Vegetable Songs – Is This For Real?


Is There Such A Thing As Vegetable Songs – Songs Written About Vegetables?

I have to say it’s true.  There actually are “vegetable songs!”  You see?  Even vegetables have songs written about them.  They are mostly created for young kids to help them understand vegetables and increase their vocabulary.

But, a few of these songs have been written just for fun – for adults – or, as I like to be called – an “old kid” – because, I never plan on growing up!

This list will get you to each and every one of the vegetable songs for all of us kids – both young and old.

Asparagus Edamame Peppers
Broccoli Eggplant Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts Garlic Radishes
Cabbage Green Beans Spinach
Carrots Lettuce Sunflowers
Cauliflower Mushrooms Tomatoes
Celery Okra Vegetables
Corn Onions Watermelon
Cucumbers Peas Zucchini


Vegetable Songs

The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents a myriad of clever little songs to help young kids learn counting, the alphabet, and vocabulary.

Their little vegetable ditty is about carrots, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, spinach, celery, garlic, onions, and leeks.  This is a delightful sing-a-long.

They also have an enchanting ode about fruit – specifically apples, pears, cherries, mangoes, grapes, and berries.  Have a listen. 

If you enjoyed the style of these songs by The Singing Walrus, you may also be interested in some compilations of their music videos on DVD – titled as The Singing Walrus Song Collections: Volume #1, Volume, #2, and Volume #3.

The Singing Walrus Song Collection #1The Singing Walrus Song Collection #2The Singing Walrus Song Collection #3







Out of the Ark Music

Out of the Ark Music, along with Zane Colquhoun and New Hope put together a vegetable song that has a tricked out Samba beat.  It’s worth a listen…

Kids Learning Tube

This vegetable alphabet song goes through the vegetables from A to Z – not only teaching the alphabet but also fun facts about vegetable flavor and nutrition.  In case you find it hard to understand some of the vegetables as they introduce themselves, their names are:  Arugula, Broccoli, Cabbage, Daikon, Endive, Fennel, Garlic, Hamburg Parsley, Ice Plant, Jute, Kale, Lettuce, Maca, Neem Plant, Onion, Parsley, Quinoa, Radish, Spinach, Turnip, Ulluco, Vegetable Fern, Watercress, Xylitol, Yam, and Zucchini.

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The Asparagus Song

Singer songwriter Bryant Oden put together this singing asparagus rendition.  You will find several other Bryant Oden originals here, also. 

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The Broccoli Song

A Denver, CO, band called the Rocket Surgeons used a blend of modern rock and smart rap to create their signature broccoli song.  Here’s the video – enjoyed by young and old alike.

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The Brussels Sprout Song

Madeline Pots sings a unique parody about eating Brussels sprouts.  This is one of her award winning children’s songs.

You can find this song and more great children’s songs on her CD, “Gonna Plant A Garden.”

Gonna' Plant a Garden - Madeline Pots

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The Cabbage Song

A Virginia fella named Ted Drake, a.k.a. OSO and Dancing Bear, explained how his cabbage song was born.  He started cookin’ and eatin’ a lot of cabbage.  Then, he read ‘bout cabbage.  Then, he started thinkin’ ‘bout words ‘bout cabbage.  And, the next thing ya know – he wrote a song about cabbage.

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The Carrot Song

This is the National Carrot Day Anthem.  After all, don’t you think that carrots should have their very own holiday?  If not, then have a gander at these singin’ and dancin’ carrots – they’ll convince you!

Happy Carrot Day!

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The Cauliflower Song


APPUSERIES made a simple little song – sung by a cauliflower that talks about how nutritious it is and ways to develop a taste for it.  There are several more APPUSERIES nursery rhyme type songs in the list for other veggies, too.

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The Celery Song

Of all things, I never would have thought that celery would have its own song.  But, here it is – a short little refrain that captures the heart of celery lovers.  Get it?  Heart?  Celery hearts?

You see, the parts of celery we eat are the “celery hearts.”  They are the tender inner ribs – not to be confused with the bitterer outer stalks.

