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What you can do with your yard debris.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make your own mulch and ground cover out of the fallen branches, leaves, grass cuttings, and bush trimmings in your backyard?  You could put it directly into your garden and landscape areas for controlling weeds and retaining moisture – or as a healthy additive to your compost pile.  These wood chipper shredder reviews will give you the right options so you can make all the mulch you need.

Wood chips are also great for creating a smoky taste to grilled meat.  Soak the chips, wrap the moist chips in aluminum foil, punch some holes in the foil, and place it under the grate – over to the side, out of the way.

Most folks turn tree trunks and large limbs into firewood – but, they throw away everything else!  What’s up with that?

What a ton of money you can save over the long haul with a dependable wood chipper shredder in your outdoor equipment arsenal!  I know that, if I were only using pine needles for landscaping my property, it would cost me several hundred dollars every year!

But wait – wood chipper machines are prohibitively expensive, aren’t they?

Vermeer Wood Chipper

If you have a tree removal company, a massive 6 or 7 inch diameter wood chipper is a must have piece of equipment – like this Vermeer – that retails for upwards of $75,000!  A used Vermeer wood chipper, one that is at least 8 or 10 years old, can be purchased for a paltry $30,000.  Medium-sized wood chippers can still have a price tag of $15,000 to $20,000 – brand spankin’ new.

For me, that is way – way – way – out of my price range – just for chipping wood on my property.  Most of us don’t have a thousand acres of trees to deal with.  But, maybe, we have at least an acre or two of trees – dropping a substantial number of limbs every year that we have to throw into a wood pile and watch it grow – year after year after year.

Add all those tree branches to all the leaves they drop and all the trimming you might do while keeping everything neat and presentable – and, I’m sure you’ll agree that, if there was an affordable alternative to these pricey commercial wood chippers, it would be a worthwhile investment!


Enter Wood Chippers – Made Expressly For Average Homeowners

Some of the most trusted manufacturers of residential power equipment have realized the need for a variety of wood chipper – shredder options that will fit the various needs of just about any common landowner.

Now, suburban dwellers can opt for very affordable light duty electric or heavy duty gas powered equipment to recycle their yard waste.  Most of these machines combine both chipping – for tree branches and twigs – and shredding – for leaves and grass.

No longer will the yard waste have to be piled up – or bagged for the garbage collector.  What a way to fritter away valuable mulch material, don’t you think?


Should I Go With An Electric Or A Gas Wood Chipper Shredder?

For properties with only a couple of trees – or no trees at all, an electric wood chipper shredder is the ticket.  The electric machines can typically handle up to 1.5 inch diameter limbs and all the leaves, bush trimmings, and grass clippings you can throw at it.  The cost is minimal – not much more than a good weed eater for low end models.  And, they will still supply you with a multitude of mulch and compost components.

Another plus is that electric wood chipper shredders are very quiet compared to the gas models.  So, your neighbor may never know you have one – which means they won’t be paying you a visit to borrow it!

If you have a dozen or more trees, the best bet would be a gas wood chipper shredder.  These bad boys can handle everything that the electric versions do – but, being heavier duty, they can also handle 2 to 4 inch wood diameters – or more – and many of them are easily towable with your garden tractor.  Prices vary – but, for the budget versions, you can expect to pay the same as you would for a quality lawnmower.


Must I Buy One?  Can’t I Just Rent One?

Here are some examples of rental costs for wood chipper shredders:

For chipping 2 inch diameter wood:  $100 per day – with $150 deposit.

For chipping 6 inch diameter wood:  $260 per day – with $300 deposit.

This is a no-brainer.  Why rent one for this much when you could buy one for just a bit more?  After several uses, they have already paid for themselves!


Let’s Take A look At Some Great Wood Chipper Shredders!

I’ve thoroughly researched both electric and gas wood chipper shredders and come up with some top-of-the-line recommendations that will fulfill the needs of anyone looking to take that next step into using yard rubbish more resourcefully.


Electric Wood Chipper Shredders


Patriot Products CSV-2515

Patriot Products CSV-2515 – If you are looking for the ultimate electric wood chipper shredder, you have just found it!  This little gem can munch a 2.5 inch diameter branch with power to spare.  It’s a little pricey – but, you get what you pay for.  And, Patriot Products is giving you the best, quietest, most popular chipper shredder on the market today!


Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Shredder

Sun Joe CJ602E – This Sun Joe is a great 15 amp electric wood chipper shredder made to order for light duty yard waste.  It can accommodate branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter and, with the proper care and attention, it will supply you with mulch for years to come!



Gas Wood Chipper Shredders


Patriot Products CSV-3100B Wood Chipper Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-3100B – What’s better than the Patriot Products CSV-2515 electric wood chipper shredder?  You’re looking at it!  The CSV-3100B has what “Tim, The Tool Man, Taylor” used to call MORE POWER!  It destroys limbs up to 3″ in diameter.  And, like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going – and going – and going.


Tazz 22754 K52 Wood Chipper Shredder

Tazz 22754 K52 – Take this heavy duty workhorse to task and it will respond in kind.  Handling limbs as thick as 3 inches, this may be all the machine you will ever need to chip and shred most of your yard trash.  No more need to spend your hard earned money to buy mulch for your garden or flower beds!


YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder


YARDMAX YW7565 – Name your yard waste and, this monster will chew it to bits!  Don’t pass up this incredible piece of equipment if you are plagued by a lot of tree branches and yard debris.  If you do, you’ll be sorry…


A Few Words About Safety

It will bode well for you to remember that these machines are designed to chew hard wood up into tiny little pieces – very quickly.  Be aware of that fact – and keep your hands and feet away from the feed chute and blades!

I strongly suggest wearing snug fitting clothing, gloves, safety glasses, a dust mask, some type of head covering, and non-slip rubber-soled shoes.  Don’t wear anything that is loose or dangly that could accidentally snag in the debris –and pull you into the feed chute to be devoured by the moving parts.  Leave your necklaces, rings, and other jewelry in the house!  And, keep your long hair contained – if your hair gets caught in ANY powered machinery, it will pull you in faster than a speeding bullet!

These blades move extremely fast – so, don’t be surprised if chips start flying back at you from the feed chutes.  A very good reason for wearing safety glasses and long clothes.

When branches are inserted into the chipper channel, those chomping blades can quickly snatch the wood from your hands.  When leaves are inserted into the shredder sluice, it may take a little coaxing by using a paddle or tamper to push them into the munching jaws.

The bottom line – FOLLOW THE SAFETY DIRECTIONS EXPLICITLY – and, your chipping chores will be problem free!

Have you had any experience with wood chipper shredders?  I’d like to hear about it in the comments below or by email, jim@perfect-vegetable-garden.com.


Jim, the LIfelong Gardener

2 thoughts on “Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews

  1. bigrog Reply

    Your article contains a lot of information about wood chipper shredders!  Wood chips sure make my yard and garden look good.  I spread them between garden rows and between plants, as well as around my bushes.

    I have been thinking that, since I have a lot of trees, I can make a lot of wood chips so, reading about these chipper shredders came at just the right time for me!

    • Jim Reply

      I’m glad that the article gave you some guidance about how to deal with your fallen tree limbs and yard debris in a positive way.  If you can make your own wood chips, it sure is a money saver – no more buying mulch for yard and garden.

      Do you like the electric Sun Joe or the gas Tazz?

      Stay tuned for more reviews on both electric and gas wood chipper shredders – many good ones still to come!


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