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I’ve always had a strong opinion that tests and quizzes are a good way to learn and retain facts.  They point out what you do know and alert you as to what you still need to become skilled at.  A number of readers have expressed interest in being able to determine their aptitude to be talented home gardeners through a “down and dirty” test of their knowledge.  To respond to their wish, Jim’s Monthly Garden Quizzes is born.


What Do You Know?

From time to time, I will quiz my website visitors about their gardening knowledge.  There will be a variety of different categories of questions.

Categories include, but are not limited to:

Questions about garden stuff?

Identification – Do you know what veggies, fruits, flowers, weeds, pests, soil amendments, tools, equipment, and accessories look like?

Techniques – Questions about garden planning, procedures, tips, tricks, warnings, etc. – from basic know-how to advanced knowledge.

Trivia – Interesting facts about gardening and the plants we grow – tidbits that may not be known to some of our gardening enthusiasts.

The questions will be mostly multiple choice and true – false.  I may throw in a few “fill in the blank” questions, too.  It’s kinda like being back in school, huh?

But, don’t worry – you can take all the time in the world to answer these questions.

Let the quizzes begin!

So, have a little fun.  See how many questions you can answer correctly.  Look at this as a way to highlight what you know and what you want to learn to give you the tools to be a winning gardener.

Here are the quiz pages that are currently accessible.  If you get stumped, the questions in each quiz will have a link to the answer.  Or, you can go directly to the answer page, if you don’t have the time to stew over the quiz questions.


Year – 2020

March 2020 questions


March Quiz – It’s a peek into the world of the butternut squash and the spaghetti squash.  I betcha these questions will leave you scratchin’ your head tryin’ to figure out what the answers are!


March 2020 answers


March Answers – A sneak peek at the solutions for the March 2020 queries.  A number of these answers will surprise you, I’m sure!

Quiz Archives

Year – 2019

January 2019 questions


January Quiz – This month’s questions are all about snow throwers / blowers.  Everything you need to know but were almost afraid to ask.



January 2019 answers

January Answers – As usual, you can expect to find not only the cheat sheet here – with all the answers to the January 2019 quiz –  but you’ll also get lots of additional tips, tricks, and trivia.



February Quiz


February Quiz – Another month – another great group of questions – looking at some home generators, snow blowers, and weird but exciting veggies to grow.  Delve right in and get to the bottom of it all!


February Answers


February Answers – Get a quick lowdown on the February Quiz if you don’t want to wade through The Perfect Vegetable Garden for the drilled down details.



March Quiz


March Quiz – This month’s quiz offers a great look into strange and wonderful veggies as well as an analysis of soil makeup in selected areas of the United States.  Plus the bonus question will make you stop and think as it talks about Jim, the Lifelong Gardener, and his brothers Jack and Jake making home brewed beer.

March Answers


March Answers – Learn how Jim, Jack, and Jake successfully apportioned all the homemade beer they produced.  Also, along with answers to some interesting questions, discover what the “southern end of a northbound horse” looks like.

April Quiz


April Quiz – More soil analysis, celeriac, fatback, pot liquor, collard greens.  Is Jim being mean to his rhubarb?  Check it out and find out!  And, find out what happens when you pan for gold in a sacred Indian burial ground!


April Answers


April Answers – Walk right in and see some surprising solutions to the April Quiz.  You won’t know what hit you – that’s for sure!  So, don’t miss this answer sheet – it’ll make your day!


July Quiz


July Quiz – This quiz is all about incredibly different and grow-able vegetables.  It doesn’t matter what hardiness zone you hail from – there are some things here that you can grow!  Some enjoyable questions about cover crops complete the picture.

July Answers


July Answers – If math is your forte, you probably won’t need to see the bonus question answer.  I thought I was good at cipherin’ but, I had to think long and hard before discovering the way to proceed with this mental exercise.


September Questions


September Questions – This September garden quiz is totally about rare and unique vegetables and soil makeup in various states in Midwestern America.  I don’t think you’ll find a more comprehensive look at these veggies and soils!


September Answers


September Answers – The corresponding cheat sheet for all of this month’s questions.  You may be surprised to see some of the answers – as well as some added trivia I’ve added for the curious minded folks.


