Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse Review – Silver 701525

Palram Silver Snap and Grow Greenhouse 701525

The Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse – Silver 701525

Are You Serious About Gardening?  Do you yearn for a greenhouse that can meet all your expectations for starting spring seedlings?  Would reaping late fall, mid-winter, and early spring crops satisfy your plant-growing thirst?  Then, look no further than this Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse!

Palram Silver Snap and Grow Greenhouse 701525


The Palram Silver Snap and Grow Greenhouse 701525 is the answer you are looking for!

At 20.1 feet long and 8.2 feet wide, this Snap and Grow greenhouse will give you over 164 square feet of space to grow anything your heart desires…with enough headroom (8.5 feet) to either hang up some plants or to jump up and down for joy about having this precious jewel nestled in your backyard.


And, It’s Extendable!

This greenhouse is modular which means adding length to it is possible just by snapping together 4 feet extension sections!


Palram’s patented Smart-Lock technology.

 The frame is rust and corrosion resistant, reinforced, heavy gauge aluminum…and employs Palram’s patented Smart-LockTM connecting system allowing for quick and easy setup.  The base is galvanized steel.

There are no screws in this frame assembly!  It is truly “snap and grow!”  Follow the easy-to-understand directions and this becomes an exceptionally easy greenhouse to erect.  But, make it completely effortless…and get a couple of friends to lend a hand.

It is also just as easy to disassemble the greenhouse due to the Smart-LockTM technology…making it simple to move the greenhouse to another location or, to add extensions at any time.


Palram's polycarbonate panels just slide into place.


Crystal clear polycarbonate panels provide 100% shielding against UV rays…but allow for over 90% diffused light transmission…so ALL plants inside this amazing structure will benefit.  These panels are impact resistant, flexible, and darn near unbreakable.  They will not stain, fracture, or get smashed to smithereens.  Plus, these panels just slide willingly into their assigned spot in the frame.


The extra-wide (45+ inches) double doors and the 4 roof vent windows come pre-assembled.  There is a low threshold to minimize the chances of tripping on the frame when going in and out of the greenhouse.

Palram's built-in rain gutters.

Rain gutters are built in so you can take advantage of using rain barrels to collect water for irrigation.

There are 4 adjustable roof vents.

Adjustable roof vents, 4 of them, regulate heat and humidity.


Some Personal Observations

As with all greenhouses with strong frames and polycarbonate panels, it is a MUST to have it placed on a 100% level and square surface.  And, for cryin’ out loud…build it on a calm and dry day!

Add some U-posts to increase immovability on extra windy days.

Though this Snap and Grow has a silver frame, you can also get it in forest green if you would like it to blend in more to your backyard environment.

There are several reports that the roof vents do not completely seal and are not water tight.  Simply add some weather stripping and…problem solved.

Apply some clear silicone caulk where the frame meets the panels for more waterproofing and less panel vibration during windy days.

To clean the algae and mold off the polycarbonate panels, Physan 20, a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide is the ticket.

Rejuvenate the UV protection of the polycarbonate with a coat of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant.  This product will make the panels look just as new as the day you got them.  Don’t forget to religiously follow the label directions.

If you feel the need to have a few polycarbonate panel replacements for those sections that may get too scratched or dirty beyond hope, these polycarbonate sheets are a great investment.

Take a look at my infrared heater review.  This little warmer-upper will keep your plants cozy on the coldest days and nights!


I Know That I Am Sold!

The Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse can withstand weather extremes and provide many years of gardening delight.

A number of additional accessories are available to supplement and gratify any gardener’s wishes.  It is important to note that, due to the unique framing system, shelving can be placed anywhere inside the greenhouse.

Customers who have purchased the Palram Silver Snap and Grow Greenhouse 701525 constantly refer to it as the Best of the Best.  So, now, wouldn’t you like to own a greenhouse like that?

I just can’t imagine another greenhouse with the potential that this one has.  It is sturdy, will last for years to come, and you can make it bigger and bigger as your garden grows!  Offer your thoughts below or email me:


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

4 thoughts on “Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse Review – Silver 701525

  1. Sam Reply

    I live in Ottawa, Canada and we have all 4 seasons where winter can be brutally cold. I love the idea of having a greenhouse to grow all year long but wanted to know if it is possible to use this greenhouse in cold conditions. I would think that the important thing would be to have some sort of heating system due to the cold weather. The other thing is that we can get a lot of snow which can cover the roof and would need to be cleaned for the sun. I am sure there are heating sources to defrost the roof so that there snow will not build up. Do you recommend this greenhouse in cold places or is it just meant for certain areas? You have mentioned that the Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse can withstand weather extremes. If this is not the right type of greenhouse, are there others that you recommend?

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Sam,

      As with any greenhouse, additional preparation is needed to insure your plants don’t get frostbite!

      This Snap and Grow greenhouse offers enough protection for moderately cold winters with only the use of an effective heater, like the infrared heater I have reviewed.

      In an area like yours where extreme cold temperatures are likely, there are a few inexpensive aids you can utilize to help the Snap and Grow protect your veggies:

      First, place some insulation on the floor and lay a surface covering such as plywood over it. Caulk all interfaces between the frame and panels to make the greenhouse airtight.

      Second, attach some bubble wrap (large bubbles, if possible) to the side panels with the bubbles facing outward. This will greatly minimize heat loss.

      Third, use several infrared heaters to fight back the excessively extreme cold temperatures. Combined with the floor insulation, the bubble wrap, and the caulking, a couple of heaters will be able to protect your plants.

      And, after a big snowfall, get out the push broom and knock that snow off your greenhouse roof!

      Happy gardening!


  2. angie Reply

    This is quite the greenhouse! I love the fact that it just snaps together like it does. I also like that you can choose the forest green color for the frame. And you’re right about applying weather stripping to the roof vents to seal it. A person should probably do that anyway just for extra precaution. I also read the tips you gave to Sam about the cold, and you had some very good suggestions.
    Someday I may have the room for a greenhouse.
    Thank you for sharing this Jim.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Angie,

      I’m glad you liked this greenhouse!  It is definitely my current favorite in this price range.

      Of course, you don’t really have to start out with this 20 foot long version.  You can purchase a smaller Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse…which is 8+ feet long by 6+ feet wide which gives you 53 square feet of growing room.  Then, you can add 4 feet extensions to it whenever you feel the need!

      I try to add as many helpful tips to my reviews as possible.  Maybe it will prevent my readers from enduring the pitfalls that my neighbors and I have experienced!


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