Oh, why do I bother?

Listen in…

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The Corn Song

Sung with a little country swing, Corn, by Chris Janson, is a very enjoyable song.  Let me know what you think about it!

If you like Chris’ way of singin’, you might be interested in his albums, Buy Me A Boat and Everybody.

Buy Me A Boat - Chris JansonEverybody - Chris Janson







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The Cucumber Song

Christopher MacFarlane

Also known as Macka B, Christopher offers a salute to cucumbers in his traditional Jamaican reggae style.  Macka B has been entertaining for at least 3 decades – mostly with a light, humorous touch to his musical renditions.

If you would like to hear more about Macka B’s astounding views on vegetables, check out his CD, “Health Is Wealth.”

Health Is Wealth - Macka B


VeggieTales presents, the “Dance of the Cucumber” – which is one of its Silly Songs by Larry, the Cucumber.  Larry speaks in Spanish as he does his cucumber dance – so, Bob, the Tomato, interprets for him.  This song is a real delight for all ages.

VeggieTales also has an album of all their songs, The Complete Silly Song Collection.

VeggieTales - The Complete Silly Song Collection

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The Edamame Song

Keep the sound down a bit on this one.  The background music is classical music – it’s not the “Flight of the Bumblebee” but, it’s close to that level of irritation – even though it’s only 36 seconds long.  It will hurt your ears if you play it too loud.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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The Eggplant Song

Michael Franks

An incredibly laid back, easy-going song, Eggplant is sung by Michael Franks, a well-known American jazz singer and songwriter.  He has performed with the best of the best since the early 1970’s – Art Garfunkel, David Sanborn, The Carpenters, Patti LaBelle, The Manhattan Transfer, and Ringo Starr – to name a few.

Along with Eggplant, Michael Franks has some other amazing songs in his album, “The Art Of Tea”, like Nightmoves, St. Elmo’s Fire, Popsicle Toes, and more.

The Art Of Tea - Michael Franks


While those of us in North American and Australia call it “eggplant”, the British call it “aubergine” – and South Africans and Asians call it “brinjal.”  But, wherever you are – whatever you call it – this little purple, white, green, or violet veggie is very special as this video song explains.

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The Garlic Song

Larry Tritel

A guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Larry has been a hometown favorite performing songs from the great artists of all time with some of his own creations – in and around Ewing, NJ, for about 30 years.

He wrote his special Garlic song just before Y2K – for those of you who know what “Y2K” stands for…


Oh well, have a listen to Larry’s Garlic Song anyway.

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The Green Beans Song

This is 40+ seconds of green bean bashing (literally) by a bunch of hand puppets.  It’s slightly comical but, I’m sure green bean lovers will be offended.  So, I tell them – lighten up, Francis!

Maybe a much improved Green Beans song might be this one by the HEALTHY KIDS MUSIC FACTORY.  I think you’ll like it!  These kids are precious!

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The Lettuce Song

“Let Us Enjoy The Lettuce” – by Ed Said

Ed Said is the rapper name of a school age youngster in a program on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Network.  Ed likes being healthy and shares his views through rapping and rhyming.

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The Mushroom Song


Here’s another little ditty from APPUSERIES with a little mushroom giving a full self description.  Definitely a winner for the toddler set.

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The Okra Song

Tom Rowen beats out an okra ballad on his banjo, singing about “whipping his okra.”  I never did find out what bad things the okra did to deserve such a thrashing.  Maybe you can figure it out for me.  But, you have to listen close – sometimes it’s hard to hear what he’s singing about.  Oh well, at least there are a bunch of nice okra plant pictures in this one.

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The Onion Song

Pebbles Nursery Rhymes has a neat little song for onions.  Wear earplugs for the first 23 seconds.  I don’t think you want to hear the intro – it is a little unnerving.  But the song itself is kinda clever after that.

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The Pea Song

Another comical veggie song by Bryant Oden.  This one is a real chuckler!  There are two versions.  I picked the one showing the lyrics so you could sing along.

