YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder Review


The YARDMAX YW7565 Chews Up Any Yard Waste You Come Across!


YARDMAX YW7565 - Briggs and Stratton engine

Powered by an almost indestructible 6.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton 208cc engine, the YARDMAX YW7565 chipper shredder is a munching monster makes short work of limbs and branches up to 3 inches in diameter, as well as all the leaves, bush clippings, and other sundry yard waste you can throw into it.

The extra large 21” x 14” self feeding chipper chute will suck up tree limbs without having to do any additional trimming or cutting to make them fit.  Just jam them in and watch it go to town!


Dremel 3000-1/25 120-volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

There are 2 chipper knives on the cutting disk.  When the YW7565 begins to lose its self feeding ability or pieces exit the discharge chute in long strips, these knives are getting dull.

Don’t run out and buy expensive replacement knives before you take a few minutes to sharpen the ones you have.  With a quality Dremel tool, lightly grind a smooth, straight 38o edge on the knives.  Keep the knives wet while grinding to avoid any heat damage from the grinding process.

Alternatively, a local machine shop can re-sharpen them for a modest price.

You can do this a number of times before breaking down and buying brand new ones.

Once you have used this phenomenal machine, you’ll be in awe of the massive amounts of wood chips and mulch it can produce in literally no time at all.

Just think about how much money can be saved by making your own mulch.  Gone will be the days where you had to buy a ton of pine straw to spread around your landscaping.   With the YW7565, you will not only produce all the wood chips and compost / mulch necessary for your garden, there will be enough left over for your bushes and flower beds!


Positive Points

This is a powerful machine that will throw out chips very forcefully and quickly.  NOTE:  Just don’t go standing in front of the discharge chute during operation.  You may not enjoy the feeling of being pelted by high velocity wood chips flying at you!

YARDMAX YW7565 - Loosen plate for cutting disk access.YARDMAX YW7565 - cutting disk view.







The bearings are grease-able.  There is easy access to the cutting knives and the grease points.  Loosen the bolt on the compression plate, slide the plate down, and lift up the cover to access the cutting disk to easily remove the knives.

YARDMAX YW7565 - pneumatic, all terrain tires.

Easy to move around.  Being equipped with pneumatic, all terrain, 10” x 4” tires allows this 200 pound piece of equipment to be moved anywhere it’s needed with ease.


Not So Positive Points



The YARDMAX YW7565 does not have a bag attachment to collect chips.


I use contractor bags attached to the discharge chute with bungee cords and it works like a charm.

I’ve found that the most durable bags are made by Husky.  They are 42 gallon capacity bags – 3 mils thick – and, they are made with a special polyethylene resin that makes them stronger than thicker bags made with the most common materials.Husky Contractor Clean Up Bags

The bungee cords I keep on hand are made by Super Smithee.  They have a scratch resistant metal hook with a safety latch to ensure the cord doesn’t come off during use.  These cords come in several lengths in this assortment set to cover just about any tie down job you need and they seem to last forever!SUPER SMITHEE Tie Down Assortment Set


Leaves and small yard debris don’t get sucked into the chute like the tree limbs do.


When shredding small twigs and other yard waste, add a tree limb with a few branches to help facilitate the small debris getting drawn into the chipper shredder.


Green material and leaves can clog up the discharge chute.


There is a heavy steel safety flap that was added to keep people from sticking their hands into the discharge chute.  If the flap was made of a bit lighter metal – aluminum perhaps – it would open just fine for the lightest shredded material.

But, as long as we all know how dumb it would be to get your hands anywhere near the discharge chute while the machine is in operation, a permanent fix would be just to remove this safety flap with a hefty sized screwdriver.  Quite a few owners have used this fix – and, they agree that those clogs became a thing of the past.

If you prefer not to remove the flap, then use the solution to the previous issue, #2, and chip a branch or two while shredding anything that would clog the discharge.


Owner Quotes

“The YW7565 is precisely what I wanted in a chipper shredder!”

“A well designed and constructed machine that gives great performance!”

“This YARDMAX Works much better than a commercial chipper that I rented.”

“Very easy to move around.”

“I use my YARDMAX on a daily basis and, this thing is awesome!  It has enough power for anything you want to throw in!  Love it!”

“This chipper starts easy – just one pull most of the time – and, it does the job it’s made to do.”

“I don’t think you can get a better machine for the money!”


You Can’t Do Better Than This

If you’ve got trees on your property dropping branches every time a strong wind or storm comes through, you need the YARDMAX YW755.  In the long run, it will save money – no more buying mulch – make your own!

More quality electric and gas chipper shredders are listed on the Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews page.

What are your thoughts on this awe-inspiring chipper shredder?  Leave a comment or drop me an email and tell me your story.


Jim, the Lifelong Gardener


4 thoughts on “YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder Review

  1. Garrett Reply

    This is really cool. I live on a big farm and I had my chipper for years now and I use it dang near everyday. But since I have been using it so much, it is starting to break down on me and I think its time for a new one. So i have been in the market for a new one and I am glad I came across this review. It is exactly what I needed. Where is the best place I can buy this? Great review, very helpful.

    • Jim Reply

      The YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder is definitely the right choice for you – if you use it frequently.

      Just click on the link provided in the review and it will take you to the Amazon listing – which is the best place to purchase it.

      But, before you do, take the time to look over the other possibilities on the Chipper Shredder Reviews page.


  2. Veldheer, John, B Reply

    I bought one yesterday and with the engine on full power the engine will shutdown while engaging the cutter wheel. You shouldn’t have to move the engaging lever so very very slowly to engage the cutter wheel, also while shredding two inch branches it really bogs down the engine. The problem is that they use such a small HP engine on it, a couple of extra couple of more hp is needed.

    • Jim Post authorReply

      Hi John,

      In the YW7565 Operator’s Manual – page 14 (Operation) – it states the following (APPROPRIATE SECTIONS ABOUT YOUR ISSUES ARE IN BOLD CAPS):

      “After the engine warms up, pull the throttle lever to accelerate engine speed.

      As the engine is increased slowly to full speed, gradually and slowly pull the belt tension lever as far as it will go to engage the belt drive. THIS HAS TO BE DONE SLOWLY TO ALLOW THE CUTTING DISK TO PICK UP SPEED, OTHERWISE THE ENGINE WILL STALL BECAUSE THERE IS HIGH INERTIA IN THE CUTTING DISK.

      The chipper shredder can process a wide variety of dry or green organic materials such as branches, stalks, vines, leaves, roots, and vegetable matter. The maximum capacity is 3-inch diameter branches, THIS CAN VARY DEPENDING ON THE TYPE AND HARDNESS OF THE WOOD. ROTATING THE BRANCH AS YOU FEED IT INTO THE MACHINE WILL IMPROVE PERFORMANCE.

      If you follow the operator’s manual, that should address (and fix) your concerns.

      Happy Chipping & Shredding!


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