Tierra Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse 50-2510 Review

The Tierra Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse 50-2510
 Tierra Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse 50-2510

This is basically a large bubble.  Actually, the greenhouse manufacturer, Haxnicks, promotes it as a Sunbubble.  Haxnicks is under the Tierra Garden umbrella.

The Sunbubble is a very novel approach to greenhouses in that it is so lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.  Its uses transcend the traditional greenhouse and embrace other applications such as a shelter for: parties, dining, camping, sunbathing, or a playhouse for your toddlers.


It is difficult to believe that this bubble-like enclosure is 11 feet 6 inches in diameter, which gives it a growing area of a shade under 104 square feet.  It just has the look and feel of something much tinier.

The frame is composed of a group of fiberglass rods…much like a standard camping tent.  The Sunbubble is shipped with the frame rods already attached to the PVC (poly vinyl chloride) cover.

The greenhouse is spread out and the ends of fiberglass rods from each side are connected.  With at least two people working together, stand it up, slowly and systematically open it up to the basic shape, then connect all vertical fiberglass rods with cross-piece fiberglass rods to add stability and form the final Sunbubble shape.

TIP:  There are small rod-type anchors that are driven into the ground around the bottom of the structure but, these will only keep it in place for a mild wind.  Any wind worth its salt will blow this greenhouse into the next county unless you add some long tent stakes or metal T-posts or U-posts to more permanently secure it.


12 un-screened air vents in the sunbubble top.


There are 12 small air vents in each of the 12 quadrants of the Sunbubble close to the top.  They are NOT screened.


So, unless you want bugs inside with you, keep them closed or add some mosquito netting yourself to keep out the pests. 

 The clear covering is NOT polyethylene.  It is a poly vinyl chloride (PVC) cover.  That means, when the cover degrades to the point of replacement, you will either have to go back to the manufacturer for an exact cover replacement.  Or, if you buy some 6-mil polyethylene sheeting for the greenhouse, you can’t just lay the new sheeting over the PVC cover.

You will have to remove the old PVC cover, use pipe wrap insulation on the fiberglass rods, and freshly install the polyethylene sheet.  Why?  Because the PVC (poly vinyl chloride) cover outgasses the chemical, chloride…and, that will quickly degrade your brand new polyethylene sheet that you just put on the greenhouse!  And, the pipe wrap will also keep a heated frame from baking and destroying the polyethylene plastic cover.

 In addition, periodically, use a disinfectant that is specially designed as a fungicide, virucide, and algaecide for cleaning greenhouses such as Physan 20.  Physan 20 is also used to clean and disinfect outdoor fountains, bird baths, and pools.

After using Physan 20, and making sure that the cover is clean and dry, apply a coating of 303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant.  The 303 will rejuvenate the UV protection…making the cover look brighter and newer…giving it much needed extra protection.  IMPORTANT:  Follow the directions on the label.

This might be a good time to tell you to keep a few rolls of greenhouse clear poly plastic repair tape on hand to cover rips and tears…to help stave off the day when a complete replacement would be in order.

There have been reports that the zippered door separates too easily from the PVC cover it’s attached to…


 All in all…

As a greenhouse?

I don’t think I would want a Sunbubble.

But as a nifty enclosure for the kiddies to play outside or, as a dining area on a camping trip?

Sunbubble - a place for the kiddie pool.Sunbubble - a place for a spot of tea.







I would sure like having a Tierra Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse 50-2510.  And, it comes with a nice, handy-dandy storage bag!  Also, don’t forget to pick up a little infrared heater to take the chill off the cold days and nights!

I’ll say one thing…it sure get warm quickly inside of this little see-through house!  It would be a good place to speedily warm up the kiddie pool for your toddlers. 

So, do you think this greenhouse is the real deal?  Or, is it more of a toy…a playhouse for the kids…or a party house for the adults, who only have to add an inflatable hot tub?  Comment below or send me an email: jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.


Jim, the Life Long Gardener


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4 thoughts on “Tierra Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse 50-2510 Review

  1. marta Reply

    I like your honesty, I don’t have enough space in my backyard, however I would like to know if they offer a smaller one, so I can still use for my veggies. I think a smaller one would be harder to get in , however I am thinking on really small that I can lift it up… Let me know if you see something smaller:)) Thanks for the review and your honesty!!

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Marta,

      I appreciate the fact that you welcome my sincerity and truthfulness.  Thank you so much!

      I really want to help all of my readers to make the best choices for their unique gardening needs.

      If you click on the BUY NOW button for the Large Tierra Sunbubble, you will see an option for the “Standard” version, which is about 9 feet in diameter…with a growing area of 64.5 square feet.  Maybe that would better suit your needs.


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