Mantis Tiller Cultivator 7940 Review

The Mantis Tiller Cultivator 7940

The Mantis Tiller Cultivator 7940 is basically a 4-cycle version of the 2-cycle Mantis 7920, which means that you won’t be mixing oil and gas together.  There is a fuel tank and an oil reservoir on this model.

And, what about the Mantis’ engine?  Well, this sparkler is using a 25cc Honda motor! And, along with Troy-Bilt machines, Honda is just about the most reliable outdoor machinery on the market!

This heavy-duty 7940 comes with most of the same perks as its younger sibling, the 7920.


Advantages Of The Mantis 7940

Lightweight – It tips the scales at less than 25 pounds…making it almost a pleasure to carry around anywhere.

Honda 25cc Engine – You don’t get a much better power equipment engine than this!

Easy To Start – After turning on the switch, located on the handle; 1) prime the bulb 6 to 8 times, 2) put the choke lever on FULL CHOKE…in the “up” position, 3) gently pull the cord out until it offers resistance, 4) then pull the cord sharply, and…BANG-A-DA-BOOM…you’ve got an engine running smoothly.  Let it warm up for a few minutes, push the choke lever to the “down” position, and off you go.  Starting a warm engine is even simpler…just turn on the switch and use steps 3) and 4)…that’s all!

Tilling Width – A respectable 9 inches…and, if the tines are flipped around, this little baby becomes a master weeder, navigating through rows and around plants and clipping off weeds just a few inches below the soil line…with no trouble at all.

Tilling Depth – It will dig down up to an amazing 10 inches into the dirt…which is plenty sufficient to create a loose, loamy soil bed for your plants.

Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7940


Soft, Sure-Grip Handles – These are ergonomically flared handles that are specifically aimed at minimizing fatigue for your body.  The handles also fold down for compact storage.

Mantis 7940 Sure-Grip Handles

Finger Controlled Throttle – Equates to wide-ranging speed control and effortless operation.

Tine Speed – The tines rotate at an acceptable 240 rpm…which is more than enough for even the toughest ground-breaking task.

Warranty – There is a 5 year warranty on the tiller…which includes the Honda engine.  And, the special curved tines are so indestructible that Mantis gives a lifetime warranty for any tines that break…which isn’t very likely!

Kickstand – The kickstand is included to facilitate solid support when the engine is shut off and you’re taking a lemonade break from garden work…or gassing-up the tank.

Mantis 7940 Kickstand


Optional Attachments – There are some great extras that can be had that turn this tiller into a furrower, an aerator, a dethatcher, and edger, or a crevice cleaner.  You can even purchase wheels for it.  Although the kickstand works well, sometimes it is a little less stressful to wheel the tiller from place to place.

Mantis 7940 Furrower AttachmentMantis 7940 Aerator Attachment








Mantis 7940 Dethatcher AttachmentMantis 7940 Border Edger Attachment








Mantis 7940 Crevise Cleaner AttachmentMantis 7940 Wheels Attachment









Disadvantages Of The Mantis 7940

About 30 Minutes For Assembly – Out of the box, there are a number of steps needed to put this tiller together.  They are simple but, involve a bit more time than some other tiller – cultivators.  This video gives a detailed description to make this an uncomplicated and straightforward experience:

Nuts Vibrating Loose – The nuts, especially the acorn nuts on the screw-on knobs, will eventually start to loosen up due to the machine’s vibration.  TIP:  Put a little Loctite on the bolts and…no problem anymore!

Tine Retaining Pin Issue – These pins get worn out over time, loosen up, and pop off.  Mantis needs to replace these with a locking-type spring-loaded pin that will not jump off and get lost in the dirt.  TIP:  In the meantime, keep a few replacement retaining pins on hand because, eventually, you will need one or two.


Not Many Negatives…But A Whole Lot Of Positives!

You will not believe how easy this tiller gets into tight spaces and BOY, does it ever pulverize the dirt!  There is nothing…NOTHING…that this super powerful workhorse won’t do!

Mantis 7940 - A Real Workhorse!

If you want the best of both worlds…no mixing gas and oil…a tiller that can gobble a monster load of dirt and spit it out in a fine, loose texture…then, you want a Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7940!

What do you think?  Comment below or email,, to ask a question or contribute your own tilling experiences.  You will also find other highly interesting reviews on gas tillers and electric tillers at The Perfect Vegetable Garden!


Jim, the Life Long Gardener




8 thoughts on “Mantis Tiller Cultivator 7940 Review

  1. Oscar Peters Reply

    Hey Jim,
    that is a great article. I am a gardener as well and have always looked for a not-so-robust tiller and you just gave me the idea and I can see how this is an effective one. I need to order that for the next season of gardening. The positives of this machine outweigh the negatives by far. Thanks for your advice.

  2. Karden Reply

    I’ve used a Mantis tiller in the past and it was a pleasure to use. It’s very lightweight and easy to handle. Not having to worry about mixing the oil and fuel was a big plus for sure. The fuel tillers are great if you have a large yard and have a lot to do. Since I moved and no longer use the fuel and oil tillers because my garden is small and close to the house. I switched to an electric tiller and it does the job. I do miss being able to move wherever I want without a cord hanging along. Great review Mantis Tillers are a great tool to have for any garden.

    • Jim Reply

      I have to agree with you…Mantis tillers are great machines!

      And, gas is the way to go.

      You never have to worry about 100+ feet of electrical extension cord flopping all over the place and possibly getting chewed up by the tine blades!  And, believe me when I say, “Been there…done that…got the T-shirt…and, the baseball cap!”

      But, like you said, for a small garden, the electric Mantis may be more suitable if you are close enough to an electrical outlet and you can keep your extension cord short…say 40 feet or less.

      You may be interested in some reviews I have posted for some other gas tillers or electric tillers.  Take a look and let me know what you think of them!

      Thanks, for stopping by!


  3. Alan Reply

    My Mantis tiller 4 cycleIt is over heating and then shutting off. I have to wait for it to cool down before it will start again. It had oil in it but I had it’s completely serviced at a certified small engine repair shop. It is still over heating and shutting off. I never had this problem with my Mantis 2 cycle. It stays on for about 4 minutes before it shuts off.

    • Jim Post authorReply

      I’ve had mine for over three years and never did I experience an overheating issue. But, I do regular preventative maintenance on it: 1) check the oil level every day, 2) use quality gas that contains a fuel stabilizer, 3) check the grease level before each season, and 5) keep the tines clean of debris during the tilling/cultivating operation.

      If you are doing all these things and still having a problem, you need to contact Mantis customer support and have them help you fix the problem. They are pretty good at responding to troubleshooting requests.


  4. brett Reply

    Borrowed a mantis 7268. Have a 2 stroke mantis. The four stroke starts so much easier. Runs so smooth. Awesome machine in the right conditions. Anyway, after a couple of minutes of operation decided I’m going to have to buy a four stroke model. His is a 7268. Saw a 7940 online. The only specs I could see different were that the 7940 weighed a few more pounds. do you know the differences of those two models? Thanks.

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Brett,

      The only other difference besides the weight is that the Mantis 7940 comes with the kickstand included. It is optional on the Mantis 7268. I’ve had my Mantis 7940 for a number of years now and it still starts after only a pull or two. It’s a great choice for both tilling and cultivating!


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