Tazz Chipper Shredder Model 22754 K52 Review

Tazz Chipper Shredder Model 22754 K52 – Built By Earthquake

The Tazz Chipper Shredder Model 22754 has a 196cc 4-Cycle Kohler engine and, for its size it serves up a performance that is truly hard to believe – coming from an astonishingly petite wood chipper shredder. 

This Tazz chipper shredder can chomp up and spit out chips from tree limbs as large as 3 inches in diameter – fed through its limb chute.  And, having a hopper less than 3 feet high makes it almost effortless to pulverize yard debris such as small branches, leaves, plant trimmings, and grass clippings – all at a 20:1 ratio.  That means 20 bags of yard trash reduced to 1 bag of mulch!


The Upsides

Powerful 196cc 4-cycle Kohler Engine

All 4-cycle engines have a separate oil chamber – which means no mixing gas and oil together – and they run much quieter than 2-cycle motors.

Compact and PortableTazz Wood Chipper Shredder - compact and portable

The unit has a handle bar angled so that the center of gravity is directly above the wheels for more transport stability – and it has a small footprint for easy and convenient garage storage.

Large 11 Inch Wheels Tazz Wood Chipper Shredder - large 11" wheels

And, the hefty tires are designed to never become flat – no need to add air – ever.

Included Debris BagTazz Wood Chipper Shredder - debris bag included.

A very convenient container to collect mulch for easy distribution to any garden or flower bed by unzipping the zipper on the bottom of the bag.  Even though I use a tote for most of my mulch collections, this bag does come in handy for spot mulching in small areas.

Great Warranty

2 years for the engine and 5 years on everything else.

Optional AccessoriesTazz Wood Chipper Shredder - optional vacuum kit.

A vacuum kit that has a unique design to suck up yard debris into the hopper for mulching more efficiently than those used on many other chipper shredders.

A tow bar kit that allows the Tazz to be hauled around with a lawn tractor.


The Downsides

The engine is hard to start.

Basically, it can be hard to start due to having to pull the retractable starter rope which also turns the heavy chipper blades.  But, I have found that, as with all power equipment, there is a tried and true technique to facilitate a much, much easier start:

  • Read and follow the User Manual for the proper starting procedure.
  • Ensure the blades are free of yard debris.
  • Place a foot on the front kickstand.
  • Slowly pull the starter handle until just barely past the compression stage – then STOP – and return the handle to its original position.
  • Pull the starter handle straight out slowly until you can feel the blades just starting to turn – then firmly and quickly pull the starter handle straight out the rest of the way.

If you use this method, any properly prepared engine will start in no more than a couple of yanks on the starter handle – as long as the engine has had proper maintenance and contains the correct gas, oil, and clean, gapped spark plug.

The oil fill port – with dipstick – is almost inaccessible.

The port is directly underneath the left side of the limb chute and is a pain to check oil levels and to add oil when needed.  I expect that the designers weren’t thinking much about equipment maintenance – or how the Kohler engine interfaces with the chipper shredder portion of the machine – when they positioned the limb chute so close to the oil fill port.  There are only 3 bolts that attach the limb chute to the main unit so, it is not hard to remove with a ratchet and an extension – it’s just a pain in the butt to do it.  Checking the oil level isn’t too difficult – but, to add oil, just insert a foot long piece of vinyl hose – or a long necked flexible funnel – into the port – and, although it is awkward, it does the job.

The rubber deflector on the top hopper is very stiff.

The reason for this is that the company is trying to discourage anyone from sticking their hands into the hopper in order to push down leaves and other light debris.  Just take an old broom handle or a small diameter piece of wood to force light items down into the chipping blades.  Do not remove the rubber deflector – it helps keep chips from flying back into your face – and, it’s a reminder to keep your hands above that level.

Large limbs can jam the chipper.

Limbs close to 3 inches in diameter that are placed into the limb chute can bog down the chipper.  This happens when the thicker limbs are force fed too fast through the limb chute.  The solution?  Force feed those chunky branches gradually!  ‘Nuff said.

Wet debris can jam the chipper blades.

The obvious solution is to dry out the yard waste before chewing it up – or, at least alternate the wet stuff with dry yard trash to help clean the blades during operation.


A Few Quotes From Customers

“I would put the Tazz K52 wood chipper shredder up against any of the more expensive brands.”

“Works great!  And, the Kohler engine is the way to go.  This is a well made machine!”

“This Tazz is a pretty decent value for the money.”

“This wood chipper made very short work of my large pile of tree trimmings.”


All In All…

The Tazz 22754 K52 Wood Chipper Shredder is a quality workhorse that offers years of satisfactory performance – just do your due diligence when it comes to maintenance.

Tazz 22754 K52 Wood Chipper Shredder

If you would prefer a comparable Tazz model that comes with a Briggs and Stratton engine, try this one:  Tazz 22753 K42 Chipper Shredder – 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine.

Tazz 22753 K42 Chipper Shredder - 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine

What are your experiences with a Tazz wood chipper shredder – or any other brand?  Comment below or email me, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.

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Jim, the LIfe Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “Tazz Chipper Shredder Model 22754 K52 Review

  1. Karen Reply

    Great review of the Tazz wood chipper.

    We have 10 acres of land and my husband is the happiest when he’s down in the woods cutting down a tree and chopping firewood. He’s always wanted a chipper and this just may be his birthday present next month.

    We recently bought our new son-in-law a lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine and he loves it.

    Do you think it’s worth all the extra money to get the Tazz chipper with the B&S engine?

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Karen,

      Briggs and Stratton is a great engine – but, Kohler is not too shabby either.  Unless you are a diehard fan and you just have to go with a Briggs and Stratton engine that is $150+ more than a Kohler, I would opt for the lower priced Tazz K52.

      There are some other excellent chippers shredders to check out, too, on the Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews page.



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