Jim’s December 2019 Garden Questions

December 2019 Garden Questions

This December garden quiz covers a variety of interesting facts. The answers are found within the many informative tidbits of The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  Dive straight into December 2019 Garden Answers if you get stumped – but first, try to figure them out!  Or, as my neighbor, Jed, the retired farmer, would say, “Figger ‘em out!”


Question 1 

Rabbit eating garden veggies.Mouse (vole) eating garden veggies.Deer eating garden veggies.





In the following list, which four-legged critters are happy to partake on munching the veggies growing in our backyard home gardens?

A) Rabbits

B) Field mice (voles)

C) Deer

D) All the above

E) None of the above


Answer For Question #1



Question 2

What the heck is shown in this picture?A bunch of round things I found. What are they?

A) A pile of spoiled grapes

B) Rusty BBs for my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun

C) Deer scat

D) Mouse droppings

E) None of the above


Answer For Question #2



Question 3Fence to keep critters out of the garden.

The best way to keep deer out of your garden is to put a fence around it.  If the fence is four foot high, that should keep these freeloaders from destroying your crops!

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #3


Question 4World map

Black Krim and Black Sea Man are varieties of tomatoes that had their start in which country?

A) The United States of America (U.S.A.)

B) Ukraine

C) France

D) Russia

E) Mexico

F) None of the above


Answer For Question #4



Question 5Funny tomato picture.

I know that tomatoes come in many colors – including red, orange, black, purple, and even green – but, is there such a thing as a white tomato?

A) Yes

B) No


Answer For Question #5



Question 6A yellow(ish) zebra

The “Yellow Zebra” is:

A) A UK-based company offering safaris in Africa.

B) A Hungarian bar in Budapest.

C) A tomato

D) A fish

E) All the above

F) None of the above


Answer For Question #6



Question 7Are Tama, Harney, Lester, Menfro, Williams, Holdrege, and Houdek card games?

What do Tama, Harney, Lester, Menfro, Williams, Holdrege, and Houdek have in common?

A) They are names of some of the Village People – famous for singing the song, Y.M.C.A.

B) These are seven state soils of America’s Midwest.

C) Obviously, they’re card games – mostly used for gambling – similar to Texas Poker.

D) Both A) and C).

E) All the above.

F) None of the above.


Answer For Question #7



Question 8Mount Rushmore

In which state in the United States is Mount Rushmore?

A) Iowa

B) Kansas

C) Minnesota

D) Missouri

E) North Dakota

F) Nebraska

G) South Dakota

H) None of the above


Answer For Question #8



Question 9

This is a picture of caviar – otherwise known as roe – or, fish eggs.

Is this caviar - or something else?

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #9



Question 10Is Chioggia a seaside town in Italy?

The word, “Chioggia” refers to:

A) A seaside town in Italy.

B) A root vegetable known as a beet.

C) Both.

D) Neither


Answer For Question #10



BONUS QUESTIONJim digging a trench.

Jim, the Lifelong Gardener – together with his two brothers, Jack and Jake – dug a big trench to plant apple trees.  The trench was 3 feet deep by 40 feet long by 2.5 feet wide.

How much dirt was in the trench?  Hint:  The answer should be in cubic feet!





A few hard questions – but, I think most of them were easy for the gardener-in-the-know.

Looking for comments and emails – suggestions (preferred) and criticisms (if you absolutely have to)!  I’ll respond to anything you want to talk about!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener



10 thoughts on “Jim’s December 2019 Garden Questions

  1. Jessie Reply

    Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed this post, and I found it extremely fun to answer the questions!  I live in the Midwest, and I was shocked that I did not get the seventh question right.  I even said that couldn’t be it because I had never heard of that before!  Well I was wrong!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Jessie,

      It can be surprising that we don’t even know the soil we walk on – but, not many people do.

      Glad you enjoyed the questions this month!


  2. Katja Reply

    I enjoyed playing your December 2019 Garden quiz with my mom – she is the gardener in the family and found your quiz entertaining. I on the other hand, learned a few things 😊 I did not know that deer can jump an eight foot fence with ease or that Black Krim and Black Sea Man tomatoes were first cultivated in Russia – I would have never guessed that! And your bonus question made us laugh 😉

    Thank you for this nice opportunity to share a quality time with my mom!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Katja,

      Those deer can do amazing things!  I guess they have to – just to survive.

      Isn’t it amazing that a goodly number of Russian tomato varieties always start out with the word “black” in their names?  Maybe, it’s because they are bred close to the Black Sea?


  3. ronnytan Reply

    I love reading posts on your website! Besides containing posts, and quality information. Also presented in a unique way.

    The questions you make, many make me think and want to find out the answer! Seriously! For example, question number 5, I never thought there was a white tomato, it turns out there is indeed what is referred to as Italian Ice!

    I also want to ask you a question (it’s not about the garden), but it’s okay, right?
    “Why is piglet walking down?”
    The answer is “Because he’s ashamed to be a pig”. It’s funny isnt it? LOL

    And thanks for this website (I bookmark now)!

    • Jim Reply

      I would have guessed that piglet had the “swine flu!”

      Try out those Italian Ice tomatoes.  I think you’ll like them!


  4. Michel Reply

    Here are the answers I think are right, although a lot of them I am not sure of.

    1. D

    2. C

    3. A

    4. Absolutely no idea

    5. A 

    6. D (think this is a trick one)

    7. B (guessing as a garden site)

    8. Also no idea

    9. B


    Thanks for the fun quiz for Xmas eve. Have a wonderful Xmas Day in your beautiful garden.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Michel,

      You did pretty good – half of them right:

      1. D – correct

      2. C – correct

      3. A – wrong – the answer is “B”

      4. Absolutely no idea – the answer is “D”

      5. A – correct

      6. D (think this is a trick one) – You’re right!  This was a trick question – but, the answer is “E” – all of them!

      7. B (guessing as a garden site) – correct

      8. Also no idea – the answer is “G”

      9. B – correct

      10.B – wrong – the answer is “C”

      You may like to see the explanations for all the answers on the December 2019 Answer Sheet!

      Thanks, for playing!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      Jim, the Lifelong Gardener

  5. Daniella Reply

    Hi Jim,

    Thant’s a fun article; I really enjoyed the reading!

    Can we find all the answers to the questions on your website? I tried to find a way to answer, but I didn’t see any box to check the right answer. Will, you put some in the future?

    However, I’ll do my homework at home and I’ll come back with all the answers and write them in the comment section:)

    Thank you for this great post!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Daniella,

      Glad you enjoyed the questions for December.

      To find the answer to question #1, just click on “Answer For Question #1” at the bottom of the question.  It’ll take you directly to the answer.  The same goes for all the other questions.

      All the questions came from articles posted within the last 3 months – if you want to dig deep into them for the answers.


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