Snapper SPX 2342 Review

The Snapper SPX 2342

Snapper’s SPX 2342 Series tractor has a lot of the features of much more expensive garden tractors without the super high price tag.

Snapper SPX 23/42

Snapper SPX Virtues

Snapper SPX 23/42 14" turning radius


The turning radius is the tightest in its class at an almost microscopic 14 inches.  This maneuver friendly radius can get you closer to the trees when mowing around them or the ability to move a trailer load through a labyrinth of severely small paths.


A cast iron front axle adds superior strength in contrast to the low end models that have steel axles.  Cast iron axles can take more punishment and handle heavier loads when hauling.  Typically, there is less wear and tear plus a lot less vibration, as well as a higher resistance to deterioration.

The power punching 23 HP professional grade Briggs and Stratton OHV V-Twin motor is engineered for low maintenance and years of performance perfection.  I love a Briggs and Stratton engine!

Plan on being able to cut up to at least 2 acres of grass, weeds, or baby pine trees in no time flat!  This baby will tear through it with ease.

Another standard addition is the hydrostatic transmission in which both forward and reverse are controlled by foot pedals.  Take my word for it…a hydrostatic transmission is a must have!  Read why on my page, Garden Tractor Reviews.  It is less maintenance and longer lasting than manual or automatic transmissions.  In addition, having convenient access to cruise control on the dash makes this perk complete.

Add in a 42 inch wide cutting width, using 3 blades, under a solid, fabricated 12 gauge steel mower deck and you have just the workhorse you need for all types of terrain.

Setting 7 different heights for cutting the grass from 1.5 to 4 inches is a breeze with the lever mounted on the right side.  Smooth and even trimming is accomplished without difficulty on flat or bumpy ground.

The seat is a 15 inch mid back which isn’t bad.  Even though I prefer a high back seat, this one will still support my tired old back…which is more than I can say with some tractors that have a short, low back seat.  Ouch!

More leg room and foot space!  Since the steering wheel is positioned at a steeper angle, it is a breeze sliding into the seat without having to squeeze in or bump your knee in the process.  Moreover, it’s nice to have a large surface for my clodhoppers…to keep them resting comfortably.

Thank goodness for the cup holder to hold my favorite cold beverage.  I won’t get into which beverage is my favorite but, suffice it to say that, my preferred beverage goes down real smooth on a hot day… instantaneously quenching my thirst.  Behind the cup holder is a small bin that could be used to ice down an additional “favorite beverage” in case of a bonus need for liquids on an extra hot day doing outside work.

Snapper SPX 23/42 LED headlights


LED headlights have been designed for longer life than any other options.  It is very rare to find tractor headlights that are still of an incandescent variety.  I think that boat has sailed.


A Few SPX Weaknesses

Hard to start has been a one of the criticisms from a few owners…but, I came to find out that the responsible parties were using gasoline with an ethanol level higher than 10%.  They can’t do that!  These Snapper tractors, with their Briggs and Stratton engines, will hum right along on regular gas, at least 85 octane, but you can’t use high ethanol gas.  You may just be asking for trouble by causing some serious engine issues.

There is no hour meter but, Snapper plans are in the works for the possibility of adding a meter in the near future.  In the meantime, one can be added quite simply.  Just contact a nearby Snapper service center and they can walk you through the installation.

You won’t be dissatisfied with a Snapper SPX 23/42 garden tractor!  This great addition to your lawn and garden shed is comfortable, unproblematic, cost-effective, trustworthy, and loyal…just like man’s best friend.

I’d like to hear from some Snapper friends with SPX experience.  What do you like most about them?  What don’t you like?  Comment below or email me:


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

4 thoughts on “Snapper SPX 2342 Review

  1. Shelli Thomas Reply

    Great and thorough review! We had a lawn tractor growing up, but it was nothing like this bad boy. This is going to be on my list of must-haves. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! It really helps to read the experiences and thoughts of others, when considering an investment like this. I appreciate it!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Shelli,

      I’m glad you liked the Snapper SPX 23/42 tractor.  It really is a mean monster of a tractor, isn’t it?

      There are some other excellent tractor choices to be found on my Garden Tractor Reviews page.  Check it out and let me know what you think!


  2. reva m ames Reply

    can you put a plow on front to use for snow or use it to put in logs in nback of a little trailer to pull
    is it durable enouogh for that thnaks

    • Jim Post authorReply

      You can definitely pull a trailer – like the Gorilla series – and haul anything as long as it is within the weight limitations of the trailer.

      But, a snow plow attachment would cost you over $700 – and, would seriously shorten the life of your Snapper tractor-mower.

      You’d be better off buying a quality snow blower.


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