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Why Should You Read These Soaker Hose Reviews?

Soaker hoses are a must!  Especially, if you water your garden in the evening.  I have tried a plethora of different brands of soaker hoses and, after putting together these soaker hose reviews, I have settled on the Miracle Gro and Apex hoses for durability and effectiveness.

A soaker hose works by allowing water to slowly seep through pores in the hose walls into the ground around your veggie plants.  This is a very important method of watering…because, it helps keep the leaves dry by directing water at the base of the plant.  And, plants do not like their leaves to get wet…it causes all kinds of problems.

I like a customizable soaker hose that give a fairly even distribution of water throughout the length of the system.  That is why I chose the following products by Miracle Gro and Apex.  They completely satisfy my “soaker needs.”

Miracle Gro MGSPA38100FM Premium Bulk Soaker Hose Kit with EZ Connect Fittings, 100-Foot x 3/8 Inch

Miracle Gro MGSPA38100FM Premium Bulk Soaker Hose Kit


This Miracle Gro Hose Kit is an astounding soaker hose system, complete with all the fittings, and a hundred foot of hose, to customize the watering of your garden.

Included in the kit:

  • 100 feet of soaker hose, 3/8 inch inside diameter.
  • 18 Friction Fit connectors (4 male connectors with caps, 4 female connectors, 2 “T” connectors, 4 feeders, and 4 plugs). The connectors just push into the hose…that’s it!




With just a pair of scissors, you can cut and install this system in many different ways throughout your garden.  The hoses are lightweight so, no worries about damaging fragile plants.

Once the soaker hose is in place, throw some mulch over it to help keep the moisture in the soil…you’ll never know it’s there.  It will be the unseen contributor to your gardening success!

The leak rate for the Miracle Gro Hose Kit is about 1/2 to 1 gallon-per-foot-per-hour.


The super-simple design of this kit, along with the detailed instructions makes this straightforward enough that even I am able to get it up and running!

This sure beats dragging around a heavy garden hose and, it’s better for your plants!

Downside:  The only disadvantage is…if you plan to hook this kit to your outside spigot, keep the water faucet on a very, very low pressure setting.  Every soaker hose will fail by bursting or popping their fittings if the water pressure is too high.  That is why the best option is to marry soaker hoses with rain barrels.  So, check out the rain barrels, discussed towards the end of this review.

This Miracle Gro kit comes with a 7-year warranty to ensure care-free performance for years to come.

I really want to see more about the Miracle Gro Premium Bulk Soaker Hose Kit with EZ Connect Fittings, 100-Foot x 3/8 Inch.


Miracle Gro MGSPA38050CC Premium Soaker Hose with Fittings, 50-Foot x 3/8 Inch

Miracle Gro MGSPA38050CC Premium Soaker Hose with Fittings, 50-Foot x 3/8 Inch


For small gardens, the Miracle Gro 50-foot version may be enough for you.  It is a bit scaled down from the hose kit above…with only 4 connectors (2 male connectors with caps and 2 female connectors).

Downside:  See the downside for the Miracle Gro 100-foot Hose Kit.  The disadvantage for this kit is the same.

This kit also comes with a 7-year warranty.

Please give me more details, current pricing, and reviews about the Miracle Gro Premium Soaker Hose with Fittings, 50-Foot x 3/8 Inch.


Apex 1030-100 Soil Soaking Hose, 100-Feet

The Apex 1030-100 Soaker Hose is a ground-breaking advancement in soaker hose technology because, it is a vinyl soaker hose!

Apex 1030-100 Soaker Hose

The vinyl gives the soaker hose a softness and elasticity that you can’t get from other soaker hoses.  Plus, it won’t tangle or crimp near as easily.  And, you no longer have to worry about dirt and mulch clogging up the hose, which is a common occurrence with non-vinyl soaker hoses.

Apex soaker hoses work best between 40 to 45 psi but, I still like to keep mine at 25 psi or below.  The flow rate on a 50 foot hose is about a half gallon a minute.

I personally have both the 100-feet and the 50-feet versions and that allows me all the flexibility I need when laying out my garden.

Made in the U.S.A.

I recommend that you take a closer look at the Apex 1030-100 Soil Soaking Hose, 100-Feet.

These reviews for soaker hoses prove how important they are for a successful garden.

But, choose wisely!

Are you using soaker hoses…or, are you getting your exercise by walking around with a garden hose spraying your plants?  Leave a comment or send me an email:  I can’t wait to hear from you!


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


2 thoughts on “Soaker Hose Reviews

  1. Cindy Reply

    Soaker hoses – I did not know such things existed and I have been diligently watering my plants every evening when I could rely on one of these instead! Good thinking to link it to a rain barrel vs the water faucet. I will have to see how to get me one of these at a minimal cost since I’d have to consider international shipping if I get these online. Thank you for sharing Bob!

    • Jim Reply

      You are welcome Cindy!

      It is hard for me to remember a time that I did not have soaker hoses around my garden plants.  They are such a “must have” for me.  And, I am sure that they will perform as well for you, too!

      Happy gardening!  And, stop back once in a while for new ideas in the wonderful world of growing your own food!


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