A Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds Review – The Factor 8 x 11 Storage Shed

The Best Of The Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds Is The Factor 8 x 11 

Of all the Keter outdoor storage sheds, the Keter Factor 8 x 11 shed, with a peak height of 7.8 feet and outside dimensions of 8 feet x 11 feet, is heads and shoulders above the rest.  It has an interior storage capacity of about 80 square feet (550 cubic feet), a door height at the center of the arch at a little over 6 feet – and, a door opening that is slightly wider than 3.5 feet.

Keter Factor 8x11 Storage Shed - lots of space

This building provides a very affordable space to store all your tools, equipment and other outdoor and garden odds and ends.  Easily store your garden tractor or snow blower, as well as shovels, rakes, and implements of destruction.  Throw in your buckets, fertilizers, garden hoses, and soaker hoses.

Ease of assembly with just normal household tools is a hallmark of Keter sheds – using easy to follow pictorial directions.  Keter sheds are just as easy to disassemble and move to another location.

This is a very simple build for one person – except for putting the roof in place.  Then, you will need another helper for sure.  And, do yourself a favor – build it on a calm, dry day!

Most parts are tongue-in-groove which makes the building mostly waterproof.  However, if you want to completely ensure that no moisture gets into the shed, run a bead of clear silicone caulk along the joints where the walls meet in the corners and where they meet the roof and floor.

Keter Factor 8x11 Storage Shed - wood-like grain

The exterior is made of a long-lasting polypropylene resin plastic, featuring a beautiful wood-like grain, able to withstand most weather extremes.  A solid steel frame reinforces the structure.

Keter’s heavy duty floor panel will survive years of wear and tear.  It is important to note that the floor must be attached to a solid base, preferably a cement slab slightly larger than the shed.

A number of owners who placed the shed on a cement slab actually built an additional foundation out of treated 2”x4”s with a 1/2″ to 3/4″ inch plywood floor.  This keeps the shed high enough off the slab so everything inside the shed stays dry during a hard rain or snow.


  1. I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure that everything is level and square throughout the assembly process. I guarantee you that, if it isn’t level and square, you will have a devil of a time during the roofing and door installation steps.
  2. The surface upon which the shed sits should be a foot longer and wider than the shed.
  3. Follow the directions – step by step – and, don’t take any shortcuts. We all know that directions are published for a reason – even though some of us (me, included) tend to think we have an easier and better way.  And, then we find out that, “we should have followed the assembly instructions after all.” (Famous Last Words)

A window and skylight are part of the package, as well as a well ventilated tile roof.  Shed owners are amazed at how much light enters the shed through the skylight – likening it to actually having an electric light turned on.

Keter Factor 8x11 Storage Shed - lockable doors


Lockable, arched double doors allow maximum access.  Add a padlock and your stuff is safe and secure.

Two shelves come with the package to offer a place to organize smaller items.  An accessory kit, providing an additional 2 shelves – each 6 feet long – is available, too.




The Keter Factor sheds are only designed to withstand wind forces less than 47 mph.  This means that I can only recommend this shed to folks who can place it in a well protected area – away from winds stronger than the shed can bear up under.  Otherwise, you could end up picking up a lot of broken shed pieces after a tropical storm sized windy day!

On the other hand, the Keter Oakland series of sheds are designed for up to 65 mph winds.

Believe it or not, I’ve found that several owners loved this shed so much they bought a second one to store more of their outdoor supplies.  Of course, I’m also quite certain that they don’t experience too many ultra windy days.

This Keter Factor shed comes with a limited 10 year warranty.  Owners can expect to get many years of life expectancy free of rust and rot.  The Keter Factor 8 x 11 Storage Shed is a very well constructed shed!

Head on over to How To Pick The Right Storage Shed for more remarkable storage options.

Another great Keter shed is the Keter Oakland 7511 Duotech Storage Shed.  This one is 7.5 feet wide x 11 feet deep – and almost 8 feet high at the peak.  It also comes with 2 windows.

Keter Oakland 7511 Duotech Storage Shed - paintable

The skin and the frame of the Keter Oakland shed is a little beefier than the Keter Factor shed and, the Keter Oakland shed is paintable – plus, it comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty!  Designed for a wind resistance of 65 mph, this might be a better option for folks in windy areas.

What do you think of these Keter sheds?  I would like to hear from you in the comments section or by email, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “A Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds Review – The Factor 8 x 11 Storage Shed

  1. Arta Reply

    Hey Jim

    Thank you for the informative post on the Keter Factor Storage Shed. I have been looking at Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Yard Garden Storage Shed for some time already and now noticed it is discounted on Amazon to a very, very good price. Just wanted to re-confirm – is this shed lockable?

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Arta,

      Both the Keter Factor 8×11 shed and the Keter Oakland 7511 shed are priced much lower than usual right now.  I think they are gearing up for spring sales as gardening season approaches.

      Both of these Keter sheds are lockable.  You only need to buy your own padlock.

      The other sheds listed on my page, How To Pick The Right Garden Shed, are also heavily discounted, too.  Take a look at both the Lifetime shed and the Duramax shed and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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