Year – 2018

March 2018 Questions



March Quiz – This is a fairly straightforward quiz just so you can get your feet wet!


March 2018 Answers


March Answers – In case you would rather your feet stay dry, jump directly to the answers.  But, read the questions first to get an idea of what we’re talkin’ ’bout.



April 2018 Questions


April Quiz – You may need to put your thinking cap on for this test of your gardening knowledge.  Let’s see how well you can do!



April 2018 Answers


April Answers – If you get stumped with a quiz question, you can find the quick answer here.



May Quiz


May Quiz – You are going to have to think a little harder for this month’s quiz.  See if you can get through the questions without getting stumped.



May Answers


May Answers – If you do get stumped.  These answers to the quiz are only a click away.



June Quiz


June Quiz – This fascinating quiz covers wood chipper shredders, garden tractors, straw bale gardening and more.  I think it will offer a challenge to any folks who are looking for one!


June Answers


June Answers – Here’s the cheat sheet for this month’s quiz.  Use it sparingly – try to work out the answers yourself if you can.



July Quiz


July Quiz – Have you ever heard of garden seeders?  Well this quiz covers them extensively, along with some other amazing topics.  Check it out!



July Answers


July Answers – These answers will provide detailed solutions to all of the July questions – and, some novel suggestions, as well!



August Quiz


August Quiz – A whole bunch of topics are covered in this August quiz – so, I’m sure you’ll want to take a gander at these questions.  You will learn a great deal, that’s for sure!



August Answers


August Answers –  This month’s quiz if especially difficult.  So, don’t feel bad if you have to jump over to this list of answers.  Even Marty had to use the answer sheet this month!



September Quiz


September Quiz –  If you are interested in your body’s health, you’ll be interested in this quiz.  You’ll also find some great insight into a few veggies.



September Answers


September Answers – In depth solutions to the September quiz can be found – and expanded upon – here, in this month’s answers.



October Quiz


October Quiz – Have you ever thought about farming – or eating – insects?  You’ll find questions about those things – and more – in this month’s quiz!  



October Answers


October Answers – This month’s answers to the quiz go to great lengths explaining and expounding upon the October questions.



November Quiz

November Quiz –  The November quiz emphasizes my 2018 indoor fall garden, along with some questions about veggies and a bit of trivia.  Quite interesting and informative – if I do say so myself!  You may also notice that I have started to standardize the header images for the quiz and answer sheets.  I’m just running out of innovative ideas.  If you have any, feel free to let me know.

November Answers


November Answers – I’ll be a little surprised if you can get through this month’s quiz without a few sneak peeks at this answer sheet.  Even my neighbor, Jed, the retired farmer had to avail himself of the answer page this month – and, he is pretty knowledgeable about gardening tips and tricks.


December Quiz

December Quiz – In this final quiz of the year, you will find a few surprises that will make you go, “naw – really?”  About a half dozen or so of the most recent posts are covered.  I’m sure you will find this not only a test of your “master gardener” knowledge but, a few of the questions (and answers) will curl the corners of your mouth distinctively upward – causing a great big smile!


December Answers

December Answers – I’ll bet you twelve drummers drumming against eight maids a-milking that you will be visiting this post to check out at least a few of the answers you won’t know when you take the December quiz.  Even Marty – my better half – made the trip over to this post a few times – and she is as close to an expert gardener as you can get!


There You Have It! 

So, which test did you take?  How did you do?

Do you think quizzes are a good way to polish up your gardening talents?  Comment below or email me, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com, with your thoughts.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener




2 thoughts on “Jim’s Garden Quizzes

  1. Karen Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed this garden quiz.This is a refreshing site.
    I’ve been growing vegetables and herbs for a few years now and love it. Now I have a new favorite website to visit.
    I hope you keep up with the garden quiz going forward as I’m bookmarking your site.
    I didn’t do as well as I thought I was going to and loved reading the correct answers to each question where I learned a few things.
    I’ll be back!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Karen,

      I’m glad you liked my ideas for providing garden quizzes for visitors to The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  My hope is to add more quizzes that delve into both the serious and the not-so-serious aspects of home gardening.

      As I add new information to enlighten my audience, I will add new questions to challenge them, too!  So, stick around and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised almost every time your visit!


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