Patriot Products Wood Chipper Shredder CSV-2515 Review


Presenting – The Electric Patriot Products Wood Chipper Shredder

The Patriot Products Wood Chipper Shredder, Model CSV-2515, is unquestionably the top-of-the-line for electric wood chipper shredders – and, as such, it deserves a top rating of “five thumbs up” from yours truly – Jim, the Lifelong Gardener!

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The limb chute can chip up to 2.5 inch diameter tree branches with ease – turning them into coin sized chunks.

The hopper can shred tons and tons of various types of yard debris – leaves, grass clippings, bush trimmings, etc. – in the blink of an eye.  This baby can even shred bamboo, pine cones, and pine needles, which can’t be accomplished with lower end electric models without jamming up the blades!  Got some cardboard you want to get rid of?  Stick it into the hopper – no problem!

The key to chipping and shredding, though, is to keep the material as dry as possible.  If you do have some wet stuff, add it a little at a time along with mostly dry materials.  It will keep the blades from getting clogged up.  However, even if you do get a clog, just unplug it and hose out the chomping chamber.


The Upsides

Since it is electric, there are no worries with messing around with gas or oil – or the typical bouts of hard starting that can be prevalent with gas models.  Just flip the switch and off you go!

Also, it is “loads of decibels” quieter than any gas model.  Your neighbors will most likely never know you have one – thus, they won’t be paying you a visit to borrow it.

Since there are no carbon monoxide vapors – which occur in gas burning engines – you can operate this chipper shredder in your basement – or garage – or storage shed – or any other place you prefer.  You just need a nearby 110 volt outlet – and an extension cord rated at 14 amps.

Weighing in at only 95 pounds, the CSV-2515 boasts extra large wheels for easy transport to any spot you need it.

Included is a standard sized collection bag for convenient distribution of finely chopped mulch to areas of your garden or flower bed.

The standard 2 year warranty is automatically increased to a 3 year warranty when you purchase the Patriot Products 100 foot extension cord at the same time as the CSV-2515 Chipper Shredder.


Some Amazing Optional Accessories Are Available

Patriot Products 100 foot extension cord

Patriot Products 100 foot extension cord – is the perfect complement to this chipper shredder.  Common complaints for electric wood chippers are thermal and circuit overloads causing the circuit breakers to trip.  These issues are significantly reduced by using this premium, long-lasting extension cord.  And, as a bonus, you get an extra year on your chipper warranty when purchasing the extension cord and chipper together.  A nice feature is that the cord’s plug glows to show that the cord has power.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to run back to the electrical outlet because I forgot to plug in the extension cord!


Patriot Products Chipper BuddyPatriot Products Jumbo Collection BagPatriot Products Gator Grabber









Patriot Products Chipper Buddy – gives you an easy and safe approach to clearing debris from the shredder hopper.  And, its distinctive contour prevents it from banging into the chipper blades.

Patriot Products Jumbo Collection Bag – will hold twice as much chipped and shredded yard waste as the standard collection bag that is included with the CSV-2515.

Patriot Products Gator Grabber – has gator-style teeth and extendable handles that will save you a lot of back aches when picking up piles of leaves and stuffing them into the hopper – you won’t be bending over all the time.  This tool can even pick up firewood logs!

A Side Note:  Patriot Products supplies an Allen wrench for removing the chipping knives inside the limb cone.  Before you break down and buy new knives to replace ones that get too dull, use a Dremel tool and lightly put a sharp 30 degree edge back on them.  The knives can be sharpened quite a few times before you have to bite the bullet and order new replacements.  If the top hopper’s shredding Y-hammers get too dull, they will need to be replaced.

Dremel 3000-1/25 120-volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

The Downside

Here are a couple of issues reported by customers:

“Wet leaves and green branches can clog it up.”  Well, of course they will.  If you try to chip or shred wet stuff, it will stick to the blades and build up – that is common sense.  So, if you don’t have time to dry it out first, put a load of wet items through the machine and follow up with a couple of loads of dry material to clean off the blades.  Pretty simple, huh?  And, if you do get a clog, unplug it and hose it out.

NOTE:  The CSV-2515 can also get clogged if you let the collection bag get too full.  Just keep an eye on it and empty it before that happens.

“Branches cannot be fed through the hopper.”  That is why there is a limb chute.  The limb chute is where the branches are supposed to go.  Duh!

“Irregular ‘Y’ branches can be difficult to feed through the limb chute.”  This is true with all wood chipper shredders.  If the “Y” is too wide, you will have to break it off to feed it into the chipper.

“This chipper pops the circuit breaker a lot.”  That’s an easy fix.  Listen to the motor.  When you put too much into the hopper or a long, thick limb into the limb chute, you may hear the motor starting to slow down – which means it may be close to jamming up.  When that happens, pull the waste material out a little and listen for the motor to speed back up again.  And, you can go on your merry way – a chippin’ and a shreddin’!


Quotes From CSV-2515 Owners

“Overall a well built machine for home use. I would recommend it.”

“I’ve been using my Patriot chipper/shredder for about 3 years now and am very impressed with the quality. It’s nice to see good old American Made products made with high-quality standards.”

“I highly recommend this chipper/shredder for fairly heavy home use.”

“The CSV-2515 is extremely convenient to use, exceptionally well built and has all the power you will ever need!”

“I have been saving the chips I made from my apple trees because they work great in my smoker.”

“Other electric wood chipper shredders are not even in the same league with this one!”

“I usually don’t review products online but, this chipper is so great I had to say something!  I have run a lot of branches and leaves through it and it never falters.  I just have to remember to feed stuff slowly to keep it from jamming up.”

“I love my chipper and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about recycling their yard waste.”

“The CSV-2515 is the best investment I’ve made for my home and garden for many years!”


Are You Impressed?

I know I am!  That’s for sure!  This is exactly what every gardener or home owner needs to save money on mulch and keep their yard cleared.

Don’t wait!  Strike while the iron is hot!  The Patriot Products CSV-2515 Wood Chipper Shredder is only a click away!

You can’t go wrong with this chipper shredder.  And, don’t forget about some of those amazing optional accessories I’ve listed!  They go with the CSV-2515 like peas and carrots!

See Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews for more outstanding and affordable equipment.  And, don’t forget to leave some thoughts below or shoot me an email at:




2 thoughts on “Patriot Products Wood Chipper Shredder CSV-2515 Review

  1. Jill Reply

    As an avid gardener, it was such a lovely surprise for me to find this post on Patriot products especially reviewing the wood chipper and shredder.

    I found really good advice about what to put into the shredder and now know what I have been doing wrong. Putting wet material and not mixing this with the dry which would have prevented the clogging which was such a bind.

    The Patriot Wood Chipper Shredder sounds like a good option as it is light weight so easy on the back and has so many great optional accessories which will also make it a lot easier to use.

    It was interesting and helpful to read the quotes from users.

    This shredder sounds like a good deal all round.

    Thank you for all this valuable information.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Jill,

      I’m glad you liked the Patriot Products CSV-2515 Wood Chipper Shredder!

      It’s definitely a good trick to remember that wet wood can be chipped as long as you add it a little at a time to a bunch of dry wood.  Then, you’ll have a clog-free chipping experience.

      You may be interested in looking at some other options listed on my page, Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews.


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