The Perfect Vegetable Garden

Do You Want The Perfect Vegetable Garden?

I mean – really – the absolutely most perfect vegetable garden?  Then, the information provided throughout this website will help every gardener from the beginner, who has never even germinated a seed, to the highly experienced, who has grown just about everything imaginable.  You will find a plethora of useful information about growing tasty, healthy vegetables and herbs, both indoors and outdoors, in a backyard garden plot, a raised garden, or in containers.

People have asked me why I put so many hours of time and effort into growing my own food when I can just head to the local grocery store for all the produce I could ever want?


My Answer?

Compare a tomato or a cucumber that you buy from the grocery store…

Vegetable produce in a grocery store

…to a tomato or cucumber that you freshly picked from a home backyard garden.

Vegetables from a home backyard garden


There Is No Comparison!

Bite into the store-bought veggie.  The taste is very subtle…just barely enough flavor to recognize what it is.  Then, bite into one that came directly from a home garden and all of your taste buds come alive.  Your mouth tingles and, you experience the true succulent, sweet, juicy flavor that the vegetable can truly offer you.


The Reason?

Commercial produce growers pick their crops BEFORE they are ripe and, then ship them to the grocery store warehouse for redistribution.

Commercial produce grower


This supply chain can take up to a week, so the vegetables will begin to show the “color of ripeness” by the time they reach the produce section of your store.



But, they are NOT ripe and they do not have the true flavor produced by allowing the vegetables to continually feed from the plant and ripen naturally.

Additionally, store-bought produce is usually sprayed with chemicals to look healthier and shinier and, to keep them from spoiling.  Do you really want to put these chemicals into your body?


No Contest!

Garden vegetables win every time!  And to grow them yourself…in your own garden?  Words cannot express how ecstatic and proud you will be, knowing that you accomplished what seemed like a herculean feat with your own hands!


So, Let’s Get Started

First, look at the overview of the basics of planting healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Then immerse yourself in the details of growing the many plants covered.  Don’t forget to check out the posts about the many detailed aspects of backyard gardening such as soil testing, tilling, mulching, germinating, transplanting, companion planting, trellises, and so…so much more!

Before long, you will have the confidence to produce the best…the tastiest…the healthiest vegetables on your block!

If you can’t find what you are looking for within these pages, let me know in the comments section or by email:  And, I will respond forthwith!


Go get ‘em!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Vegetable Garden

  1. Robert Reply

    Really enjoyed your page, particularly P.L.A.N.T. which is such a great way to introduce Gardening.

    As an avid gardener your introduction was very alluring and hope that many will join visiting your site to get nuggets of gardening tips to realize how rich of an experience it is.

    Thanks for the entry into your garden.

    • Jim Reply

      Glad you liked P.L.A.N.T., Robert! I didn’t like it much growing up but, I heard it incessantly from my Dad. And, it seems to be paying off.

      There are many things discussed on my gardening website, including some great product reviews. And, I’m putting together more reviews, articles and vegetable pages for the near future…so, check back periodically and see for yourself!


  2. Margaret Musembwa Reply

    You have done a great job, Jim. I love your site, I could stay here for hours. I am in health and nutrition, with an interest in gardening. You have a lot to offer.
    I am just building my website but I hope to visit again when my site is complete.

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Margaret,

      I’m very glad that you enjoyed visiting my gardening website! Believe it or not, I stay on the site myself for hours. 🙂

      There are additional pages and posts in the making so stop by occasionally for more helpful information.

      Take care and good luck with building your website!


  3. Tammy Smith Reply

    Hi Jim – great site! My husband and I are moving to Belize in the next few months – we have 20+ acres there and so far, we’ve planted 7 acres in various fruit and nut trees. We’re pretty passionate about gardening, so plan to have a large one – enough to feed the entire village! Have you ever had any experience in gardening in the Caribbean? And if you have, or if you can recommend any books on the subject, we’d love that! The greenhouse I feel will be a good idea for us, because there can be a lot of rain that would ruin the tender veg like tomatoes, so I’ll bookmark this and come back to it closer to our move!

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi Tammy,

      Even though I have not personally gardened in the Caribbean, I know that temperatures are ideal for year-round gardening! And, you can grow just about anything…at any time…that flourishes in the southern United States. My goodness…the average annual temperature in Belize is 79 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus a few degrees depending upon the season you are technically experiencing. It’s a gardener’s dream environment (except for the enormous amounts of rain).

      Since I do not know where you are located in Belize, I can give you some basic ideas for vegetable growing choices…

      From May to October, I suggest concentration on heat-loving plants such as corn, tomatoes, okra, and squashes (i.e. cucumbers, zucchini, etc.).

      For the slightly cooler months, a focus on cooler climate veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, etc., may be wise.

      You most assuredly may want to take a look at some of the greenhouses I am reviewing. With average annual rainfalls of 60 inches in the north and a whopping 160 inches in the south, your poor little plants could drown without greenhouse protection.

      Let me know if I can help you with any other concerns you may have about growing healthy vegetables for your Belize community!

      A final thought…English is the main language there…but, I hope you are brushing up on your Spanish and Belizean Creole. 🙂


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