Spring Gardener Greenhouse IS70810 Review


The Spring Gardener Greenhouse IS70810

The Spring Gardener Greenhouse IS70810 is a very rugged greenhouse with 80 square feet of growing space in its 10 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet high frame.

Spring Gardener is a brand of the Jewett-Cameron Company, who started out over 60 years ago as a lumber wholesaler in Oregon.  Over the years, Jewett-Cameron diversified into manufacturing of pet, garden, fencing, and tool products eventually expanding into 7 major industries on 3 continents.  Their expertise encompasses wide-ranging specialties from lumber to seed processing, pet containment, tools, fencing, greenhouses, and storage buildings.

This lightweight, portable Spring Gardener greenhouse sports a gable roof and a heavy-duty, powder-coated rust-resistant steel frame.

The one-piece, UV-protected, mold-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, translucent cover offers longer life than many other plastic greenhouse covers.

TIP:  Use water pipe insulation on parts of the frame contacting the plastic cover.  This pipe wrap will also keep a heated frame from baking and destroying the plastic cover.  These advantages will help your cover live longer!  Some of the joint welds on the frame may have rough spots where they were not ground completely smooth so, this pipe wrap insulation will be a super help!  And, periodically, use a disinfectant that is specially designed as a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide for cleaning greenhouses such as Physan 20.  Physan 20 is also used to clean and disinfect outdoor fountains, bird baths, and pools.

After using Physan 20, and making sure that the cover is clean and dry, apply a coating of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant.  The 303 will rejuvenate the UV protection…making the cover look brighter and newer…giving it much needed extra protection.  IMPORTANT:  Follow the directions on the label.

In due course, the greenhouse cover will come to the end of its life due to exposure to the sun and changes in the temperature, humidity, and weather.  When the time comes to replace it, use the best greenhouse plastic available…and, that is Grower’s Solution 6-mil polyethylene plastic sheeting.

TIP:  And, when you install new plastic, leave the old cover in place and put new sheeting on as an added layer to the original plastic and fasten it with snap clamps, trimming out openings for the windows and doors.  Always have a roll or two of polyethylene repair tape in your garden tool kit to patch up small rips in the plastic.  Finally, warm up your greenhouse with a great little infrared heater!  You will appreciate that heater when it saves your little plants from freezing when the temperature dips below freezing!

The 4 screened roll-up windows…2 on a side…allow plenty of ventilation.  And, the zippered front and back doors provide easy access to the interior.  Doors and windows are held in place with Velcro fasteners.

Wind is not your friend when putting together this greenhouse so, wait for a calm day.  Assembly is a snap and does not require tools.  Wing nuts are used to secure the frame.  Two people can build it in half an hour!


TIP:  When assembling the frame, do not completely tighten the wing nuts until the frame is completely put together.

 Installing the cover goes smoothly and there are elastic bungee cord straps to secure the cover to the frame and help to smooth it out.  Spring Gardener throws in a few extra bungee cords in case one breaks.

Secure the greenhouse with cement blocks placed on long boards (The boards will shield the plastic from the rough cement blocks.).  Four blocks on each side should be enough to keep the greenhouse steadfast in light to moderate winds.

TIP:  A more efficient method to stabilize the greenhouse during moderate to high winds is tying the frame to some long tent stakes…or better yet, metal T-posts or U-posts…placed in the corners and the middle of each side.

 Folks who purchased this greenhouse praise its great design, ease of assembly, and stability.  They say that the Spring Gardener Greenhouse IS70810 is the “best yet” in the economy class of light frame and plastic cover greenhouses.  Many owners disassemble the IS70810 every spring and put it back up every fall to protect it from excessive wear and exposure to the elements.  It’s so easy!

Not a bad greenhouse…this Spring Gardener Greenhouse IS70810…huh?  What do you think about it?  Comment below or email me: jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


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4 thoughts on “Spring Gardener Greenhouse IS70810 Review

  1. Crystal Reply

    I got the idea of growing my own garden after seeing all the plants that keep springing up at my back door where I sweep all my kitchen mess. We always weed them out but now I am thinking Its a sign that I should be growing my own garden. This spring gardener greenhouse IS70810 looks like the perfect place to start given the space I am working with. Great deal on Amazon.
    Thanks for the link and all the great tips!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Crystal,

      Weeds always seem to grow more abundantly than the veggies and fruits we try to grow.  But, a greenhouse, like this Spring Gardener makes all the difference.  And, you’re absolutely correct!  Right now, it is an excellent deal on Amazon!

      Thanks, for visiting my website…and come back soon for more useful information and reviews…especially prepared for the gardening crowd!


    • Jim Post authorReply

      What kind of help do you need, Crystal? Do you have question about the Spring Gardener Greenhouse review?


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