Jim’s October 2018 Garden Quiz Answers

October 2018 Garden Quiz Answers

Check out the garden quiz answers here – for the October 2018 Quiz. You can find them in recent posts for The Perfect Vegetable Garden.


Answer to Question #1

The question was:  After installing trench pipe to divert rainwater and covering it up with dirt, what were Jim’s finishing touches – given Mother Nature’s unpredictability?

The correct answer is:

C) Put some stepping stones on top of the trench – and add grass seed to the exposed dirt.

Explained:50 concrete stepping stones laid out over the trench.

For “A)” – Doing nothing was not an option.  The rain would soon erode the bare dirt and, eventually expose the buried pipe in the trench.  This was Jim’s favorite choice but, he knew that it would end up causing him more work in the long run.

For “B)” – Given the uncertainty of the weather, Jim knew that if he just threw some grass seed over the loose dirt, the uncharacteristically torrential downpours occurring this summer would completely wash the grass seed away from the trench and into his garden.  Not a pretty picture!  Jim sure didn’t want to waste any pricey Bermuda grass seed.

For “C)” – So, Jim decided to cover the trench with some inexpensive stepping stones – and, add a combination of grass seed and garden soil to any bare dirt around the trench area.  He took a deep breath – and did it the best way, in his humble opinion.


This answer is found in Digging A Trench – My Summertime Excavation Elation, Part 2.



Answer to Question #2

The question was:  It is possible to cross Brussels sprouts with kale – and produce a new vegetable.  A) True or B) False?

The correct answer is:

A) True

Explained:Kalettes or Flower Sprouts or Lollipops

A new vegetable called “flower sprouts” was invented by Tozer Seeds, United Kingdom.  It married the best strains of Brussels sprouts and kale.  In 2010, the company began marketing it as “Kalettes” in Europe.  A few years later, when it reached the United States, this vegetable’s name became “lollipops.”

I don’t quite understand the reference to “lollipops.”  It doesn’t quite match up.  I would have called them something like Brussels blooms – since they look like a flower with tiny lettuce-like leaves on a Brusssels sprout type stalk.


This answer is found in Flower Sprouts, Kalettes, and Lollipops.



Answer to Question #3

The question was:  How can I keep garden pests off of my young veggie plants in the garden?

The correct answer is:

D) How about using floating row covers?


Floating Row Cover

For “A)” – You can’t just do nothin’ – ya gotta do somethin’ – never merely grow veggies for all the insect pests to gobble up.  These plants are your food!

For “B)” and “C)” – Putting a tarp, or cardboard boxes, or plastic totes over the plants may keep the bugs from eyeballing them – but, it will also keep the sun from seeing them, too.  And, I hope, we all know that plants need plenty of sunshine to grow up into healthy, tasty, mature representatives of the garden.  Besides, unless you are using soaker hoses, how are the plants going to get a drink of water when they need it?

So, “D)”Floating row covers are the way to go – to keep the creepy-crawlies away from those tasty, young leaves.


This answer is found in Flower Sprouts, Kalettes, and Lollipops.



Answer to Question #4

The question was:  Who are the Rocket Surgeons?

The correct answer is:

A) A rock and rap band.


There are no rocket surgeons working on the Space Shuttle.

For “A)” – Hailing from Denver, CO, the Rocket Surgeons band combines rock and rap to create some very unique tunes.  My favorite is their Broccoli Song.  Several others include Mold Me and Whistle.

For “B)” – Though NASA may have a bunch of rocket scientists on their payroll, I doubt if any of them have to live with the title of Rocket Surgeon, huh?

For “C)” – I like the movie and the character, Rocket, is a really down-to-earth, no nonsense, and funny human-like biological enhancement who livens up the dialogue in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Of course, we all know Rocket was actually manipulated by puppeteers, don’t we?

Guardians of the Galaxy DVD

This answer is found in Vegetable Songs – Is This For Real?



Answer to Question #5

The question was:  In Doctor Who, a British Sci-Fi program, one of the actors playing the part of the main character wore a plant in his buttonhole.  Was it: A) An olive, B) A rose, C) A carnation, D) A leafy celery stem, E) A sprig of parsley, or F) None of these?

The correct answer is:

D) A leafy celery stem.Regrowing celery sticks.


Peter Davison played the part of Doctor Who from 1981 to 1984 and wore a leafy celery stem in his buttonhole.  He was the fifth doctor – replacing Tom Baker.


This answer is found in Wanna Grow Some Celery?



Answer to Question #6

The question was:  What food can you eat to help ward off mosquitoes?

The correct answer is:

B) Celery


Celery juice rubbed on skin can repel mosquitoes.

For “A)”, “C)”, and “D)” – Bananas, avocados, and dried fruit contain salt and potassium which are heavy mosquito attractors!  They love them!  The more of these foods you eat – the more mosquitoes will want to be your best-est bosom buddy.

For “B)” – Celery juice rubbed on your skin can keep away mild mosquito attacks – although, the jury is still out on the scientific proof.

A little trivia – Only female mosquitoes getting ready to lay their eggs will bite you and suck your blood.  They need it to feed their babies.  Any other time, they, along with their male counterparts, just feed on plants – and, they’ll leave you alone!


This answer is found in Wanna Grow Some Celery?



Answer to Question #7

The question was:  What insect is the most popular to grow on insect farms?

The correct answer is:

C) Bees

Explained:Honeybees make good honey.

For “A)”, “B)”, “D)”, “E)”, and “F)” – Cockroaches, silkworms, Cochineal insects, lady bugs, and crickets are profitable to farm around the world.  They are harvested for food, medicines, dyes, fabric, etc. – but, they are not the most popular.

