A Palram Greenhouse Review – The Balance Hobby HG6112G


The Balance Hobby HG6112G – A Great Palram Greenhouse

Palram Balance Hobby Greenhouse HG6112G


This Palram greenhouse is 12 foot long and 8 foot wide to give you 96 square feet of growing space. Headroom at the peak is 7.5 feet.




Palram HG6112G internal structural support.


It has a rust-resistant, powder-coated, forest green aluminum frame…complete with internal structural support beams…to provide additional strength and stability for resisting strong winds and heavy snow loads.




Palram HG6112G galvanized steel base.

The frame sits on a solid, galvanized steel base.

NOTE: It is imperative that the steel base sits on an even level surface…to keep it level and square. If you neglect this important point, the panels will not fit correctly and tightly. A few customers complained that the structure was flimsy and the panels were loose…making noise when the weather was windy. I can guarantee you that the customers who experienced these issues most likely neglected this note!


Palram HG6112G two types of panels.

This Palram HG6112G has two types of polycarbonate panels that are flexible, shock resistant, and practically indestructible:

  • The 4 millimeter double-wall roof panels shield plants from excessive direct sunlight exposure by diffusion…additionally blocking 100% of the ultraviolet rays.
  • The clear wall panels supply greater than 90% transmission of sunlight exposure.


Palram HG6112G two adjustable roof vents.



Two adjustable roof vents permit a free flow of air to control temperature and moisture.




Palram HG6112G double doors.Palram HG6112G lockable door handle.






The double doors have oversized hinges, a magnetic door catch, and…a lockable door handle.


Palram HG6112G built-in rain gutters.

There are built-in rain gutters making it easy to set up a water collection system using rain barrels.


Assembly Hints

Palram HG6112G panels slide into place.

Assembly is simple and easy…and the polycarbonate panels just slide into place.

Build this greenhouse on a calm day. A windy day will raise havoc while you are trying to connect parts and lining up holes…not to mention sliding the polycarbonate panels into place.

Familiarize yourself completely with all of the parts AND the assembly procedures BEFORE starting to put this together. Organize all parts. Identify parts not marked. Anticipate possible problems…and any additional tasks that you will need to prepare for each step. It will definitely make everything easier and more pleasant…especially, if you can find a few volunteers to assist.

Keep the screws and nuts a little loose until the greenhouse is completely erected and the panels are in place. A little wiggle room always helps when you get down to the final parts (i.e. the polycarbonate panels, at least). Your last and final step will be to methodically tighten all the screws. Also, add a bit of Loctite to the screws as you tighten them. Wind has a habit of slowly loosening screws and the Loctite will help to prevent it!

A little weather-stripping around the roof vents will add a better seal when they are closed.

For a more stable greenhouse, use U-posts…at least at the corners and, maybe, several in the middle of each closed side . This is especially helpful if you live in an area known for occasional high winds.

Apply a small bead of clear silicone caulk where the frame and the panels meet. This increases waterproofing and keeps panels from shaking when it is windy. It will also help prevent dirt and algae build-up on the double-walled roof panels.

Every so often, clean the panels with a disinfectant specially designed as a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide for cleaning polycarbonate, such as Physan 20. Physan 20 is also used to clean and disinfect a host of other outdoor items. If dirt and algae build up too much, remove the panels and flush them out.

When the polycarbonate panels are clean and dry after using Physan 20, put on a coat of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant. The 303 will renew the ultraviolet protection and give the panels a brighter and newer look. IMPORTANT: Follow the directions on the label.

Keeping the greenhouse panels clean and fresh looking will add life to the panels but, eventually, there will come a time to replace one or more of them. Thus, it behooves you to have some polycarbonate sheets readily available to change out any panels that may have become dysfunctional.

Plus…don’t forget to have a handy infrared heater because, you don’t want your plants to freeze on an extra cold winter day or night!

Palram offers a 5-year limited warranty on this excellent purchase!



As with other greenhouse complaints from consumers, the main concern on this one is basically stability and the short life of the polycarbonate panels. However, this is hogwash. Because, if this greenhouse is assembled accurately and you follow through on the “Assembly Hints” I’ve listed, the Palram Balance Hobby Greenhouse HG6112G will give you more enjoyable growing seasons than you care to imagine!

If the size fits, then this baby is a good choice!

Comment below or shoot me an email, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com, to tell me what you think!


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “A Palram Greenhouse Review – The Balance Hobby HG6112G

  1. christopher Reply

    I have been thinking about getting a greenhouse on the south side of my yard, as we have a huge open area. I realize it is a big project financially, but I feel that something this size would be a good fit.

    I like how you explain the somewhat obvious that most would overlook-becoming familiar with the parts and to not assemble on a windy day.

    I also like how there are built in rain gutters, really awesome!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Christopher,

      You are right.  This greenhouse will fit just about any backyard and provide years of growing pleasure.  Getting familiar with the parts and assembly process, as well as remembering that wind is NOT your friend on construction day is a no-brainer!

      And, make good use of those rain gutters by adding a couple of barrels to collect the water runoff.


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