Troy-Bilt Garden Tractors – The TB2246 Review

Researching Troy-Bilt Garden Tractors, The TB2246 Always Pops Up!

Troy-Bilt’s TB2246 is the “garden tractor answer” for an avid gardener who has less than 2 acres of yard to mow and cultivate.  Again and again – when I look at Troy-Bilt garden tractors, this baby always jumps to the forefront.

A 22 HP, 656cc Twin Cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine will quickly transport anything you need at speeds up to 5.2 mph.  And, being equipped with cruise control makes it much easier on your “pedal foot.”  I don’t know about you, but pressing a pedal continually for a long period of time gives me a serious “charley horse!”  If you’re in Australia, you probably call it a “corky.”


A Bit Of Trivia

The term, “charley horse”, relates back to the 1880’s when Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Charley “Old Hoss” Radbourne got a cramp during a baseball game.


Now, Let’s Get On With The Perks For The TB2246

A foot controlled hydrostatic transmission is standard…making for velvety smooth changeovers between forward and reverse motion.  No clutches or shifting required!  If you read the main Garden Tractor Reviews page, you will know that this is the preferred transmission since it lasts longer and requires much less maintenance and attention than a standard automatic transmissions with a belt drive.

There is a lot of room for us gardeners to mount and dismount due to the TB2246’s step-through frame…even for a husky guy like me.  Mostly because it has a larger than usual open area between the seat and the control panel giving us long legged folks more room to maneuver our bodies into position.

And, then there is the high back seat that gives me the feeling that I’m in a full-size farm tractor.  Once in the seat, prepare yourself for a steering wheel with a comfortable, softer-than-normal feel to it.

Plus…boy, do I love the small 16 inch turning radius of this garden tractor!

With a manual power take off (PTO) deck engagement, round out the cockpit-like setup with easy access to a 6 position cutting deck adjustment lever incorporated into the right rear fender.

The 46 inch cutting deck is constructed with extremely sturdy 13 gauge steel for longer life and resilience.  Of course, just as in almost all the best lawn and garden tractors, there is also a hose connector on the deck to flush debris off the cutting blades and undercarriage effortlessly and proficiently. 

NOTE:  It is very important on any piece of lawn and garden equipment, including tractors, to hose off the stuck-on grass and dirt to keep the machine fresh for the next time it is used.  Leaving packed-on yard refuse is just inviting a quick trip to rust heaven for your tools so, clean them religiously and regularly!

Troy-Bilt TB2246's large rear wheels


The large rear wheels are 20 inch x 8 inch and the front wheels are 15 inch x 6 inch,  Which gives the TB2246 much more stability than many other tractors with tinier wheels…especially on steep hills.


Are There Some Downsides?

Sure, there are.  What self-respecting garden tractor doesn’t have a few?  I have never purchased a top-notch tool, motorized or not, that I couldn’t find something to complain about!

One downside is that spare parts may take a while to get after they are ordered.

NOTE:  After becoming familiar with your garden tractor, assess any parts that may need replacing in the foreseeable future and order them in advance to ensure you have a spare on hand when you need it.  The main culprit is usually a drive belt pulley…but, spindles have a tendency to wear out, too.  After all, we don’t need an expensive paper weight hanging around in our tool shed, do we?

Um…there is no second or third or fourth downside…

Wait…that’s it?  Only one…count it…one downside???  Man, I definitely gotta get me one of these!

Add in the 2 year warranty and, I’m sold on this little beauty!

Many owners of the TB2246 have expressed delight with how easy it is to start, the amount of power it possesses, and the crisp, clean cut it makes when mowing.

You can pat yourself on the back for making a great choice in buying a Troy-Bilt TB2246 garden tractor at such an amazingly low price!

Be sure to add a comment below or shoot me an email,, about your garden tractor druthers.

And…tractor on!!!


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “Troy-Bilt Garden Tractors – The TB2246 Review

  1. mike Reply

    What a sweet piece of machinery. Who wouldn’t want a machine like this. And quite honestly I never did know where the term charlie horse originated. Thanks for that little bit of trivia my friend. Appreciate the down side note on this equipment by having to wait on parts. Always want to know the negative aspects of a product as well as the positive. And thats not bad only one negative note here. The 2 year warranty is awesome! Thanks for the great review on a great product. Very well written my friend!

    • Jim Reply

      You’re right, Mike.  This is a honey of a tractor.  The only ones better are a bit higher priced due to a wider cutting width or some additional bells and whistles like the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP or the Husqvarna GTH52XLS.

      Every tractor has its quirks and every tractor owner has thoughts on changes they would like to make so, waiting a little while longer on parts isn’t a biggie.

      So, now…I’m guessing…every time you get a charley horse you will think about “Old Hoss”…the great Charley Radbourne!

      Take care,


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