Jim’s May 2018 Garden Quiz Questions


May 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

March’s garden quiz questions were easy.  April offered a bit of a challenge.  Now, here it is – May – and, I think these questions will really get you to put on your thinking caps!  But, if those light bulbs don’t go off in your head – you can resolve the queries by searching The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  As a last resort, slide on over to May 2018 Garden Quiz Answers for the solutions.


Question 1

Seaweed wrapped sushi.

How does Jim, the Lifelong Gardener, recommend using seaweed? Pick the best answer.

A) Seaweed is just a sushi wrapper. It is NOT good for landlubbing gardens!

B) Use it to mulch your garden.

C) Mix it directly into the compost pile.

D) None of the above.


Answer For Question #1



Question 2Angry, hostile gardener?

“Gardening can make you depressed, anxious, impatient, and even hostile.  It can even bring on early onset of dementia in senior citizens.”

This statement is absolutely:

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #2



Question 3

Pigeons eating plants.

Birds, especially pigeons, love to eat the veggie leaves of young plants.  What is the best way to permanently keep them out of your garden?  Hint:  The key word is – permanently.

A) Pick them off one-by-one with a trusty rifle.

B) Throw firecrackers at them.

C) Spray them with a water hose.

D) Invite predators to take up residence close to your garden.

E) All of the above.


Answer For Question #3



Question 4

Rain Bird water timerCamco water pressure regulator








When using a water timer in tandem with a water pressure regulator to water your garden, what is the correct way to attach them to your outside garden faucet?

A) The water pressure regulator is attached directly to the outside garden faucet and the water timer is attached to the regulator.

B) The water timer is attached directly to the outside garden faucet and the water pressure regulator is attached to the timer.

C) Neither. These two accessories are not meant to be used together.


Answer For Question #4



Question 5

Pine needles for making pine straw bales.

Anyone interested in trying straw bale gardening can get started by using inexpensive bales of pine straw – available at their local home improvement store – although hay bales are recommended by Jim, the Lifelong Gardener.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #5



Question 6

Seaweed in a fresh water lake.

What is the very best reason not to use seaweed from fresh water lakes to mulch and fertilize your garden?

A) It doesn’t have the nutrients needed to be beneficial to a backyard garden.

B) There is no such thing as fresh water seaweed.

C) It may contain a great number of toxins and heavy metals that could be absorbed into the garden plants.

D) There is no reason because fresh water seaweed is much better for plants than saltwater seaweed.

E) Both B and D.


Answer For Question #6



Question 7Hawaiian Hula Girl

What is a “Hula Hoe?”

A) A Hawaiian hooker.

B) A garden implement designed for removing weeds.


Answer For Question #7



Question 8How long to condition straw bales?

How long does it take to condition straw bales prior to planting veggies in them?

A) 2 days.

B) 5 days.

C) 2 weeks.

D) 5 weeks.

E) Veggies can be planted in them immediately without waiting.


Answer For Question #8



Question 9

Earwoom on an ear of corn.

Earworms are a nemesis of corn.  They will nibble on the sweet corn kernels and could decimate your corn crop if left unchecked.  What are the best plants can be grown along with corn that will repel these dastardly critters?

A) Marigolds.

B) Nasturtiums.

C) Squash.

D) Green Beans.

E) None of the above.


Answer For Question #9



Question 10

Baby Carrots and Peas

Why do baby carrots look so moist and orange inside their package?

A) Because, they are picked when they are just babies so they retain their youthful image longer.

B) They are cut and washed thoroughly with soap and water to get all the dirt off them before packaging.

C) The carrots are drenched in chlorine, which, in large doses, can sicken or kill humans.

D) Baby carrots have a high priority of getting shipped to the grocery store in record time to ensure freshness.


Answer For Question #10




How can you transform the word, “DINER”, into the word, “MENUS”, by changing one letter at a time and forming another English word each time you change a letter?





So, how do you think you did?  Were these questions too hard?  Too easy?  Would you like more of the same?

Let me know by email, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com, or by comment below.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


2 thoughts on “Jim’s May 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

  1. Glenys Reply

    Hi Jim,
    I an a gardener and I really enjoyed this question. They really got me thinking about how much I know about my small backyard garden.
    Thanks for challenging me. I was tempted to go out today and buy some cheap local hay. You have convinced me to spend a little bit extra and get the high quality stuff instead. Thanks for that.
    I was just wondering what product do you recommend as hay in your part of the world?

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Glenys,

      Even though you can use hay bales, I strongly recommend against it.  I suggest using wheat straw bales instead.  See Jim’s May 2018 Garden Answers, Answer to question 5.

      Whether you use wheat straw or hay, your best and most economical bet is to check with one of your local “feed and seed” stores.


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