For Question #7



Question 8


A snow thrower is a machine that makes snow balls out of wet snow and tosses them in any direction you aim the machine.  It operates at such a high speed that it has been known to win snow ball fights against up to 6 opponents at the same time.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #8



Question 9

Are snow throwers rated by class, AWG, or stage?

Snow blowers are rated – based on the amount and type of snow they can clear.  These ratings are:

A) Class A, class I, class II, class III, class IV, class V, and class VI.

B) 1 AWG, 5 AWG, 10 AWG, and 26 AWG

C) Single-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage

D) None of the above.


Answer For Question #9



Question 10

Melt the ice on driveways and sidewalks.

Even if you choose the right snow blower for the job, and are able to clear all the snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks, you still need to add some rock salt or ice melt to the surfaces.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #10




toy train set

Up at the North Pole, Santa Claus finds that 4 elves can make a total of 16 train sets in 60 minutes.  Getting out his calculator, Santa wants to know how long it would take 100 elves to make 100 train sets.  Do you know the answer?





Another month – another quiz.  Hard?  Easy?  Did you need to check out the answer page?  Or, are you following The Perfect Vegetable Garden so close that you instantly knew the solutions?

Leave a comment or send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


6 thoughts on “Jim’s December 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

  1. aaronspilcher Reply

    Hey Jim,

    I really appreciated this article on gardening as it seems to have found me at the perfect time in my life! Answering questions like this is a very unique way for me to determine just how much I know about gardening.

    Recently I have been switching to a more plant based diet, and I want to start growing my own food and becoming self sufficient! I believe after reading your December questions and testing my knowledge, that I am better equipped to begin my journey.

    Right now I am attempting my very first aquaponic growing system on my window sill as it is still too cold in Oregon to grow anything outdoors!

    I’d love any tips and tricks you might have for me!



    • Jim Reply

      Hi Aaron,

      I’m glad you found my December questions a help in gauging your gardening expertise.

      I’ll be doing a series on hydroponics and aquaponics in the near future that I’m sure you will be interested in.

      First off, you need to know that a pure aquaponics systems entails combining hydroponics – which is growing veggies in a soil-free medium and having their roots getting nutrients from fertilized water – with aquaculture – growing fish.

      To do aquaponics, you’re looking at some pretty pricey and oversized equipment which makes it almost impossible to use indoors – you’ll need a whole lot more space than a window sill.

      If you want to grow some food indoors, try using buckets, dirt, and grow lights.  And, take a look at Jim’s Garden Adventure 2018 “Growin’ Veggies Indoors!” – for some good pointers.


  2. Robert Trevor Reply

    I like this quiz on garden related items.  The questions are so diverse covering a wide range of subjects.

    Even though gardening is very interesting to me, it is still a complicated subject, which needs a lot of study to be able to comprehend it.

    The expert advice given in the December questions makes me feel much less apprehensive and much more confident that I can make successful garden related decisions.

    I learned a lot taking this gardening test and I look forward to seeing more quizzes in the future.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Robert,

      Tests are a great way to learn.  We sure took enough of them going through school, ourselves.

      I will endeavor to continue these monthly tests for as long as I can – since I’ve gotten so much great feedback from folks who want to see them continue!


  3. Tsquare Reply

    I love this concept of using question to assess our gardening knowledge.

    This is my first time coming to The Perfect Vegetable Garden so, I’m not familiar with all of these questions.

    I could answer some of them that were just common sense but, I did check out the answer page for some, too.

    I will bookmark your site so I can come back for your next month’s questions.

    • Jim Reply

      I tried to give a wide range of questions covering the most recent posts.  Glad you enjoyed the quiz – and the anser page.

      I look forward to you coming back next month for another round of questions and answers!


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