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The Pepper Song


A look at the history and detailed description of the bell pepper are offered by APPUSERIES.  This is a sing-a-long for the young at heart and mind.

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The Potato Song

The Ross Sisters were a singing and dancing trio that found fame after they appeared in a 1944 MGM musical, Broadway Rhythm, doing their thing to the tune, “Solid Potato Salad.”  After watching this video, you will firmly believe that these girls were contortionists with amazing acrobatic skills!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add the infamous counting song, “One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four” – so, here it is!

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The Radish Song

The little darlings of the HEALTHY KIDS MUSIC FACTORY really bring it home with their radish song.  I’m sure you’ll like this one!

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The Spinach Song

Julia Lee was an American blues singer and musician – rising to popularity in the years prior to World War II.  She got a reputation for some risqué tongue-in-cheek tunes she sang.  And, her famous Spinach Song was one of the reasons.  Me thinks that it doesn’t sound so risqué to me – but, maybe I’m missing the point – ya think?

There is no way I could leave spinach without posting the most famous spinach song of all – as sung by Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall in the 1980 Popeye movie.  It’s a real classic!

Watching this clip brought back so many memories, I took a time out and ordered the original 1980 Popeye movie!

Popeye - 1980 movie

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The Sunflower Song

Sunflower was written by Neil Diamond and recorded by the late, great Glen Campbell in 1977.  It’s hard not to be happy when listening to this upbeat song from Mr. Campbell.

You can find this song and many other classic Glen Campbell tunes on this CD, which includes the two albums, Southern Nights and Basics.  This is a true collector’s item!

Southern Nights & Basic - Glen Campbell

Another calmer sunflower song was sung by Shannon Purser, who starred as Sierra Burgess in the Netflix move, “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser.”  Lay back and close your eyes as you listen to it.


Like A Sunflower

This Christian song will fill you with warmth – heart and soul.  I found it a very lovely tribute to God.

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The Tomato Song

Back in 1983, Guy Clark released Home Grown Tomatoes and it was instantly popular.  There are a lot of great tomato pictures shown during his song, too!

Home Grown Tomatoes was released as 1 of 10 songs on his 1983 album called, Better Days – available on CD.

Better Days - Guy Clark

Bryant Oden Is Back

This time, Bryant has a humorous little tomato song.  It will be of special interest to the tomato haters out there!

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The Watermelon Song

Justine Clarke, an Australian actress, singer, and TV host sang this totally neat watermelon song.  It has an island flavor and makes me want to have a cool drink by the beach and watch the waves roll in.

This next one is sort of a watermelon song – even though the title is Down By The Bay.  But, it is a catchy tune and will make you want to get up and dance!

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The Zucchini Song

This is a beautiful song by Jack, Steve, and Sam – The Zucchini Brothers.  They are often called the Beatles of kids’ music because their mixture of soft rock and harmony bridges the gap between young kids and old kids (like me).  You’ll like this one.

Want to take a closer listen to The Zucchini Brothers?  Try out their CD, In Your Garden, which has a little bit of everything including some reggae sounds.

In Your Garden - Zucchini Brothers

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I could spend a week listening to some of these tunes.  Do you have a favorite?  Comment below or drop me an email and let me know if you liked this little excursion into music.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener





2 thoughts on “Vegetable Songs – Is This For Real?

  1. Jamiro Hazel Reply

    This website is very interesting. I love the fact that you added the songs for each vegetable. It is an easy method to help people learn more about their vegetables and thus help them eat more vegetables.

    Studies have shown that a healthy diet can help prevent and reverse chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. This website in an indirect way helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

    • Jim Reply

      Hi Jamiro,

      That’s what The Perfect Garden is all about.  Growing vegetables that promote good health and taste good, too!

      If you read some of my “how to grow” pages on the different veggies, you’ll find that I cover nutrition, as well as medicinal uses.  And, of course, I have to cover food preparation – since I love to eat them in so many different ways.


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