Mantis 7920 Tiller-Cultivator Review


The Mantis 7920 Tiller-Cultivator

Do I believe this Mantis 7920 is a great ground muncher?  Of course, I believe it…it’s a Mantis!  This powerful little tiller weighs in at a shade over 20 pounds!  This is the lightest gas tiller on the market today.  Heck…my cat, Tiny, weighs more than 2 of these machines put together!  Of course, Tiny eats a lot!

The Mantis 7920 is feather light!

The Mantis 7920, with its soft, “Sure-Grip” handles, has a “commercial-grade” 2-cycle engine using a push button priming system.  Since this motor is 2-cycle, that means, of course, you will be mixing gas and oil (50:1).

The Mantis 7920 has soft, Sure-Grip Handles.

The handles are principally designed to reduce wrist, arm, back, and shoulder strain which greatly lessens fatigue.  A flush mounted throttle, a palm controlled safety switch, and an infinite speed control are all at your fingertips as you guide this tiller through your garden.

The tilling width is 9 inches, which is a bit narrower than I would like.  However, since it is so light and maneuverable, that makes it super easy to weed between rows and plants.


But…Boy, This Tiller Can Dig!

The tilling depth is adjustable from 2 inches to a whopping 10 inches!  You can even dig a hole with it to plant a tree!  And, that puts this little machine at the top of my gas tiller/cultivator list.

The tines are designed into unique curves that can dig deep into hard soil such as Georgia red clay.  And, these tines are guaranteed for life against breakage.  If a tine breaks, Mantis will replace it for free…no questions asked…even if the tiller is older and uglier than your mother-in-law!

The rest of the Mantis 7920 is covered by a 5-year warranty.

The Mantis 7920 really cuts through the dirt!

Weighing not much more than a case of Coca-Cola, the “light as a feather” Mantis 7920 engine is strategically located directly above the tines.  This positioning is crucial because it adds the downward weight pressure necessary to drive these specially constructed tines a full 10 inches into the un-tilled dirt at a speed of 240 rpm.

Flip the tines around and, instead of digging deep, it will become an incomparable eater of weeds.  No more back-breaking, being down-on-your-knees, and endlessly yanking at the unwanted vegetation to get it away from your precious veggie plants…just whack away at those weeds with the Mantis 7920!


As with every tiller/cultivator, weeds and vines will get wrapped around the shaft and tines periodically.  Save yourself some time.  Remove the cotter pins holding the tines on the shaft and remove the tines one by one on each side to excavate the weed vegetation.  Then replace the tines and cotter pins…and, you’re off to the races again.

If you choose the lazy way and try to poke and pry the tangled mess out without removing the tines, you will stab your hands and, eventually bend or break the tines.  I’ve been there.  And, I’ve done that!

Fold-down handles make it easy to carry back and forth and to store in your garden shed.

Don’t forget that there are many optional attachments that boost this machine’s status making it a multi-tool piece of power equipment.



Everything about this Mantis is an upside!

With one exception…it is a 2-cycle engine…meaning that you must mix gas and oil.  That is really not such a big deal except I lean towards 4-cycle engines in which the gas and oil are in separate compartments.

The cost difference between the Mantis 7920, a 2-cycle engine…and a Mantis 7940, a 4-cycle engine is about $100…give or take a few bucks.  So you have to ask yourself…is it worth an extra $100 to have a 4-cycle engine instead of a 2-cycle engine?

If Your Answer Is NO

Then, you really need to take a much closer look at this amazing Mantis 7920, 2-cycle, tiller-cultivator.

If Your Answer Is YES

Then, head on over to my Mantis 7940 review (coming soon) to see how great the Mantis 4-cycle version really is!

Either way, drop a thought or two in the comments sections or shoot me an email,, if you have a question or a contribution to my gas tiller reviews.


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

4 thoughts on “Mantis 7920 Tiller-Cultivator Review

  1. Tanya Reply

    Your site overall is great for gardening, but this page, in particular, is easy to read, provides images and videos, and has a discussion about the equipment. Your discussion provides a downside I like your use of an alternative tiller/cultivator–either way you have the possibility of a sale. I particularly like your use of women demonstrating the products because it shows that the equipment is light enough. Many women are also avid gardeners.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Tanya,

      My wife loves the Mantis 7920…even though it has a 2-cycle engine (gas/oil mix – 50:1).  She can carry it around as easy as a shovel or rake when she is working in the garden.

      Thanks, for stopping by!


  2. Tanya Reply

    Hi Jim, I am ready to garden after looking at your site and the Mantis. The Mantis certainly makes it look easy. How is it with roots from plants and trees?

    • Jim Post authorReply

      You are so right, Tanya!

      The Mantis 7920 does make it look straightforward and trouble-free! It can chomp pretty well on soft roots of plants and small, developing trees. But, stay away from big tree roots! Even the super heavy duty rear-tine tillers are not that capable.

      There are a number of other cultivators that may interest you, too…on my main gas tiller review page. If you have a power source close to your garden, then one of the tillers on my electric tiller review page might be suitable for you.



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