For “C)” – Most of you probably got this one correct.  Yes, bees are the most popular insect to farm.  Because, honey and other associated bee products are in such an increasingly high demand – on a global scale!


This answer is found in Insect Farming – Growing Bugs For Food And Stuff.



Answer to Question #8

The question was:  How many cochineal insects need to be smashed to create 5 pounds of the red dye called carmine?  Is it A) 35, B) 350, C) 3,500, D) 35,000, or E) 350,000?

The correct answer is:

E) 350,000


Prickly Pear Cactus

Amazingly, it takes 70,000 cochineal insects to produce just 1 pound of carmine – the red dye these critters are so famous for.  So, for a 5 pound sack of dye, about 350,000 of these little crawlies have to bite the dust.  Seems kinda barbaric, doesn’t it?

Cochineal insects are only attracted to the Prickly Pear Cactus – which mainly grows in Central and South America.  Thus, it stands to reason that a country like Peru is the biggest exporter of carmine – with over 200 tons annually!


This answer is found in Insect Farming – Growing Bugs For Food And Stuff.



Answer to Question #9

The question was:  If you need to eat insects or worms for food, don’t eat bugs that are black, brown, or dark green.  Bright colored critters are the safest.  This statement is A) True or B) False.

The correct answer is:

B) False

Explained:Thailand street market - bugs to eat.

In reality, the exact opposite is true.  As a general rule of thumb, bright colors like red, orange, yellow, etc., indicate danger in insects – just as they do in larger mammals and lizards.  The critters may be venomous and /or they could sting you.  At a minimum, they will probably make you sick.  Also, stay away from furry or stinky ones.

The brown, black, and dark green insects and worms are the safest.

A more in-depth look at bugs that are safe to eat is found in Insects: An Edible Field Guide.

Insects: An Edible Field Guide

This answer is found in Eating Insects – Chowing Down On Bugs.



Answer to Question #10

The question was:  Removing honey from a beehive helps bees to keep their hive home clean – since they don’t eat it anyway.  A win-win situation.  Is this A) True or B) False?

The correct answer is:

B) False

Explained:Beekeepers inspecting hive.

Bees make honey so that they can have food through the winter months when they can’t get their nutrition directly from flowers.  But, since bees are one of the few critters that produce more than they need, we can remove the excess for ourselves.  We just have to remember not to take too much – because, we don’t want them to starve.


This answer is found in Beekeeping – Bee All that You Can Bee.



Answer to BONUS QUESTIONRest In Peace

The question was:  Should the survivors of a plane crash be buried in East Germany where the plane took off – in “No Man’s Land” where the plane crashed – or, in West Germany which was the plane’s destination?

The correct answer is:

Well, I don’t know about you – but, I don’t think survivors should be buried at all.  Not as long as they’re still alive and kicking!


No explanation is necessary – I hope…



Do you think the questions this month are harder – or easier – than previous months?

Comments below!  Let me know!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


6 thoughts on “Jim’s October 2018 Garden Quiz Answers

  1. Riaz Shah Reply

    Hey Jim,

    Guess I got wrong about the insects! Didn’t know that black is a safer options compared to coloured ones. Just a thought though, but have you ever considered writing exercise books and selling them online or through publications? I love your quizzes and you should definitely get more visibility 😀

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Riaz,

      Most of the quiz takers seem to get the insect question wrong when it comes to which color are the safe insects.  It’s not as obvious as you think.

      So, you think I should publish exercise books?  The only exercises that I can think of are:  squatting or reaching high on my tiptoes to harvest my crop (strengthens knees, lower back, and calves), getting down on my knees to plant, mulch, or weed the garden (strengthens legs), or tilling the garden twice a year (strengthens arms, legs, and back).



  2. Taetske Reply

    Good afternoon Jim,

    As a gardener I had fun reading your post. I found some interesting things here. I had no idea that Brussels sprouts were crossed with kale, what came out of that experiment looks quite nice. Only the name lollipops? how silly can it get?

    The floating rows to keep pests away while still guaranteeing enough sunlight for growth is a good idea. We have tried in our vegetable garden to make the snails drunk with beer as we are organic so no bad things on the farm. When it gets too bad we go on a snail hunt and the chickens are ever so happy with this tasty treat. 

    I did not know about celery to keep mosquitos away, my better half suffers their attacks. I eat a lot of beer yeast and that seems to help as the taste of my blood seems not to their liking.

    Bees are so important for our environment, without them we would not survive. It is sad that world wide they are suffering extermination because of the stupid pesticides we think we need to make something grow.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Taetske,

      I thought it seemed a bit strange myself when I first discovered the cross between Brussels sprouts and kale.  I guess Tozer Seeds thought the name “lollipops” was a more “American” name that would attract more consumers.  Go figure!

      Floating row covers are most assuredly the way to go – to protect veggies from the pesky bugs that invade them.

      Infusing snails with beer is a new one on me.  I’ll have to remember that one!

      Just as you do, I get my share of beer yeast – but, it’s in the form of liquid refreshment – after a hot, summer day working in the garden.  And, the mosquitoes don’t like me, either.

      It is surprising to see how many people do not understand that, if it weren’t for bees, the human race could be on the road to extinction.  Without them, our veggie food source would be almost nil.


  3. Dale Reply

    This was great.  I especially loved the bonus question.  I think I would have to be pretty desperate to eat bugs but I guess its good to know which ones I should eat if I am ever desperate.  I would love to try the so called lollipops.  As a diabetic I am always trying different things with different vegetables.  This was a great article with a lot of great info.  Thank you.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Dale,

      The bonus question is a little tricky – if you answer without thinking about it.  It tricked me – when I first heard it!

      Glad you enjoyed the post!  More coming soon!

      Stay tuned…


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