Jim’s September 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

September 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

This is month #7 for garden quiz questions relating to The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  If you get stumped, you can always move on over to the September 2018 Garden Quiz Answers to get the real scoop!


Question 1White cauliflower

All cauliflower is white.  If it isn’t white, it isn’t cauliflower.  This statement is:

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #1



Question 21 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 10 years ?

Cauliflower, being a member of the Brassica family, shouldn’t be planted in any area of the garden in which family members have been planted in the last ____ .  Fill in the blank.

A) 1 year

B) 2 years

C) 3 years

D) 4 years

E) 10 years

F) Plant them any place. Cauliflower is a strong veggie that doesn’t need to be coddled in this manner.


Answer For Question #2



Question 3Abraham Lincoln

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  This quote is most often credited to:

A) Jerry Lewis

B) Bill Maher

C) Benjamin Franklin

D) Abraham Lincoln

E) George Washington

F) None of the above.


Answer For Question #3



Question 4

Map of Europe

Where were Brussels sprouts first cultivated?

A) Netherlands

B) United Kingdom

C) France

D) Belgium

E) Spain

F) Italy

G) Romania


Answer For Question #4



Question 5Crowd of people.

Are there any people who would not benefit from eating Brussels sprouts?

A) Yes

B) No


Answer For Question #5



Question 6Human Body - pH level

Maintaining a normal pH level for your body promotes health and well being.  You should strive to keep your body at a pH level of:

A) Below 6.0

B) Between 6.0 and 6.6

C) Between 7.2 and 7.4

D) Between 7.6 and 8.0

E) Above 8.0

F) pH level is not a factor in the health of the human body.


Answer For Question #6



Question 7

Is this a Royal Berkey?

What or who is Royal Berkey?

A) This refers to Prince Alfonso Berkey – cousin to Prince Albert II of Monaco – and, a member of the royal family House of Grimaldi.

B) A Royal Berkey is a winning poker hand that is higher than any other group of cards as long as a wild card is not used.

C) A water filtration system.

D) All the above.


Answer For Question #7



Question 8Jim massaged his kale.

People who experience “iron overload” anemia are encouraged to eat as much of the vegetable, kale, as possible.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #8



Question 9

Curly leaf kale.

Kale can be grown in a home garden for consumption and it is a great addition to everyone’s diet.

Seeds can also be purchased to grow ornamental kale which adds vibrant colors to flowers and hedges – making it a wonderful and picturesque addition to any home landscaping.

However, ornamental kale is poisonous and should not be eaten – as it can cause extreme stomach cramps and even death in senior citizens.

A) True

B) False


Answer For Question #9



Question 10Container garden in a vintage car.

Can kale be grown in pots or other containers that are suitable for plants?

A) Yes

B) No, that’s absurd. Kale grows way too big and will outgrow any container used.  Keep it in the garden.


Answer For Question #10



BONUS QUESTIONCyclist crossing border.

Border patrol agents stop a cyclist crossing the border everyday and inspect the bag he is carrying – and, they find nothing inside that would indicate what he is smuggling.

But, the cyclist is smuggling something.  Do you know what it is?





Did you manage to answer all or most of the questions without searching through The Perfect Vegetable Garden or jumping over to the answer page?

A comment or email will help make me a happy camper.  Can’t wait to hear from you!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener





10 thoughts on “Jim’s September 2018 Garden Quiz Questions

  1. Lucas Reply

    This is the most interesting page i’ve seen in a while haha. I came into unprepared.

    On the first question I thought “Why is this guy asking such obvious questions?” then BAM, wrong answer. My mind was blown.

    I’ve learned a lot of new things here so great job and thanks for the amazing questions. 🙂

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Lucas,

      I’m happy that you had a good time with my September questions.

      It just goes to show you that, in many cases, “obvious questions” don’t always have “obvious answers.”

      Stay tuned for the October series of questions and answers – coming soon!


  2. Marlinda Davis Reply

    Hey there! this was a very interesting quiz! I had no idea plants like cauliflower shouldn’t be planted in the same soil less than x number of years (I guess I shouldn’t reveal the answer but we know the right number).

    This has taught me a lot and refreshed my memory on some things as well. Where is the start to this gardening course?



