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The Sun Joe CJ602E – A Sturdy Little Chipper

The Sun Joe CJ602E is a 15 amp electric Wood Chipper Shredder – designed for light duty operation.  It can turn up to 1.5 inch diameter wooden limbs, as well as yard brush, leaves, and trimmings into usable mulch for the backyard garden – or, for use around trees and flower beds.  The chips can also be excellent for adding a smoked meat flavor when grilling your favorite foods – just soak them a bit in water, wrap in foil, put some holes in the bottom of the foil, and stick it in a corner of the grill under the grate.

Yard waste can be effectively reduced to less than 6% – 17:1 ratio – of its original size due to the chipper shredder blades churning at over 4,000 revolutions per minute.

The following video is of the Sun Joe CJ601E but, it gives you a good idea of the basic capabilities of its successor, the CJ602E.



The Sun Joe CJ602E has a long list of positives.

  • Very easy to assemble – just add the wheels and stand assembly along with the paddle holder and you’re ready to go.
  • Small, compact design – very light, weighing in at just a little over 25 pounds – and easily portable, with its 6 inch wheels.
  • It’s electric – so, no need to store gasoline or oil for it.
  • Very quiet operation – the bulk of noise comes from the few seconds that wood is being chipped – the larger the wood diameter, the more noise that is created.
  • A lot of power for such a small electric chipper shredder – it can really chew up the twigs – quickly!
  • A paddle for pushing items into the hopper is provided. It can even handle small bamboo branches!
  • Very nearly maintenance free. It can be easily cleaned with a soft brush and a slightly damp cloth.  Remember, this device is electric so don’t spray it with a water hose and don’t clean it with any detergents or solvents.
  • Removable safety switch – to prevent small children from using it as a toy.
  • The blades are reversible and can be replaced if they get too dull on both sides – some electric wood chipper shredders, surprisingly, do NOT have this capability. TIP:  Since replacement blades on any piece of outdoor cutting equipment can get a little pricey, try sharpening them just like you would with lawnmower blades – to extend their functional life.
  • Backed by a full 2 year warranty.



And, the CJ602E has a few issues – but, I’ve included some easy solutions.

  • Green or damp material can cause the blades to jam up. To prevent this, allow trimmings to dry for a week or two before chopping it up – and, alternate any moist material with dry material.  TIP:  Keep a handful of very dry twigs for last to help clean any moisture out of the blades.
  • This machine does not shred pine needles effectively. You won’t find any chipper shredders that can do needles very well.
  • The hopper opening is very narrow – but, you can still get quite a bit of waste into its 2 inch x 5 inch hopper. If the opening was too big, you might be tempted to stick either oversized branches or, your fingers down into it and the manufacturer is trying to prevent that.  Use the included paddle instead to push the debris into the cutting area.
  • Due to the location of the support bar, it is difficult to place a good size tote or bucket under the equipment to catch the chips and shreds. Elevating the unit sufficiently will take care of this problem.
  • It’s not easy to replace the blades because there is not much room for hand movement – so, loosening the blade bolts can be almost impossible if they are extra tight. TIP:  Spray a small amount of WD-40 on the bolts, wait a few minutes for it to penetrate, and the bolts will come off much easier.
  • This chipper shredder works a lot slower than a gas powered machine. But, what can you expect?  It’s electric.  All gas powered machines are heavier duty and more robust than electric ones.  Gas versions just aren’t as quiet.



  • Don’t operate or store it in a wet or rainy environment. This machine is electric.  It is NOT “swamp ready!”
  • Don’t operate it around flammable materials – electric appliances can produce a healthy spark that can turn a fun task into a dangerous, explosive situation!
  • Don’t cover your electric Sun Joe with a plastic sheet during storage. Plastic will trap moisture around the shredder and could damage it. 
  • Don’t store it next to fertilizers, rock salt, or any other corrosive materials.


The Bottom Line

For the money, this wood chipper shredder will meet the basic needs of a homeowner who has small sized, normal, everyday yard waste to dispose of.  It is a high quality machine – and, guess what?  It comes in 2 colors!

You can purchase either a Red Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Shredder or a Grey Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Shredder – your choice!

Red Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper ShredderGrey Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Shredder












Have you used this machine?  I’m interested in hearing about your experiences in the comments below or by email,

For more electric or gas wood chipper shredder options – or guidance – check out Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews.


Jim, the LIfe Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “Sun Joe CJ602E Review

  1. Michelle Reply

    Love the idea of having one of these. I am just getting into gardening so been online reading up on lots of things and making lists of what I may need in the future. I love the idea that this is so compact and it reduces waste so efficiently. The downside for me is having to store the materials till they dry out somewhat.
    Suppose it will be something to keep in mind for the future, thanks for sharing the video, was really informative.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Michelle,

      No matter what type of outside power tool used, there is an almost universal aversion to all things wet.  Even wet grass can bog down a lawn mower.  So, yes, I agree that drying out materials a bit before running them through the Sun Joe chipper shredder is a little inconvenient – but, it’s a universal inconvenience shared by a great many types of outdoor power equipment.

      Check out Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews if you would like some info on electric and gas chipper shredders that are a little beefier.


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