Jim’s Garden Adventure 2017 Chapter 5 “Gonna Pick Produce”


I’m Gonna Pick Produce – Time to Get Some Veggies

By the end of June, my backyard garden started to give us some food.  So, I got out the handy plastic grocery bags and went off through my garden to pick produce.

All the veggies look pretty healthy.  When they started to flower and produce fruit, I stopped giving them 10-10-10 fertilizer and switched to giving them doses of 0-0-60 fertilizer.  During the flowering and fruit-growing phases, the plants need a bit of extra potassium to help them concentrate on producing veggies instead of stems and leaves.  I plan on giving the flowers and fruits a generous helping of 0-0-60 every 2 or 3 weeks throughout the growing season.

The Three Sisters is already putting out a ton of corn…more than we can eat…so, we’ll be starting to freeze a good many of them on a daily basis for awhile.

The zucchini is taking a little longer to get started in the Three Sisters arrangement.  Probably due to the fact that they are trying to grow in the corn’s shadow.

And, it seems, that the green beans are enjoying their climb up the corn stalks because they are showing a lot of flowers and actually starting to give us a few samples.  Additionally, I trellised some green beans so we could produce a lot more of them this year for canning and freeze-drying.  It’s a good thing we have a good stock of Mason jars and oxygen absorbers on hand.

The bell peppers are bigger and better this year for some reason.  Maybe it’s the extra rain we’ve been getting lately.

The determinate tomatoes are delicious…just as the yellow tomatoes and the red cherry tomatoes!  In the morning when I harvest some of the veggies, I carry a salt shaker so I can sample a few tomatoes as I pick produce.


The Daily Pick

Have a look at what a typical daily trip to the garden yields for me as my plants begin to produce:

Corn from Jim's garden.Bell peppers from Jim's garden.Okra and yellow squash from Jim's garden.Cucumbers from Jim's garden.
















If last year is any indicator, the daily vegetable harvest will increase five-fold by the end of July…and we will be spending almost all of our time freeze-drying, canning, and dehydrating everything we can’t eat…for the next 6 to 8 weeks!

And…how about my little watermelon patch?

Jim's watermelon patch.


What you see consists of only 2 watermelon plants and 1 cantaloupe plant…and, everything is full of flowers.  I’ve yet to see any cantaloupes but, the watermelon plants already have 3 little watermelons growing.

Watermelon not hiding very well in Jim's patch.Watermelon hiding pretty well in Jim's patch.









There are a couple of melons hiding very well under the leaves but, these close-up shots reveal them a bit better.  The one in the first picture is pretty obvious.  Can you see the melon in the second picture?  Look down at the bottom right.  See?  There it is!

The rains slow down about mid-July which means…get out my watering equipment; pressure gauges, pressure regulators, and my trusty water timer…and start my watering regimen.  Remember, our vegetable plants need an inch of water a week to continue to thrive.

My garden is…without a doubt…an adventure!

Each year presents new challenges…just trying to find fruit on the vine to pick is a uniquely acquired talent to say the least.  The veggies blend in so well with their surroundings that, sometimes, I can be looking straight at one and not see it until I move a few vines around and see the fruits jiggle.

Green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers, green zucchini, and watermelon are experts at hiding out under the leaves.  But, the tomatoes, in colorful reds and yellows…the yellow squash…and the corn, with their beautiful tassels…have no hope of going undiscovered even for a short time!

The process of locating and harvesting veggies from my backyard garden is “nature’s hidden object game.”

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In Closing, How About a Riddle?

I see a green house.

Inside the green house there is a white house.
Inside the white house there is a red house.
Inside the red house there are lots of babies.

What do I see?

You guessed it! It is a watermelon!
You guessed it! It is a watermelon!


Happy harvesting!


How is our harvest coming?  Are you enjoying this garden season?  Any bouts with diseases or pests? Do you have a good riddle?  Give us some of your gardening feedback in the comments section or shoot me an email: jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener




2 thoughts on “Jim’s Garden Adventure 2017 Chapter 5 “Gonna Pick Produce”

  1. Matt's Mom Reply

    This article about your garden is great! Very interesting and kept me reading. I actually learned a lot just from reading how your garden is doing over the summer. Like how much water to provide, etc. You have inspired me I need to start my own really. Nothing as elaborate as yours, but what fun and then to get the fruit from it at the end seems quite rewarding.

    • Jim Reply

      Maybe I am showing partiality…but, to me…there is nothing in the world like the satisfaction of successfully growing and eating my own veggies…along with deterring insect pests with strategically placed plants and flowers.

      I appreciate you checking out Jim’s Garden Adventure.  Stay tuned for the next chapter in my 2017 saga!


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