Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor Model PP155G42 Review

The Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor PP155G42

The Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor PP155G42 is an economical solution to light hauling and mowing an acre or less of lawn.


What Is Encouraging?

Poulan Pro PP155G42

This little tractor sports a 15.5 HP Overhead Valve (OHV) Briggs and Stratton engine…and, Briggs and Stratton is very reliable, trustworthy, and powerful for its size.

Maximum forward speed is 5.2 mph, which is totally up to standard.

The 42 inch, vented cutting deck lift is spring assisted to make it easy to adjust the cutting height from 1.5 to 4 inches using 6 different positions.  The venting allows air to be drawn into the cutting area which helps a lot when mowing taller grass.

Three options are available to bag, mulch, or side discharge grass clippings.

The tires are a suitable size with the rear tires being 20 inches in diameter and the front tires at 15 inches in diameter.

The PP155G42 has an oscillating front axle, which means that, if one of the front wheels is higher than the other, the lower wheel will still contact the ground.  Without this feature, the lower wheel will lift up…making the tractor unstable.  This aspect is a great help to achieve a level cut or a smoother ride on rough, uneven terrain especially where muddy conditions may be present.  What’s more, chances are that the tractor won’t get stuck as easy either.

This compact tractor has a 16 inch turn radius just like the more costly garden machines offered by Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, and Troy-Bilt.

Furthermore, like its competitors, it has a feature allowing reverse mowing, which is a “must have.”  It is sometimes necessary to mow back across grass that may be bending away from the cutting blades to ensure a clean cut so, this is a great attribute!

What mower is complete without a built-in cup holder to keep your cold ones close at hand?  Too bad it doesn’t have an extra bin to ice down a backup cold one.  (I’m just kidding.)

All Poulon Pro riding tractors have the ability to attach both front and rear mounted accessories to them such as trailers, dump carts, dethatchers, aerators, brooms, rollers, graders, spreaders, snow blades, snow throwers, etc.  This gives you the versatility to use them year round.

A 2 year warranty rounds out the package which is fairly standard for garden tractors.


What Is Not So Encouraging In My Opinion?

Where do I start?

Poulan Pro PP155G42 6 speed manual transmissionPoulan Pro PP155G42 riding area is a tight fit.







Let’s start with the transmission.  It’s a 6 speed manual transmission.  And, if you have read Garden Tractor Reviews, you already know that they are slow-moving and not easy to slow down when coming up on obstructions.

Rear speed creeps along like a turtle topping out at a measly 1.3 mph.  I can push a lawn and garden tractor faster than that!

The riding area is a tight fit for most folks.  Even though Poulon Pro touts a “wide step through chassis for easier mounting and dismounting”, there is not enough room for a normal size person to just slide into the seat.  You will have to throw a leg over and mount it like a horse to keep from bumping into the steering wheel…which is very close to the seat.

There is a 9 inch low back seat and, I, for one, really need a high back seat to be comfortable and give me more back support during an hour or two of mowing or yard work.  I’m just not as young as I used to be…

There is no port to attach a hose for washing the cutting deck’s blades and undercarriage.  How much extra money would it cost to have this option?  Not much I’d say!  But, I digress…

Also, the cutting deck is not powder coated to help resist corrosion so, you better jack up the tractor religiously after each cut and spray off the underside.  I would definitely buy a can of automotive rustproofing spray to help protect the undercarriage of this deck!


With All That Being Said…

It was rather surprising to find a lot of people who love the PP155G42 tractor.  Some find it irresistible beyond a doubt!  They say, “This is everything I ever wanted in a lawn tractor.”

Maybe it’s because the tractor actually does do a consistently good quality job mowing even with all the criticisms I laid out.

If you are on a tight budget and, if you are not overly concerned with my “not so encouraging” downsides, I’m sure the affordable Poulon Pro PP155G42 tractor is right up your alley.  This is a very, very low priced tractor!

Poulon Pro makes some great outdoor power tools!  I have my share of them!  So, do you think I was too hard on this tractor?  Maybe I’m just spoiled by the extra comforts and perks of the high end models.  Comment below or email me, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com, if you’ve a mind to.


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


2 thoughts on “Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor Model PP155G42 Review

  1. Brendon Reply

    The Poulan Pro PP155G42 sounds like a great riding mower. Your review has definitely covered everything i need to know about this rider.
    i really like the fact that it has a 6 speed transmission. that would come in handy as my daughter likes to cut the lawn but she also likes to go a bit slower than i do!

    this would allow her to find a speed she is comfortable with, and maybe i won’t have to cut the grass anymore!

    • Jim Reply

      You’re right, Brendon.  The PP155G42 is a great little tractor.  And, maybe, with the 6 speed transmission you can convince your daughter to cut your grass while you sip a cold one while supervising her from the rocking chair on the front porch.

      Now, isn’t that a pretty picture!

      There are some other good ones found on my Garden Tractor Reviews page that might be worth reading about also that may be “daughter ready.”


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