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Review For The Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap

The experts will tell you that the only truly effective way to stop moles is by trapping them!  And, the Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap is the most effective trap available.

 Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap


What Can Moles Do To A Garden?

Molehills In My Backyard


Moles can turn your backyard garden and the rest of your beautifully landscaped yard into a horrendous panorama of holes and dirt mounds.  These diminuitive, cylindrical, small-eyed mammals tunnel everywhere under the soil’s surface in search of food and a place to make babies.


Mole Peeking Out of Hole


Female moles can produce up to 5 babies a year, usually in the spring.

I find mole tunnels coming up in my garden from under and around my vegetable plants.  These tunnels are highly disturbing to the plant roots and, if the roots are not quickly pressed back into contact with the soil, the plants may die.


The Vole is a Rodent-like plant-eating mammal.

Also, the mole tunnels provide pathways for voles, a rodent-like pest.

Voles love vegetable plant roots and tubers.  Thus, they are particularly dangerous to onions, potatoes, radishes, turnips, beets, etc.  The voles gorge themselves…and, the above-surface part of the plant collapses and dies.


Therefore, get rid of the moles quickly because they can also lead to direct plant annihilation by voles!


What Do Moles Eat?



Moles are mostly meat eaters.  Earthworms are their main food source, along with any soil-dwelling larvae and insects.  Many times, they will not eat the worms immediately.  Instead, the moles may paralyze them with a toxin found in their saliva and store them alive for later feasting.

Mole tunnels are actually worm traps.  The moles can sense a worm falling into the tunnel and move quickly to capture it.


Alternative Methods for Controlling Moles

Sweeney's S6009 Poison Moleworms


  • Poisonous Worms – I used poisonous worms made for the express purpose of eradicating moles. But, alas, even though I followed the package directions to-the-letter, the deadly worms did not make a noticeable dent in my backyard mole population.  But, if you are of a mind to try this method, Sweeney’s S6009 Poison Moleworms are the most effective.  The kit includes 10 worms, 5 locator flags, and a protective glove.  Maybe, you will have better luck than I did with them.
  • Cat Litter – Sprinkling used cat litter around the circumference of my garden gives minimal discouragement to the moles. They still enter my garden area.  My cats just don’t produce enough dirty litter to be effective.
  • Humane traps – These traps will capture the moles alive so you can transport them to another location.  Make sure to take them several miles away and deposit them in a wooded area.  Do not drop them in your neighbor’s yard!  I guarantee you…your neighbor will not be very happy and, besides, the moles will eventually find their way back home…to your garden.

When moles pose an immediate threat to your vegetable garden, none of these alternative methods are valid.


What do we need?

Obviously, we need effective, determined and expedient action to address the problem!


Enter The Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap

This is the mole trap of choice by professional mole catchers.  It is durable, painted with a weather-resistant black coating, and comes with a safety hook for secure operation…as well as setting levers.

  • Weather-resistant coating.
  • Malleable iron jaws for superior strength and durability.
  • Equipped with a safety hook for secure and safe operation.
  • Setting levers are included.
  • Moving parts are kept completely below the ground for safety.
  • Can be used in all soil types and are ideal for sandy soil.
  • Step-by-step detailed instructions.

Dig hole to bottom of tunnel.

Make mound for trigger pan.Insert setting levers.Pry open jaws.Set trigger rod on trigger pan.Place trap in hole.

  • The weather-resistant black coating makes setting the trap difficult. The trigger rod keeps slipping off of the trigger pan.  Thus, using either a wire brush or a bit of sandpaper, I remove the paint from the end of the trigger rod and the trigger pan point of contact.
  • The trap springs are very stiff which makes the trap hard to set even with the included setting levers. It takes a bit of strength to set this trap!

NOTE:  These iron jaws are very strong and the springs are exceedingly stiff.  Keep your fingers away from them at all times.  If the jaws grab your fingers, they will most likely break them.  Never remove the safety hook until the trap is positioned correctly in the hole.

The cost fort a 2-pack of mole traps is typically about the same as a case of Heineken’s beer.  I use 4 to 6 traps to assure my mole captures!

Tell me more about the Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap!


Follow the directions included with the Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap…and the moles will be no more!


Please, take a few seconds and recount your experiences with moles in your yard and garden.  How did you get rid of them?  I look forward to hearing from you either in the comments section or through email:


Jim, the Life Long Gardener

2 thoughts on “Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap – The Mole Terminator

  1. Rina Reply

    I totally sympathise with anyone trying to grow vegetables when you have critters who are disturbing and gorging themselves on your bounty. I am not keen on using any type of chemical arsenal to get rid of them so the traps are what I would prefer. My question is does this trap actually cause harm or death on the mole like a rat trap?

    • Jim Reply

      If the moles are left unchecked, they will completely over run your garden if it is a worm-rich environment. And, you don’t want to get rid of the worms…they are your live composters.

      The Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap is a TERMINATOR. It will definitely extinguish the life of any mole caught in its jaws. I tried the humane approach but, it was a losing battle.

      Some folks prefer the “live-catch” humane traps but, these traps are very expensive and by the time you trap and release a few moles, there are many more born to take their place. It is a neverending cycle and you cannot win.


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