Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Review


The Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed

This is the right storage shed for me!  If you read my introduction, How To Pick The Right Storage Shed, you will instantly be able to guess that the Lifetime 6446 Storage Shed meets my minimum space requirements of 100 square feet.  I would prefer 120 square feet but, I can’t have everything.


Let’s Look At Benefits

At 15 feet wide and 8 foot deep, this 120 square foot shed provides 109 square feet of actual storage space.  Interior height is 6 feet, 8 inches, from floor to roof truss – so, most of us won’t be bumping our heads all the time while rooting around inside.Lifetime 6446 double doors


The 4.5 feet wide x 6 feet high double doors, with an internal latching mechanism, are centered in the front to allow unfettered access to all the equipment and tools inside.  Lifetime storage sheds are specifically designed to have more headroom through the entrance than any other comparable shed on the market today.  The doors are also lockable and reinforced with steel for extra protection against theft and vandalism.


Lifetime 6446 has 2 windows with shutters.Lifetime 6446 has 2 screened vents.








There are 2 shatterproof polycarbonate windows with eye catching shutters positioned on the left and right side of the doors.  With the addition of 6 small skylights and 2 screened vents, this shed will never become a sweat box in the sun.  Although, it is still an excellent idea to situate it under a shade tree for added cooling during the hot summer.

Lifetime 6446 has steel roof trusses and 6 skylights.

A steel reinforced frame with heavy duty steel roof trusses makes for outstanding muscle.  This added feature helps to prevent warping as well as bending in the walls and roof.

Lifetime 6446 has a high pitch roof.

The Lifetime 6446 roof can handle up to 1800 pounds of snow.  For quick rain and snow drainage, the roof has been engineered with a high pitch.

Low maintenance double walls are made with a high density polyethylene and they are UV protected against damage caused by direct sunlight.  Just spray them off occasionally with soap and water to prevent mold and mildew buildup.  This material is stain resistant and won’t lose color, go out of shape, or break up!  No painting will ever be required!

Blow molding technology is used to produce the polyethylene walls, roof, and flooring – and it adds a lot of strength and durability.  Many competitors use injection molded polyethylene components that make for thinner walls – eventually turning brittle and unable to withstand weather changes.  Injection molded sheds have a significantly reduced lifespan.

Flooring is also high density polyethylene – with a slip resistant surface.  And, the floor surface guards against stains – preventing absorption by oils and solvents.

Lifetime 6446 has peg strips and 90"x9" and corner shelves.

Included are 2 shelves, 90 inch x 9 inch, 4 corner shelves, and 2 peg strips, 16 inches long, with hooks.  Additional customizable shelving is available. 

Lifetime 6446 is Made In The U.S.A.


Disadvantages?  There Are A Couple.

  1. Some owners have experienced water leaks, especially around the double doors.  If the shed is not perfectly square, the doors will not sit perfectly flush with the frame.  Therefore, the addition of some flashing across the top of the doors – or some weather-stripping, will quickly eliminate the leaking issue.  A bead of clear silicone caulk will give a great seal anywhere else in the shed to waterproof it.
  2. The double doors will only open about 3/4 of the way – which is between 130 and 140 degrees.  The hinge placement will not allow them to open a complete 180 degrees and touch the shed walls.  But, that’s not a big thing since you only need to open them over 90 degrees to ensure clearance for the larger equipment stored inside.


Don’t Forget A Foundation

A foundation is essential.  The assembly instructions point out that you will need either a 4 inch thick concrete slab installed or a foundation frame made of treated wood constructed prior to assembling the shed.  But, this is the case with any outdoor storage shed if you want it to be a permanent fixture in your backyard.  Some owners have used patio paver stones as a substitute foundation with tremendous success.

Also consider installing a ramp to make it easier to roll large equipment inside and out.

NOTE:  It is crucial that the foundation be flat and level to ensure proper construction of the Lifetime 6446 shed.  And, don’t forget to anchor the shed to the foundation.  The assembly instructions discuss anchoring on pages 82 and 83.  Anchored correctly, this shed can withstand 70 mph winds easily!


Are You Sold Yet?

Lastly, the Lifetime 6446, with its 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, is a functional storage shed and it looks pretty darn good, too!

After researching this shed and seeing all the exceedingly positive comments from owners, I am convinced that this shed is a best buy due to the high quality, great appearance, and low price compared to similar ones!  Take a look at the Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed and see for yourself.  I’m sure you will approve!

For those of you who are as impressed with this shed as I am but, wish there was a second entrance, here it is.  The one you want.  Other than only having 1 shelf, 90 inches x 9 inches, it has the same features as the Lifetime 6446 shed plus a side entrance double door and 2 additional large skylights.  This Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Dual Entry Storage Shed can be had for only a few hundred dollars more…

Well, there you have it.  These are 2 of the unconditionally finest sheds on the market today!  Please comment below or email me,, and let me know if you agree – or disagree…


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Review

  1. Tanya Reply

    You gave a beautiful description of the shed. I have been looking for one. I particularly like the longer length, as I have a small backyard. It would be helpful to add the approximate costs of paying someone else to do the foundation and put it up. The only thing I really objected to was the wind resistance. For states in hurricane or tornado areas, 70 mph would not be good. What could be done to improve that feature?

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Tanya,

      The Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed really is a phenomenal building!  I, too, was impressed with the size measurements.

      If it is in your budget, it would be well worth your while to have the foundation and shed assembly done by a professional.  Then, you can blame them if it isn’t done correctly.

      Since the Lifetime 6446 is a portable shed, being able to withstand 70 mph winds is top-of-the-line for them.

      But, I understand your concern.  I’ve had my share of hurricane and tornado experience.

      So, you may want to consider a wind screen – or wind break – to help shield the structure.

      Reflect on using natural barriers such as trees or shrubs.

      Think about placing the building near a fence.  Or, install a cement block wall next to it.

      And, you can disguise man-made permanent barriers by using them as trellising for vining plants such as grapes, green beans, and cucumbers.

      Hope I’ve given you some “food for thought.”


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