Jim’s November 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

November 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

It has been a few days since Thanksgiving – and time for the 2018 November quiz.  A reminder – all garden quiz questions are taken randomly from articles posted in The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  If you get stumped, click over to the November 2018 Garden Answers for the answers – and a bit of additional trivia.



Question 1

Sun Blaster Grow Lights - 3 ft






I am creating an area indoors to grow some veggies over the winter using grow lights – since I the plants will not be near any windows to get adequate sunshine.  How close to the plants must I position te lights?

A) It doesn’t matter. As long as the grow lights are somewhere above the plants.

B) Between 2 and 4 inches is best.

C) Between 2 and 4 feet.

D) Close enough to touch the plants.


Answer For Question #1



Question 2

Agrobrite multi-tube grow light 4 x 8

What is the most cost effective and efficient way to increase the amount of light emitted from grow lights in an indoor garden?

A) The only way to increase the amount of light is to add more grow lights.

B) Place mirrors around the growing area to reflect the light.

C) Line the growing area with aluminum foil.


Answer For Question #2



Question 3




How much light is needed per day for healthy plants to grow in an indoor garden?

A) 4 hours.

B) 8 hours.

C) 16 hours.

D) 24 hours.


Answer For Question #3



Question 4Miracle Gro Garden Soil

Is it good enough to use garden soil instead of potting mix for plants growing in an indoor garden?

A) Yes

B) No


Answer For Question #4



Question 5

Garden soil is only for outdoor gardens.

Garden soil will supply nutrition to plants for about 3 months.  How long will a quality potting mix supply nutrition to the plants?

A) The same.

B) 6 months.

C) A year.

D) It doesn’t supply any additional nutrients – plant food must be added.


Answer For Question #5



Question 6Buying high priced lawn treatments.

Is it the best solution to buy high priced lawn care products to keep the yard in top notch condition?

A) Yes – but, buy only the best – because, you get what you pay for.

B) No – there are effective solutions that are much cheaper.


Answer For Question #6



Question 7

Is treating the lawn once a year enough?

Treating the lawn once each year to fertilize it and kill the weeds is sufficient.  Additional treatments are unnecessary and a waste of time and money.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #7



Question 8

Red cabbage, tomatoes, beets, and red chili peppers.






Which of the following vegetables were once commonly used to add red coloring to wine?

A) Red cabbage

B) Tomatoes

C) Beets

D) Red chili pepper

E) None of the above – only fruits are used to add coloring to wine.


Answer For Question #8



Question 9

Frog on commode.

I ate some beets and I just saw a lot of red when using the commode.  It looks like blood.  What should I do?

A) You are bleeding – go see a doctor.

B) You are having an allergic reaction to the beets.

C) It happens sometimes – after eating beets – nothing to see here – move along.


Answer For Question #9



Question 10

Ancient Middle East Cosmetics

What is kohlrabi?

A) A cabbage turnip.

B) A Jewish department store.

C) Ancient Middle Eastern eye makeup.

D) All the above.


Answer For Question #10




Choose door number one or door number two.

A Prisoner of War (POW) is must make a choice to choose his own destiny.  He is shown 2 doors.  Opening one door will reveal a man with a gun who will shoot him dead.  Opening the other door will expose a beautiful woman holding a gift for him of $10 million dollars and signed papers that will release him from prison.

There is a man standing in front of each door.  One of the men will always tell the truth – the other man will always lie – but, the POW does not know which is which.

The POW is told he may ask one question – directed to only one of the men.

What question should he ask – and which of the men should he ask – to make sure that he gets the money and his freedom – and doesn’t get killed?





There you have it – the latest greatest test of your gardening knowledge – as presented by The Perfect Vegetable Garden?  So, come clean – how many times did you look at the answer page?

I love comments and emails – so bring them on!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


4 thoughts on “Jim’s November 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

  1. Strahinja Reply

    Hey Jim,

    Thank you for this unusual and very interesting article. It really got me going. I wish more people would make articles like this. Having to do something instead of just reading, is much more attention grabbing.

    I live in a village and most of my food is organic and home grown. My garden has potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, broccoli, spinach and garlic.

    I never knew that beets were actually used to color the red wine. As you, I thought you only need red grapes to color your wine. I guess the color is not dark enough and that is why beet is used.

    I will definitely be subscribing to your website. Really useful information all around.


    • Jim Reply

      Hi Strahinja,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my little November quiz.

      It sounds like you already have some experience growing veggies.  So, I’m sure you will find my “how to grow” pages very useful and informative, as well as many of the other tips and tricks I’ve covered throughout The Perfect Vegetable Garden.

      Come back regularly for more inspirational and informative gardening techniques.


  2. Kate Reply

    What a great way to engage your readers and encourage them to go view other articles! I took the quiz kind of blindly and only got one wrong, so I guess my trial by fire gardening style has taught me a few things. 

    I had never heard of Kohlrabi before, and I’m of German descent so that was a little crazy. I followed the link to learn more about it, and am now interested in possibly adding it to my garden next year. It sounds like it is a great addition that can pretty much be prepared or cooked in so many different ways. I prefer fruits and vegetables that can be preserved and stored for later date, so the pickling idea is definitely something I will have to try. 

    The question regarding a fertilizing and treating schedule drew a little chuckle from me. When I purchased my property a couple of years ago, I had no idea how to care for my fruit trees, or my raised beds. Everything was set up so perfectly here, with a well-supported irrigation system and a large supply of fertilizers, compost, fungicides, and insecticides. I had no idea how to use any of it. Needless to say, the first year I didn’t use any fertilizers or chemicals….and lost a large amount of my harvest. I have a brown rot problem that destroys my peaches, cherries, and plums. My pumpkins struggled against powdery mildew and squash bugs. I did what I could with a sulfur spray this year, but thanks to an unusually humid and rainy growing season, it was still a constant battle.  So after this last harvest ended, I did my research and prepared a treatment schedule to begin this fall. I will have to compare my products and schedule with other information on your site to see if I am on the right track, but I answered the question right so I’m at least half way there. 

    I do both outdoor gardening and indoor hydroponics, so I enjoy that you incorporate information on both indoor and outdoor styles into this quiz, and on the content on your site. Both systems have unique challenges and benefits. Thank you for providing an easy way to test our knowledge and link us directly to information we may have not known or were unaware of. Very smart! 

    I look forward to reading more. Will there be a quiz every month on previously reviewed content? It’s a great way to keep readers engaged. I would come back each month to test my knowledge and maybe learn something new. 🙂 

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Kate,

      Well, if you only got one wrong, then I declare that you are on pretty much the same level as a Master Gardener.  That is a terrific score!

      But, I suppose that, given the fact that you had to learn the hard way how to care for your fruit trees – and the veggies in your raised garden – you had a decided advantage over novice gardeners who took the test.

      I can see that you – like most of the other diehard gardeners – are always looking for ways to preserve your bounty.  Freezing – and canning are usually the ways that most gardeners go – especially pickling – to preserve their veggies for consumption during the cold months of winter.

      But, don’t forget that, besides these more common methods, other great methods include dehydrating and freeze drying – which will be discussed in detail – in The Perfect Vegetable Garden in the near future.

      I also plant on doing several articles on hydroponics.

      Hopefully, I will be able to continue offering these quizzes monthly – as I have since their inception this past March.  I have received only positive feedback about them – many folks enjoy reviewing some of the major talking points from recent posts.

      I look forward to seeing your comments in The Perfect Vegetable Garden on future posts that you find interesting and intriguing!

      Take care,


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