  3. Wei Reply

    Hahaha, this is funny! I’ll give it a try. I’m sure to be more often wrong than right. 

    1. A 2. F. 3.C 4. D. 5. A. 6. B. 7. C. 8. A. 9.A. 10. A.

    Bonus: what? Drugs? Oh seeds!

    Love these questions. A good combination with knowledge and fun.

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Jim Reply

      Well, let’s see how well you did.  Here are the correct answers…

      1. B (False)EHNT!  Wrong answer!  Besides the common white cauliflower sold at the supermarket, it can also come in other colors – orange, green, and purple.

      2. B (2 years)EHNT!  You are mistaken.  Crop rotation is necessary for all garden veggies – cauliflower included – and you should wait at least 2 years before planting cauliflower in the same location. 

      3. C (Benjamin Franklin)DING!  You were right on the money knowing where this quote came from!

      4. D (Belgium)DING!  You were correct again!  Brussels sprouts got their name because they were first cultivated in Brussels, Belgium!

      5. A (Yes)DING!  Three correct – in a row!  Anyone on blood thinners should get their doctor’s approval before eating any vegetable like Brussels sprouts that contains a lot of vitamin K.

      6. C (Between 7.2 and 7.4)EHNT!  Another one bites the dust.  Keeping your body’s pH level just slightly alkaline – between 7.2 and 7.4 – allows for ready consumption of the basic vitamins and minerals and prevents them from being deposited and stored in various body parts.  If your pH is much lower than that, acidosis can happen – which is not good.

      7. C (A water filtration system.)DING!  Correct-o-mung-o!  I’m impressed!  A lot of folks thought this was “A)” – Prince Alfonso Berkey.  And, believe it or not, there were a few who thought it was “B)” – a winning poker hand.  Go figure…

      8. B (False)EHNT!  Gotcha on that one!  Kale, just like red meat, is high in iron,  Eating too much kale can do some serious harm to anyone with “iron overload” anemia.  Seek doctor’s advice if you have this anemia before chowing down on red meat or kale.

      9. B (False)EHNT!  Got ya again!  Ornamental kale is most definitely edible.  The leaves are just a little more bitter and tough – but, a good massage will solve that problem!

      10. A (True)DING!  You got this one!  It is basically common sense, isn’t it?  Unless the plants are super tall or super wide, they can all be grown in containers.

      BONUS QUESTION (Bicycles)EHNT!  No bonus points for you.  🙂  If the cyclist was smuggling drugs or seeds, they surely would have been caught with the goods – sooner or later.

      You did great – half of them correct!  That’s pretty good!

      Thanks, for playing.  Stay tuned for more challenging questions in the upcoming October question and answer posts!


  4. pmbaluka2016 Reply

    Oops! Those questions were a little bit tricky for me especially because I had not read any of your recent posts. So you can guess my performance Lol! However, one answer I was so certain is that all cauliflower is not white. Recently I bought one purple one.

    Wow! These questions are nice when it comes to brainstorming on issues pertaining to your garden niche. It’s one way of helping me to think as a reader as opposed to the normal way of writing articles. 

    Best wishes in all you do.


    • Jim Reply

      Hi Paul,

      Yep, them there questions are most definitely tricky if you haven’t read the posts that discuss them.

      Luckily, you were able to guess the right answer for cauliflower being multi-colored.  Experience pays off, doesn’t it?

      My goal with these monthly question and answer posts is to get readers thinking more about all the info in The Perfect Vegetable Garden.  The quizzes help all these garden facts to “sink in” – giving you a much better way to retain everything!


  5. Yanuaria Batista Reply

    Jim, I failed most of the questions!

     However, it was very entertaining to read the questions, picking the answer and then going to the answers page to see if I was right or not.

     The answers page is well done.  The extra flavor of adding more informative text adds to the experience.

     I liked the bonus question and answer.  I would probably choose the blue bicycle without guessing.  Ironically, guessing was my only way to answer that one.

     Thank you for the fun time.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Yanuaria,

       Don’t feel bad for missing most of the questions.

       I’m just lad that you found my September garden questions pleasurable.  And, I hope they gave you “food for thought.”

       I always try to add some extra explanations to the answer page for a better experience for all my test takers!

       And, I would have chosen the blue bicycle, too!



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